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Strongest Abandoned Son summary:

Description When Ye Mo suddenly woke up, he realized that everything around him seemed to have changed: He has been transmigrated into the modern Earth where spiritual energy is scarce. His pretty master from his former world was nowhere to be seen. Most importantly, he found himself in the body of a young man who has been abandoned by his clan for an embarrassing reason… 最强弃少

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Strongest Abandoned Son Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 903: Free2 months ago
Chapter 871: Deal3 months ago
Chapter 790: Bait4 months ago
Chapter 768: Kill4 months ago
Chapter 633 Scam6 months ago
Chapter 617 chase6 months ago
Chapter 616 speak6 months ago
Chapter 588 eyes6 months ago
Chapter 513 truth6 months ago
Chapter 424 join6 months ago
Chapter 404 clue6 months ago
Chapter 342 hurt6 months ago
Chapter 340 sha 16 months ago
Chapter 324 lost6 months ago
Chapter 297 hunt6 months ago
Chapter 257 fury6 months ago
Chapter 202 i..6 months ago
Chapter 191 relax6 months ago
Chapter 138 eye6 months ago
Chapter 106 chase6 months ago
Chapter 104 kulu6 months ago
Chapter 90 plan6 months ago
Chapter 81 awake6 months ago
Chapter 76 master6 months ago
Chapter 73 famous6 months ago
Chapter 67 injury6 months ago
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