Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003: City Lord Visit
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Ye Mo took back his gaze and said calmly, "That's right, I can concoct the spirit recovery pill. But what does this have to do with qian bei?"

The old hollow spirit state cultivator was dazed. Clearly Ye Mo called him qian bei not because he was scared of him or respected him, but only because his power level was higher.

But the old man rejoiced immediately, he didn't get angry at all. He didn't expect this pill concoction hall of fame number one to be really able to concoct the spirit recovery pill. This was too unexpected.

Although it was said that only a level three pill king could concoct the spirit recovery pill, perhaps with his unique pill concoction means, Ye Mo might succeed despite being only a level one pill king.

Thinking about this, the hollow spirit state cultivator got up and said, "I'm Wang Yue Sect Su Jianhu. I came to Pei Hai city just to visit pill master Ye. Your fame is indeed true, you can really concoct the spirit recovery pill. Our sect leader wants to invite you to be a guest at Wang Yue peak"

Hearing this, Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on. Wang Yue sect was the one of two 8 star sects in North Far State. The sect leader Shan Shi was said to be disaster transformation state power.

The news they got was probably spread by Pu Yufeng. This Pu Yufeng really had some capability. If he succeeded in this pill concoction, then this spot of recommendation would be no problem at all. But this Pu Yufeng really thought highly of him - not everyone could concoct the spirit recovery pill. It was after all a heaven grade level three pill.

The heaven grade level three pill didn't mean that level three pill kings could concoct them. Sometimes, even level seven pill king wouldn't be able to concoct them. The main reason was the scarcity of the spirit recovery vine.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't say anything, Su Jianhu suddenly said, "I heard that pill master Ye wants to go develop in the South Peace State. If you can help Wang Yue sect concoct a spirit recovery pill, that spot won't be a problem."

Ye Mo saw that they brought it up first and realized that they must really be desperate for the spirit recovery pill. Pu Yufeng probably spread out the news that he wanted to go to the South Peace State.

Ye Mo nodded. "That's right, I want to go to the South Peace State. However, I don't just want one spot, I want four to five."

Su Jianhe heard this and his face changed. Without a second thought he said, "That's impossible. Even if the three disaster transformation state cultivators of North Far State give their recommendations together, they wouldn't have that many spots. Our sect leader has only gotten one spot over these three years. Plus, if just the recommendations weren't enough, the cost to activate the formation is insanely expensive."

"The activation cost?" Ye Mo was just a level five formation great master, but he knew that the longer the distance, the greater the cost. The teleportation formation he set up for Pei Hai city cost 2 extreme grade spirit stones. From North Far State to South Peace State, Ye Mo believed it would require at least a level nine formation. That was something only a formation grandmaster could build.

But didn't they say that everyone needed to pay only 1 million spirit stones?

As though knowing what Ye Mo was thinking, Su Jianhu sneered. "Do you think 1 million spirit stones is enough for one trip? According to what I know, it costs 9 extreme grade spirit stones to teleport once from North Far State to South Peace State, plus 100 low grade crystals. 1 million top grade spirit stones? That's not even enough to pay for the use of one type of material."

Ye Mo was shocked. He knew that teleportation formation needed spirit stones to provide spirit power, but he had never heard that there would be such materials used. If teleportation formations were like this, then how many materials would be wasted with all these teleportation formations in the cultivation realm?

Ye Mo had only collected 5 extreme grade spirit stones up to this point. He had used two to set up the formation. As for spirit crystals, he only had the ones he found in the spirit marrow pond in the herb plain. Each teleportation cost 100 of those.

And now, Ye Mo realized there were also grades for spirit crystals. Even low grade spirit crystals weren't so easy to find.

"You don't understand formations so you don't know why." Su Jianhu sighed.

"If it was an ordinary formation, there wouldn't be so much waste but the interstate distance is too far and it's a level nine formation. The top cultivators of North Far State and South Peace State spent years to finish making it and used countless materials. This is the limit. After all, the best formation grandmasters in South Peace State are only level nine," Su Jianhu said.

Ye Mo thought of the teleportation formation in the small world, it could teleport people to any location on Luo Yue continent. How much materials and spirit stones would that use up?

But no one in the small world would change spirit stones nor materials.

The only explanation that remained was that it was of a much higher level than the teleportation formation here.

What teleportation formation could teleport so many times and not use any spirit stones to activate? What power did it use?

Ye Mo really couldn't comprehend what would be more precious than extreme grade spirit stones and what formation would be higher than level a nine formation.

Perhaps he hadn't yet reached that level and that was why he didn't know. Ye Mo shook his head and stopped thinking about it, but one thing was for sure - it was already a huge gain that he could get one spot.

But Ye Mo grew more suspicious of the teleportation formation. For them to pay such a cost to teleport some geniuses to South Peace State, there must be some hidden motive, but he didn't know what. He knew it was useless to ask Su Jianhu.

"There's only one spot to South Peace State, but if you have any other requests I can help you a little," Su Jianhu said again.

Ye Mo knew that this was the best offer he could get.

"I'm going to South Peace State but I'm worried about Mo Yue. Many people aren't happy with Mo Yue, I don't know if people will come looking for trouble after I leave." Ye Mo then looked at Su Jianhu.

Su Jianhu heard this and laughed. "This is an easy matter, I already know about your complications. I've sent people to warn the Yang Hai merchant association, perhaps the people warning them have come back already."

Then, Zhen Xiaoshan came in and informed Ye Mo that Yang Hai merchant association had left Pei Hai city and compensated Mo Yue with 100 million spirit stones. There was another piece of news - the city lord of Pei Hai Qi Ziyu had come to visit.

Ye Mo was speechless. This was dominance, the benefit of being powerful. While he was still worrying about the Yang Hai merchant association, it was only a minor issue to Su Jianhu. But the 8 star sect indeed had to the right to say such words.

It was said that the city lord Qi Ziyu was already a hollow spirit state tertiary stage, but he was willing to lower himself by visiting Mo Yue. Clearly, this was due to the 8 star sect.

"Please come in and have a seat, city lord Qi." Ye Mo didn't go out to greet him. He didn't have a good impression of this Qi Ziyu and only wanted to make sure not to offend him.

He didn't help them at all when the Yang Hai merchant association sent people to come oppress Mo Yue. From this, he could tell that this city lord was no different than Zhag Chengfeng at River State.

Ye Mo wasn't looking down on this type of person, but they just weren't worth connecting with.

Qi Ziyu stood outside uneasily. He had just found out Ye Mo was the pill concoction hall of fame number one and now Su Jianhu had come to visit him.

If he had known this earlier, he would've tried to send people to connect with Ye Mo even if Wang Yue sect hadn't come to visit. Unfortunatley, he didn't take note and missed the best opportunity.

Qi Ziyu knew now was a bad time to come, but he had no choice.
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