Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1009

Although he knew what they meant, Ye Mo still saluted with his fists. "Thank you brother Chen, but I still want to try. If not, then I'll think of another way."

The white-skinned cultivator suddenly sneered. "Do you know what it means to be among the top three hundred in all of the golden core state cultivators in South Peace State? There are countless golden core state cultivators in South Peace State, but only those few people can leave their names on there. What right do you have to say you can leave your name on there? This isn't even arrogance anymore."

Fu Rong saw this and quickly came to ease the tension. "Brother Ye, dao friend Zheng is a straight forward person, don't mind him. But that trial tablet really is hard to get on. If you go there you will know. Each time someone tries to write their name, there are a lot of people watching. If your name goes up, you will become famous no matter what rank you are, but if your name can't even get on there, you will just be a joke. Some people lose faith in themselves due to this and never progress one bit again."

Ye Mo smiled and didn't answer Fu Rong's words. He asked, "Since brother Fu knows how hard it is to get on, then why did you bring me here?"

Fu Rong smiled. "Other people don't have a way to get up there, but I do."

Ye Mo sneered. "Then in that case, you must be an elite on the trial tablet?"

Fu Rong now displayed an awkward look. "I don't have the ability to go up."

Ye Mo sneered. "You don't have a way to go up but you have a way for me to go up, that's ridiculous."

Fu Rong quickly said, "Brother Ye, don't doubt me because I only can make you go up for a month. Do you know about the Tan Hua pill?"

Ye Mo shook his head.

Fu Rong quickly continued, "30 years ago, there were two golden core state cultivators who were very good friends. Both were solo cultivators. One day, they went to explore the ruins of a cultivation home left behind by a qian bei and found a cao huan pill there. Both of them were at the golden core state peak stage and it was important for both of them. However there was just one pill."

Ye Mo knew he could get into the trial tablet without any problem, but he still wanted to know the ending of the story.

"Then how did they divide it?" Cheng Yugeng asked.

Fu Rong said, "Both were good friends and wanted to give the Cao Huan pill to the other, but both of them didn't want it. This news became known by another cultivator. This cultivator was a female cultivator and also golden core state level. She knew the two as well. When the three were talking together and the topic was brought to the Cao Huan pill, the female cultivator said she had a good way to solve the problem."

"The two ask her what the way was. The female cultivator said to leave it to the person with the better talent. She suggested for the two to leave their names on the trial tablet. Whoever was ranked higher would have the pill. Both of them were unable to leave their names on the tablet, but she got close to one of the guys.

"Soon, she became pregnant. At one point, the woman told her man that when they left this world their child would be unable to survive in this harsh cultivation realm. She told the man that one of them had to stay behind to look after their child. She told her man many times to ask his friend for the Cao Huan pill to give to their child.

"But they already had made an arrangement. The woman ushered the man to go try, if it didn't work then never mind."

"Did he go try?" Cheng Yugeng asked.

Fu Rong nodded and said, "Yes, that female cultivator took the man to the trial grounds. When the man was about to try, the female cultivator suddenly took out a pill and gave it to the man saying that the pill could increase his power a little. The man didn't mind and ate it."

Ye Mo interrupted, "That pill was the Tan Hua pill right? If I'm not wrong the man ate it and left his name on the tablet."

Fu Rong sighed and nodded. "Yes, after the man ate it, he felt his power had increased by more than a level and he left his name on the tablet. But as soon as he left his name, the power he had just gained disappeared."

"Eating the pill can indeed burst your cultivation essence and spirit sense, increasing them by more than one fold in a short time."

"It was a happy ending, the man left his name on the tablet and the Cao Huan pill belonged to him." Cheng Yugeng clapped.

Fu Rong shook his head, "You're right, he got the pill and his friend was happy too. But his name disappeared after a month. When his friend saw this, he was shocked and thought something happened to the man. He quickly came to find the man but found that he was fine. He asked what happened."

Cheng Yugeng asked, "Did he tell the truth?"

Fu Rong shook his head. "No, he felt guilty that he had left his name by eating the pill and said he didn't know what happened. The friend asked around and found out that his friend had eaten a pill that amplified his power to leave his name behind. His friend was very disappointed, he didn't care about losing a Cao Huan pill but he cared about losing his best friend. After this, he became depressed and died due to a mistake in his cultivation.

The man heard of this and also became depressed. He left all his belongings to the woman and committed suicide. The news of Tan Huan pill spread out and everyone tried it. It had no side effect but it had a very limited time of use.

Everyone fell silent, two very good friends had died due to this misunderstanding. What a pity.

"If you want to leave your name on the golden core state trial tablet, then the Tan Hua pill is the best option. It's only for one month, but that's enough for you. One month's time is enough for your name to spread all over South Peace State. I believe your friend would know you were here after seeing your name."

Ye Mo didn't need this at all of course. He was certain he could get into the top 300.

But Ye Mo felt this story wasn't as simple as it seemed. He asked, "What about that female cultivator?"

Fu Rong sighed. "After the man died, the female cultivator was also very sad. She cried for a whole day next to her man before burying his friend with him. After that, there was no more news of her. She probably left alone."

Ye Mo sneered, he believed many people could see the problem like him.

The woman knew the two friends well and knew of their characters. Since she knew this, she shouldn't have used the Tan Hua pill. Also, her dual cultivation with the man was too perfectly timed.

If his guess was right, this woman's schemes were too scary.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't ask about the Tan Hua pill, Fu Rong could only say, "Only the level eight spirit pill master Feng Honest in South Peace city can concoct this pill. Feng Honest, as his name suggests, is very honest, but the only bad habit he has is that you must have the beast core of a level five 9 foot sea snake for him to concoct pills for you."

"Last time I ventured into the deep sea I found an island with a stealth formation. There was a defense formation around it. I couldn't break it myself so I want to find a few friends to go with me. Four golden core state level nine cultivators should be enough."

"We make four, if brother Ye wants to go, you can have a share of the things inside and I will help brother Ye find the 9 foot sea snake and get the beast core for you."

Ye Mo smiled, he wasn't interested in going out to the sea nor eating the Tan Hua pill.

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