Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 101

Chapter 101: The Battle in The Desert

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy / Tehrn
In the East part of Africa near the Somalia, there was an island called Naban where Qian Longtous army was set. This place was close to the Arabian sea so they could enter the sea at any time which was good to store an army. The place that Qian Longtou chose to reside in was not only good looking but had a surrounding mountain that shielded it from anyones view. In any case, even if it werent shielded, no one would be stupid enough to spy on Qian Longtous army.

At this moment, Qian Longtou, who was at an extremely grandiose mansion, was roaring. His only son was killed inland, and now, there was still no news of the killer. He had already ordered that if nobody could find the killers whereabouts, then they should bring him the head of the government authority responsible for that area.

However, just when Qian Longtou was getting more and more impatient, a soldier in charge of the communication suddenly ran in and reported, Godfather, we have news of the killer! Qian Longtou liked people to call him Godfather because he had loved the American movie The Godfather. He often said that he would be better than him.

Who? right now, Qian Longtous greatest worry was that his sons killer wouldnt be found, and now that he heard the killer had been found, no matter how calm he was, he couldnt help but to ask immediately. If it had been anything else, he would sit without moving and wait until the soldier had finished his report, but since it involved his sons killer, he couldnt keep his calm anymore.

We dont know the name of the killer right now, but his figure seems very close to Shi Ying. We have already three brothers that have been killed by this man, and the way he kills is exactly the same: shooting metal nails into the forehead.

It can be seen that this man is the same person as the killer at Ning Hai. Our men mustve found something special and went to ask but were killed, the soldier reported everything he knew.

Qian Longtous face kept changing but didnt say a word, he knew that the soldier should still have something else to report.

As expected, the soldier breathed and continued, After he had killed them and was prepared to destroy the evidence, the local police came. However, this person didnt seem to want to act against them, so he stole the motorbike and drove into the Taklimakan Desert. Our men have already followed him in

Immediately assemble every member of Nan Qing! Capture him at all costs even if it means flipping the desert, or just kill him and bring his head back as a sacrifice for Shiping! Qian Longtou interrupted the soldiers words and said immediately.

Ye Mo saw that these three people were identifying him through the photo and knew that if he were to let them go, his identity would be exposed. Since they still need to use the pictures, it meant that they werent 100% sure that Ye Mo was Shi Ying.

It didnt matter if his identity was exposed, but it couldnt be exposed now. Now, he was still in the 2nd stage of Chi Gathering, so it was not good for him if his identity was exposed. Once he reached the 3rd stage, he would be able to use many of the magical arts, then, it wouldnt matter.

Since he knew that these three came to investigate him and were suspecting him, he immediately killed them without mercy. Although he knew they were from either from the Song Family or Nan Qing, Ye Mo wasnt sure which. However, at the pace the Song Family should be investigating him, it shouldnt be them since they wouldnt have such influence, so these people were probably Nan Qings men.

Thinking about Nan Qing, Ye Mo was also surprised, as soon as he showed his face, these people came charging over. Luckily he stayed at home and rarely showed his face in Luo Cang; otherwise, he would probably have been discovered there.

Ye Mo didnt have the slightest remorse in killing these three, those who wanted his life needed to pay with their own.

However killing people in broad daylight required cleaning up. This wasnt Luo Yue continent where no one cared if you killed someone.

Just when Ye Mo was prepared to burn the three people, a police vehicle suddenly came over. He deduced that there was a fourth person who had run away and called the police, so now that he had been exposed, Ye Mo could no longer be bothered with destroying evidence. He rode on the motorbike and escaped into the desert.

Although Ye Mo killed men from Nan Qing, he didnt feel the slightest pressure at all; however, he still didnt want to attack the police, and without life-threatening situation, it was too significant to kill them. Ye Mo still wanted to stay here and didnt want to do such thing unless his life was in danger. Even if he had killed the police and removed the evidence there, he wouldnt have been able to seal the information shut since there was still a fourth person somewhere.

Before Ye Mo came, he went through large amounts of information regarding the desert. He didnt plan to enter at this point, but he had no other choice.

He knew that the most dangerous place was the Ku Lake near the outskirts and many explorers had died here. The difference in temperature between day and night was tremendous, and usually, explorers would never come here alone. When they did, it was with a big team.

