Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I Genuinely Want To Invite You To Dinner

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Just seeing the eyes with which the pale-faced youth looked at him, Ye Mo knew he wasnt going to let him go freely. Although Ye Mo didnt fear anyone, he felt uncomfortable being manipulated by someone like this. Fortunately, he was not the same anymore, if it had been the original Ye Mo, the consequences would have been rather severe.

The pale-faced teenager definitely didnt look like a good person. If he were letting Ye Mo go scot-free after this, then Ye Mo would have really wasted the many decades he lived in the cultivation realm.

Staring expressionlessly at the cute girl beside him, Ye Mo didnt say a word. Although he was really repulsed by the girls irresponsible behavior where ones action was made without thinking of the consequences it would bring to others he didnt like this pale-faced, dead-fish eyes youth either. If this guy dared to look for trouble with him afterward, he didnt mind leaving him with a memory that would last his entire lifetime.

Friend, not bad, even Su Mei looks at you with special eyes. Lets get to know each other. Im Zheng Wenqiao. You seem quite familiar, you might be someone I know, Zheng Wenqiao walked in front of Ye Mo and said bitterly, with a flash of contempt and maliciousness in his eyes. There was even some pity in his eyes, as though he had already pictured in his mind how Ye Mo would beg to him with his knees on the ground.

F*ck off Ye Mo didnt give a sh*t about Zheng Wenqiao. With his many life and death experiences in the cultivation realm, he could already tell what Zheng Wenqiao was thinking just by his eyes.

If Zheng Wenqiao really pissed him off, he wouldnt mind killing him. Even if this place didnt welcome him anymore, there would be other places where he could go. Although he knew that this was a society ruled by the law, killings had to occur in the shadows since murdering someone in public had severe consequences, but some habits could be changed so easily. He was a cultivator, he could still live his life in the mountains.

You... nice, how dare you! Ye Mo was prepared to respond as soon as Zheng Wenqiao would attack and would teach him a lesson first. However, he didnt think that Zheng Wenqiao only said a few words and turned away with a bleak face.

Ye Mo understood that Zheng Wenqiao probably saw his robust physique and didnt dare to make a move by himself. He probably went back to gather men, but Ye Mo didnt consider him to be a threat at all.

Ye Mo, you, do you know who he is? Su Mei didnt think Ye Mo was so aggressive, not even giving a sh*t about the wealthiest second generation in the Ning Hai University. Zheng Wenqiaos father was the vice mayor of Ning Hai City. Meanwhile, his mother was from the Qiu Family whose business was in the top 100 of China. There shouldnt be anyone in Ning Hai University that didnt know him.

A wealthy second generation like him was told by Ye Mo to f*ck off. This Ye Mo really did have some problems with his brain... but she really liked his actions.

Su Mei came back quickly to the reality and admired Ye Mo for his actions as he helped her drive away a fly, one that she hated a lot. She smiled and immediately said: Ye Mo, Ive heard about your name, I didnt think that you would dare to tell even Zheng Wenqiao to f*ck off. Im really grateful to you today. How about I invite you to dinner?

After Su Mei had said this, she thought it would be an immense honor that she was giving to Ye Mo since no one else could make her invite her to dinner. Those who wanted to invite her out could line up from here to the outside of Ning Hai City. In her mind, Ye Mo would agree to her with surprise and joy, and then follow behind her while constantly thanking her for her invitation.

She was once again surprised when Ye Mo actually stared at her with disgust and didnt even reply before turning to the library as if she was just a gust of air. This left a dumbfounded Su Mei outside under the sun.

After Ye Mo went into the library for a while, Su Mei finally reacted. This guy would treat her like this, since when did she receive such a cold treatment, especially since she was the one who invited him to dinner. Being ignored by such a trash of a person, she felt like she just ate a fly as her face switched from being pale to a bright red.

