Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: Killing Hollow Spirit State
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

After first trapping Li Ruhe, Ye Mo couldn't join his Illusion Cloud strikes together, but he was eventually able to use it however he wanted. The Illusion Cloud formation kill strike had developed to the point he could hurt Li Ruhe with the sword rays.

Li Ruhe was furious but he was getting more and more shocked. If he hadn't experienced what he had gone through today, he would never believe that a golden core state cultivator could hurt him.

But the fact was that this golden core state cultivator's sword technique was not only bizarre, but the sword rays that shot up from that purple kitchen knife had formed a sword ray formation. This formation was not fluent to begin with, but eventually it became more and more solid.

A golden core state cultivator could form his sword rays into the equivalent of a level three attack formation! How absurd was this? Clearly, he was at least a level four formation grandmaster.

Thinking about the fact that Ye Mo was a formation grandmaster, Li Ruhe began to sweat more and more. It was absurd, but this was indeed the first time he felt fear towards a golden core state cultivator.

He had already realized that this formation wasn't set up by that South Peace State disaster transformation state cultivator. It was set up by this golden core state cultivator. In this formation, he was forced to remain very passive and could only try to break free. He had no room to counter-attack.

Due to this, Ye Mo was already in an undefeatable position. If Ye Mo really set up this trap and attack formation, then Ye Mo was a real level five formation great master.

He had to go out quickly, otherwise, even if he was hollow spirit state, he would surely be killed in the end.

Ye Mo also felt unhappy, he took all the opportunities he could and put Li Ruhe at such a disadvantage, but he still couldn't damage Li Ruhe seriously. If this went on, his formation might not last till the moment he killed Li Ruhe.

Hollow spirit state cultivators were indeed strong. They weren't something he could kill, even with a level five formation.

Luckily he upgraded the formation to level five without conserving materials or Li Ruhe would've long broken free.

His Illusion Cloud formation kill Strike was powerful but it didn't do enough damage to this high-level cultivator. Ye Mo was already thinking of ways to improve his Illusion Cloud formation kill strike. He thought that if he formed the sword rays into a real sword, would the power increase drastically?

But would that increase the toll on his spirit sense?

Suddenly, he heard Li Ruhe howl in pain. He felt his sword ray immersed into Li Ruhe's body. The beams from the formation also passed through his body. Li Ruhe was no longer able to attack the formation.

"Yang Hai merchant association won't let you go" he struggled to say before falling dead to the ground.

Ye Mo sneered and took out the rainbow soul devouring flag and swept it out. The hollow spirit state cultivator's soul was stronger than that of a nascent soul state cultivator. His attack killed Li Ruhe but he had already seen Li Ruhe use a soul forbidden technique to escape.

Not everyone knew how to do this, but high-level cultivators knew a little.

"Argh" before Li Ruhe could beg for mercy, his soul was devoured by the rainbow soul devouring flag.

Clearly, the lethal blow wasn't struck by Ye Mo but by Li Yuqian. Those ten cultivators were already dead.

Li Yuqian's face was pale, she had used her forbidden technique and hurt herself as well. She shook her head and said weakly, "A bit longer and that hollow spirit state might have broken free. In that case, all of Mo Yue would have fallen with us."

Then Li Yuqian took out a life essence pill and ate it before sitting down. She said to Ye Mo, "Our battle with Yang Hai merchant association has just begun. They lost a hollow spirit state and many nascent soul state cultivators which was more than half of their power, but their association leader Yang Youkang is a hollow spirit state middle stage cultivator. We need to be prepared."

Then Li Yuqian started recovering her cultivation essence.

Ye Mo nodded and took Li Ruhe's storage ring. Li Jingwen and the others had handed over the rest of the storage ring.

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Let sister Li distribute these later. Take out what you need, put the rest into Mo Yue's storage. Take a break too, that Yang Youkang won't let things go here. I need to lay the formation down again."

After this battle, Ye Mo gained a better understanding of the power of hollow spirit state cultivators. Just a level five trap and kill formation plus his golden core state level five power wasn't enough to kill a hollow spirit state. Ye Mo grit his teeth and used up all of Chi Hong's materials. He laid a few more kill formations in Mo Yue.

'If one was not enough, I'll use two, if two's not enough I'll use three. I don't believe that a level five formation can't do anything to a hollow spirit state middle stage.'

Ye Mo thought that at this moment, no one would come and find them. Even if there were, it would be people from the Yang Hai merchant association.

But as soon as Ye Mo came out, Su Yue said someone had come to find him.

It was a golden core state peak stage cultivator. He looked like he was in his fifties, with a broad face and big eyes. He was clearly an astute person.

"Association leader Ye, I'm Pu Yufeng, a solo cultivator. I hope you don't mind my sudden arrival." The middle-aged man saluted with his fists.

Ye Mo didn't know what this guy was here for so he said plainly, "Brother Pu wouldn't be unaware of Mo Yue's predicament right now. Since other people don't dare to come, why would you?"

Pu Yufeng sat down and said, "Of course I know Mo Yue's predicament and I even know that the Yang Hai merchant association cultivators looking for trouble here probably won't make it back."

Ye Mo was surprised, it was just moments ago that he killed them, how did this Pu Yufeng know?

Pu Yufeng said again, "I wasn't too confident before, but when I came to Mo Yue, I was sure. To be honest, association leader Ye is the biggest genius I have ever seen. A few days ago, I saw association leader Ye use level three trap formation to kill the 5 Yang Hai merchant association cultivators. I thought association leader Ye was a level four formation great master but it seems now that I was gravely mistaken."

Ye Mo was shaken, he didn't expect this Pu Yufeng to be able to see through him.

It seemed he really couldn't underestimate the cultivators of the world, there were powerful cultivators everywhere but they just didn't want to show it. Ye Mo was grateful that Pu Yufeng didn't expose him on the spot, but he knew that this guy had some request know that he was bringing this up.

No matter what, if he used Yang Hai merchant association to threaten him, there was no need to talk anymore. Ye Mo believed this person wouldn't be dumb enough to do that.

Ye Mo smiled, he felt this Pu Yufeng didn't have any ill will at least. He said, "Brother Pu, if you have anything to say, just say it. "

"Okay, in that case, I will." Pu Yufeng sat down again.
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