Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001: Mysterious Mo Yue
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"According to the information I have, you're the newest pill concoction hall of fame number one, but you offended Ghost Immortal Sect and thus you sought asylum here. Perhaps you even wanted to go South Peace State," Pu Yufeng looked at Ye Mo and said.

Ye Mo sneered on the inside, he didn't try to promote his name but he knew that if someone really looked into him, they would find this out.

Even if Ghost Immortal Sect came, he wasn't afraid. He heard that they only had one hollow spirit state. He could kill the Yang Hai merchant association's hollow spirit state cultivator, so he could also kill Ghost Immortal Sect's hollow spirit state cultivator. If he dared to come, he would just kill him.

As for Immortal Treasure Tower and All Pill tower, he wasn't even worried at all. It was just people lower down in the power pyramid that had enmity with him. They wouldn't all come over.

Plus, he believed that if he kicked Yang Hai merchant association away, then Pei Hai city would form an alliance with him. Once that happened, he believed that ordinary powers wouldn't dare to come say anything, not even the Ghost Immortal Sect.

Seeing Ye Mo sneer, Pu Yufeng quickly said "I'm not intending to use this news to exchange anything, I know that since you're here, you aren't be afraid of the Ghost Immortal Sect. I'm just making a deal with association leader Ye. If you agree then great, but if not, then pretend I never came. No one would know about those things."

Ye Mo didn't want this guy to look too bad since he was smart and saw through things clearly, so he asked, "Just be straightforward then. Since Mo Yue is publicly staying here, we've never planned to be scared of anyone."

Pu Yufeng felt Ye Mo's discomfort and smiled bitterly. "Association leader Ye would know that the journey to South Peace State is very difficult. Even hollow spirit state have to be under 300 years old. Ordinary people won't be able to access the teleportation formation to South Peace State at all. But if brother Ye wants to go to South Peace State, I have a way."

Ye Mo was startled, this ordinary golden core state cultivator had a way to the South Peace State? Why didn't he go himself then? The South Peace State was much better than North Far State.

Pu Yufeng continued, "Association leader Ye probably heard that if you want to go if you're not yet hollow spirit state, then you need the recommendation of a North Far State disaster transformation state ."

"You have a way for a disaster transformation state to recommend me?" Ye Mo asked him.

Pu Yufeng nodded, "Yes, although I don't have a way for disaster transformation state cultivator to directly recommend you, I have a way for them to find you and ask you for help. Then you can make your request."

Ye Mo didn't ask how. He stayed calm and asked, "Tell me, what is your condition?"

Hearing this, Pu Yufeng's face turned red and he seemed excited as he said, "I want a pill to reach nascent soul state, either Cao Huan pill or Soul Condensation pill."

Ye Mo replied, "Mo Yue is just a newly started small merchant association, do you think we can provide this sort of pill?"

As though knowing Ye Mo would say this, Pu Yufeng took out a formation disk and put it in front of Ye Mo before saying, "Plus this formation disk, it's passed down from my ancestors. Our family is a formation master family, but my generation has far less formation prowess than that of our ancestors."

"Level six defence formation disk?" Ye Mo was shook again.

He was already a level five formation grandmaster but he could only make level three and level four formation disks.

He didn't have the materials for level five formation disk, but even if he did he wouldn't be able to make one, yet Pu Yufeng had taken out a level six formation disk.

Even without the disaster transformation state cultivator's recommendation, just this level six formation disk was enough. Ye Mo grabbed it and studied it for a long time before sighing, "It's a level six defense formation disk indeed. Each time it's sold it costs 100,000 top grade spirit stones. It's a big money drain."

Pu Yufeng smiled awkwardly. He knew that it was a powerful item and he could get a very good price for it, but he was only in golden core state. If he tried to sell something this powerful he might be killed straight away.

He made up his mind to find Ye Mo after seeing that Mo Yue's defense formation was already level five. He believed that a level five formation great master wouldn't kill someone for a formation disk. Plus, he had made some preparations too.

"Okay, deal. Here is a Cao Huan pill." Ye Mo didn't even ask about going to South Peace State and gave a Cao Huan pill to Pu Yufeng.

Pu Yufenng still couldn't believe he just got the Cao Huan pill. His hands were shaking with excitement.

"It's a special grade Cao Huann pill?" Pu Yufeng's tone was shaky.

Ye Mo studied it for a while before putting it away and asked, "I'm very curious how you knew I had the Cao Huan pill?"

Pu Yufeng collected his emotions and actually became respectful and fearful of Ye Mo. He said carefully, "When Li qian bei was with association leader Ye, she was only golden core state tertiary stage power but reached nascent soul state in a short time. Not long ago, manager Li reached nascent soul state too"

Ye Mo understand this and began to frown. If Pu Yufeng could think of this, other people could as well.

But then Ye Mo thought if he could even kill hollow spirit state cultivators, why would he care about other golden core state and nascent soul state cultivators?

Pu Yufeng got up and saluted with his fists to Ye Mo. "Association leader Ye I will get the disaster transformation state cultivator to find you as quickly as possible."

Ye Mo nodded and sent Pu Yufeng away. He was desperate to go to South Peace State, but even if he got the recommendation it would only be for him alone. He was very conflicted.

At the door, Pu Yufeng suddenly turned around and said to Ye Mo. "Association leader Ye, if the people who came before from the Yang Hai merchant association can't leave then you don't need to worry because the association leader Yang Youkang had gone to South Peace State. He won't be back for a few years. There are only two nascent soul state cultivators here now."

"Thank you." Ye Mo heard this and breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed he didn't need to worry. After a few years, with his supply of pills, who's to say that Mo Yue wouldn't have their own hollow spirit state?

As the conflict between Mo Yue and Yang Hai merchant association was still being discussed, Mo Yue suddenly started doing business and shone light on something unexpected. That was that Yang Hai merchant association took a hollow spirit state and 5 nascent soul state as well as 5 golden core state cultivators and robbed Mo Yue's leader's belongings.

This shook everyone's minds, but no one doubted it as it was recorded on a crystal ball. The item's name was removed but everyone knew that it was precious and that's why the name was removed.

In this instance, Pei Hai city was in an uproar.

A hollow spirit state went up and robbed a golden core state cultivator's things, and said so what if he robbed what he wanted?

Yang Hai merchant association's fame was instantly degraded. This wasn't the end, Mo Yue also brought up a condition. That was that Yang Hai merchant association must compensate and apologize to Mo Yue. They must give up their land and compensate him with 100 million spirit stones.

How dare a newly emerged merchant association dare to ask for this and kick Yang Hai merchant association out of Pei Hai?

But things weren't so simple. Soon, people noticed that the 11 cultivators who went into Mo Yue hadn't appeared since then. Immediately, Mo Yue became very mysterious.
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