Ye Mo also found the names An Coral, Luo Bu, Holy Door but he wasnt sure if Luo Bu was the Luo Bu Lake. The map didnt point to the direction of Luo Bu Lake either; however, according to the data he had gathered, Taklimakan once buried large amounts of ancient cities, one of which was the famous Lou Lan city who had also disappeared here.

Many cities along the silk road have been buried by the desert in history.

Ye Mo didnt know if the Holy Door he had to find was one of the ancient cities here.

Ye Mo didnt rush into the desert. Although he was a cultivator, his state was very low and now, not only he didnt have storage equipment, but he had strayed from the original route so, after he had gone in the desert, he stopped moving forward. Instead, he took out the map and wanted to carefully determine his following route.

Many people who came with many vehicles were eventually buried either in Luo Bu Lake or someplace else in the Taklimakan Desert. Ye Mo was only by himself now, all the water he had was carried in his bag, he was a far cry from those who had cars filled with water.

Ye Mo originally thought that he had gone deep into the desert now and was very far from the nearest road, so those from Nan Qing shouldnt be able to chase him here; however, Ye Mo once again underestimated the people from Nan Qing. He quickly realized that he had been surrounded after only an hour or two since he had set up the tent.

These people were really fast and actually chased into the desert. Ye Mo didnt have time to pack up his tent and just put his bag on and got ready to run.

In the desert, there was no place to hide, and these twenty or so people had at least ten guns. Although they didnt have any strong guns, and most of them were the same model, it was still enough to threaten Ye Mo. As though knowing Ye Mos power, those people didnt hesitate to open fire as soon as Ye Mo came out; one person even threw a grenade. Obviously, these peoples orders were to bring him back dead or alive.

In the desert, Ye Mo didnt have another choice except to kill them all. At the same time he dodged the bullet, the metal nails flew out like flower petals.

This wasnt the stone room in Flowing Snake. In this boundless desert, there were almost bullets flying from all directions. Ye Mo was sure that these people werent from the Song Family, they wouldnt be able to get this firepower. They were definitely from Nan Qing.

Qian Longtou managed to get more than 20 people in such a short time and more than ten guns. It could be seen how powerful Nan Qing was. If he had been at their base, then what would the scene be like? Ye Mo was starting to reconsider if he had the power to face Nan Qing at their headquarters even after he had reached the 3rd stage.

However, he didnt have time to think because another two Range Rovers were heading their way. The cars engine could be heard during the battle, and Ye Mo knew that if he didnt finish this quickly, there would be more and more people.

He felt some pain on his lower waist, and Ye Mo knew he had been shot. After all, his spirit sense range was still too small, he couldnt dodge the hidden shots. However, the person who shot him was killed by his nail at the next moment.

When the Range Rovers were getting closer and closer, Ye Mo had killed everyone who surrounded him before. However, he had also received a gunshot wound, and his tent was full of holes which scared him a little, he didnt want another accident like this to happen. He had used a lot of chi in this battle; after all, he had to dodge bullets. He didnt think a long time before simply leaving his tent behind and quickly dashed into the depth of the desert.

While running in the desert, Ye Mo realized he had been a bit careless. He hadnt expected Nan Qing to be this crazy, sending people into the desert to obstruct him; he couldnt even act according to his plan before taking a bullet.

After two hours, Ye Mo was completely lost. Although he knew it was very dangerous to be lost in the desert, this was still much better than tens of people with guns surrounding him.

Ye Mo stopped and treated his wound before realizing that at least six of the 20 bottles of spring water he had were pierced by bullets. The direction of the bullet was very weird, it shot through 6 bottles at once.

Ye Mo looked around. It was a boundless desert everywhere and a few occasionally dead tree. He cursed, now, he didnt even have a tent.

If only he had a GPS... however, Ye Mo didnt have the money to buy such a thing at all.

Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Ye Mo looked around, took out a sleeping bag from his bag and barely hung it on the big tree. He needed to rest for the night. He just received a gunshot wound and hadnt completely healed yet. Now, there wasnt much water remaining, so he needed to conserve stamina and heal up.
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