No, regardless, she couldnt lose her face. She just didnt believe that she couldnt invite Ye Mo. Thinking about this, Su Mei also walked into the library.

Although it was Saturday, there were still a lot of people in the library. There werent even spare seats left. Su Mei saw Ye Mo as soon as she came into the library. He was standing next to a row of medical books flipping through one of them.

Su Mei sneered at how Ye Mo was pretending to learn medicine but couldnt even get a seat. She was really contemptuous towards Ye Mo.

But as soon as Su Mei walked into the library, a few handsome guys were fighting to give her a seat. It was an honor to have Su Mei sit next to them as she was the prettiest girl in Ning Hai University.

Other people who came in didnt have a seat, but Su Mei could choose the one she wanted. She picked a place where she could just see Ye Mo. Just a smile from her made a handsome guy stunned for a while. Su Mei took a random book to read but was actually spying on Ye Mo. In her eyes, Ye Mo came in to be pretentious. He wouldnt last half an hour before leaving.

But unexpectedly, quite a few half hour passed but Ye Mo still didnt have the slightest intentions of leaving and didnt even seem interested in finding a place to sit either.

His reading speed was very fast, as he was just standing by the medical bookshelf. Each hour, he would switch up to three or four books, and Su Mei could see very clearly that Ye Mo was reading each book extremely quickly, from the beginning to the end without leaving a single page out. However, she felt that the rate at which he flipped pages was too fast to be actually read.

Pretend, keep pretending. With that flipping speed, it would be considered hasty just to look at the title much less see the content and understand it.

Ye Mo was already immersed in these medical publications. The medical facility of Ning Hai University was quite famous, so their collection here was quite complete. However, what disappointed Ye Mo was that although there were unique aspects, they didnt actually extend to the out-of-the-box thinking.

Whether it was Western or Chinese medicine, they were all the same. Despite so, Ye Mo would still remember every information he read. His memory was already extraordinary initially, and now that he was in the first stage of Chi Gathering, he was developing some spirit sense. Therefore, he didnt waste much time at all reading these books.

The contents of these were a far cry from cultivation technique contents. If he were in the Foundation Establishment state, he could read all the medical books in five hours. If he were in the Golden Pill state, he could read all the books in the library in 3 hours. Finally, if he were in the Essence Fetus state, he wouldnt even need to go inside the library, he would only need to scan with his spirit sense, and everything here would be read.

Books were books after all. The contents were far from the contents inside a Yu Jian[1]. However, how would the Essence Fetus state even be possible when, even in his past life, he was barely a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Meanwhile, Su Mei was growing tired of waiting. It was already 3 in the afternoon, but Ye Mo was still reading and didnt even eat lunch. Because she had to keep watch over him, she could only starve as well.

She couldnt understand why she had to make him listen to herself. It was just inviting out to dinner, but when he rejected her, she felt very uncomfortable.

Just when Su Mei could no longer endure, Ye Mo finally put down the book in his hands and walked out of the library.

Seeing this, Su Mei immediately followed him outside.

What else do you want? Ye Mos voice was frigid. Obviously, he already knew Su Mei was following him.

Huh Su Mei was stunned by Ye Mos words but quickly reacted and said: Its like this... since you helped me in the morning, I genuinely want to invite you out to eat some food. I dont want to owe you anything; otherwise, I would feel very, very

Ye Mo stared coldly at Su Mei once and sighed in his heart, only those women who thought they were princesses would have such condescending self-satisfaction. She would not think at all of the consequences her actions would bring to others. All she could think about was her superiority.

1: /Yu Jian: It will be called Jade script from now on to be more easily remembered. You can search the Chinese characters on google images to see how it looks like. is something used to carve writing before the paper was invented. It is something like a sushi mat except the wooden sticks are long rectangular bamboo. basically means that it is made out of jade. In the xianxia context, information is inscribed inside the jade itself just like how information is inscribed into a crystal in Superman.
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