Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004: Arrangements Before Departure
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If he had tried to connect to Mo Yue right at the start it would've been really effective, but now it was just extra.

With Wang Yue sect as their support, who would dare to antagonize Mo Yue?

Ye Mo saw Qi Ziyu and felt a sense of familiarity. He had cultivated a spirit sense cultivation method and felt this person's spirit sense seemed to have checked on him before. But in the end, this Qi Ziyu was a city lord and he was still in Pei Hai city. Ye Mo got up and saluted with his fists, "Qi qian bei, Ye Mo was very busy and was unable to pay city lord a visit. Your visit today greatly humbles me."

But both Ye Mo and Qi Ziyu knew that even if he had gone, he wouldn't get to see Qi Ziyu.

Su Jianhu viewed Ye Mo differently now. With Ye Mo's astute mind, he thought Ye Mo would subtly hint that Wang Yue sect was supporting Mo Yue now, but Ye Mo didn't say anything at all.

"Association leader Ye is indeed young and successful. You're so young but already the pill concoction hall of fame number one. Qi Ziyu regrets for visiting late." Then, Qi Ziyu saluted with his fists to Su Jianhu and said, "You must be elder Su of the 8 star sect Wang Yue sect, greetings."

"Haha," Su Jianhu greetly casually. He didn't need to be very polite to Qi Ziyu. If it wasn't on Ye Mo's account, he wouldn't even see Qi Ziyu at all. So what if he was a hollow spirit state tertiary stage like himself? Pei Hai city was famous, but if Wang Yue sect wanted to annihilate it, it would just be the wave of a hand.

Ye Mo didn't say anything afterwards.

Su Jianhu saw this and could only say, "I came to ask pill master Ye for help. From now on, Mo Yue's business will be Wang Yue sect's business. Mo Yue is in Pei Hai city, please help them out a little, city lord Qi."

"No problem, no problem." Qi Ziyu was waiting for these words. He immediately said to Ye Mo, "Pill master Ye, from now on, Mo Yue's business is also Pei Hai city's business. If there's any problem, just come to me."

Ye Mo was also waiting for this. Only with both the Wang Yue sect and Pei Hai city's support could he could rest easy and go to South Peace State.

"In that case, thank you elder Su and city lord Qi. If I go to South Peace State, then please look after Mo Yue a little." Ye Mo got up and saluted with his fists.

Hearing this, Qi Ziyu breathed a sigh of relief. He was also astonished that Ye Mo actually had the right to go South Peace State. Clearly, the Wang Yue sect leader was going to recommend him.

He breathed easy because Ye Mo didn't ask Su Jianhu to help attack Pei Hai city and instead asked him for help.

Ye Mo took out that stalagmite marrow wine and poured three cups.

"This is the kettle that Li Ruhe wanted to rob?" Qi Ziyu saw it and immediately recognized it.

"Stalagmite marrow wine" both Su Jianhu and Qi Ziyu said this at the same time.

"You have 10000 year stalagmite marrow wine?" Su Jianhu looked at Ye Mo in shock. Even truth realisation state cultivators would want such a thing, much less himself.

QI Ziyu finally realized why Li Ruhe wanted to rob Ye Mo's items. Even he wanted to rob them.

Ye Mo sneered, this was the reality indeed. If Su Jianhu wasn't here to ask him for help and this Qi Ziyu wasn't scared of Wang Yue sect, perhaps these two would start fighting over it.

But Ye Mo took out the wine after careful thought.

Now that the two asked, Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, this is indeed wine made from 10000 year stalagmite marrow"

Ye Mo continued, "When I was still in foundation establishment state, I got 5 drops of 10000 year stalagmite marrow.."

"What, you got those 5 drops?" Qi Ziyu was shaken and Su Jianhu also had a look of realization.

Ye Mo said with a blank look, "I don't know what's good about it. I used two drops to ferment a kettle of wine, the remaining three drops are here"

Both of them got up immediately upon hearing this. They knew how precious the 10000 year stalagmite marrow was.

Both wanted to ask Ye Mo for it, but when they thought of the price they could only sit back down.

One drop for 100 million. Even if they could gather 300 million spirit stones, it would hurt them greatly. Plus, it was too hard to gather up enough.

The two finished their cups and felt that their power had increased a level. Both of them knew that this wasn't just an illusion, the wine remedied the pill poison in their body.

Cultivators were scared of pill poison the most. If you didn't want to accumulate pill poison, you would have to not eat pills, but if you didn't eat pills it was impossible to reach higher cultivation levels no matter how talented you were.

The higher level the pill the less the pill poison, but the harder to remove as well. Without pill poison, anyone could just eat a bunch of pills and reach truth realisation state, but that was impossible.

Ye Mo knew the opportunity was right and he suddenly looked at Su Jianhu. "Elder Su, the real main ingredient of the spirit recovery pill isn't spirit recovery vine, but people couldn't find that last main ingredient so they used the spirit recovery vine as a substitute. But due to this, the effects are greatly weakened and there's also a side effect.

"Huh" Su Jianhu couldn't calm down anymore. He asked in a stutter, "That means, even if you concoct the spirit recovery pill, it's"

Qi Ziyu just realized that Wang Yue sect came here asking Ye Mo to concoct the spirit recovery pill.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Elder Su, don't worry, let me finish first."

When Su Jianhu calmed down again, Ye Mo said, "Wang Yue sect is asking for a spirit recovery pill because someone's spirit sense got injured and the damage is irreparable."

"That's right." Su Jianhu nodded numbly.

Ye Mo nodded as well. "Although the real ingredient isn't the spirit recovery vine, I know what the real ingredient is."

"What is it?" Su Jianhu asked directly.

"The 10000 year stalagmite marrow. But don't worry, I still have 3 drops so I can concoct a cauldron of spirit recovery pills"

Qi Ziyu immediately looked disappointed. He was planning to use other things to exchange for some stalagmite marrow, but now it was going to be used for pill concoction.

Hearing this, Su Jianhu looked happy again, but he immediately thought of something and looked at Ye Mo awkwardly. "That way, we will owe pill master Ye too much"

Ye Mo thought to himself, 'I said this much just so you can owe me more.'

Ye Mo laughed and said, "Elder Su, you're being too polite. After I leave Pei Hai, I still need elder Su to help look after Mo Yue."

Su Jianhu finally understood what Ye Mo meant and patted his chest. "Pill master Ye, don't worry. My sect will arrange for a hollow spirit state elder to come here and protect Mo Yue for a few decades."

"That's not necessary. If you could just look after Mo Yue for ten years, I would be very grateful," Ye Mo got up and said.

Ye Mo believed that with his resources, Li Yuqian would be able to reach hollow spirit state in ten year's time.

Qi Ziyu also got up and said, "Pill master Ye, don't worry. Mo Yue will be very safe in Pei Hai."

With both sides promising this, Ye Mo finally felt assured. He took out another kettle and split the wine in half, giving one portion to each of the two cultivators. Both were immediately very grateful.

Qi Ziyu not only got connected to Wang Yue sect but acquired the wine as well, so he left happily. Meanwhile, Su Jianhu stayed behind to wait for Ye Mo's pill concoction.
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