Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: Reaching an Agreement

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Thank you for your goodwill brother Fu, I still want to try to get my name on the tablet. If that doesnt work, then I will try another way, Ye Mo said apologetically to Fu Rong.

Seeing that Ye Mo didnt want to go, Fu Rong began to worry. The reason he chose Ye Mo was because he saw that Ye Mo didnt have any connections here. If something happened to him, Fu Rong didnt need to be responsible at all. He knew that the place he was going this time was rather dangerous. He needed a pawn and Ye Mo was the best choice.

When Fu Rong saw that Ye Mo really wanted to leave, he could only say, Brother Ye, I wont hide it from you. I also have some knowledge about formations. The stealth formation has defensive capabilities. Its already a level five formation and I also know who set up that formation. It was set up by a hollow spirit state forgery grandmaster called Yu Baisheng 150 years ago.

What, that stealth formation is set up by Yu Baisheng? That level three forgery grandmaster who is renowned in South Peace City, Yu Baisheng?

Cheng Yugeng was very surprised.

Zheng Yidao was also shaken, clearly he knew of Yu Baisheng as well. Ye Mo saw their faces and knew that this Yu Baisheng probably was no ordinary person.

Ye Mo only knew how to make some basic magic artifacts, but he knew that the status of forgery masters was no lower than that of pill masters. Those who could only make magic artifacts were forgery masters, those who could forge spirit artifact were called forgery great masters. Those who could make cultivation artifacts were forgery grandmasters. As for immortal artefacts, they couldnt be made in the cultivation realm.

There was a huge difference between the different grades of forgery masters. In the ancient times, they were divided into top, middle and low grade. But now, they were divided into nine levels like the pill masters. A level one forgery master could only make low grade magic artifacts while a level nine forgery master could make extreme grade magic artifacts. The difference was like night and day.

Yu Baisheng was a level three forgery grandmaster, meaning that he could make low grade cultivation artifacts. This was rather astounding.

Comparatively, forgery masters were rarer than pill masters making it a lucrative profession.

Didnt Yu Baisheng qian bei disappear 150 years ago? His shop in South Bank city isnt even there anymore. How did you recognize that the stealth formation was set up by him?

Zheng Yidao asked this question, but there was already excitement in his eyes.

Even an ordinary hollow spirit state ruin was a huge fortune for golden core state cultivators, much less one of some renowned forgery grandmaster like Yu Baisheng.

Fu Rong nodded seriously. Thats right, Yu Baisheng qian bei was very talented. He was also a level five formation master. Ive studied his formations before and Im sure that this formation was set up by him. He bought a Huang Star Rock from an auction once. Quite a lot of people wanted that rock. After Yu Baisheng left the auction he was attacked, but ever since then he hasnt been sighted in the cultivation realm. On one occasion I found that formation, but Im not sure if the things inside belong to him.

Since its Yu Baisheng qian beis ruin, why did you only tell us now? Zheng Yidao said unhappily like a bickering woman.

Fu Rong sighed. I didnt want to hide it from you. I was going to tell you before we left. Im friends with you guys and this is not the first time we have worked together. How can I trick you? We cant break that level five formation just by ourselves, and if we forcefully blast it open, it might damage the things inside. So Ive thought of a way but it requires four golden core state tertiary stage cultivators.

He then looked at Ye Mo. If it wasnt for the age of the formation causing it to weaken, I still wouldnt have a way to break it. That defence formation isnt something us four golden core state cultivators can break open.

Ye Mo didnt listen to what Fu Rong was saying anymore. The words Huang Star rock were all that rung in his ears. His forgery skills werent great, he was at most a level seven forgery master. If he was lucky he might be able to make an extreme grade magic artifact, but most of the time he could only make top grade magic artifacts.

But that didnt mean he didnt have knowledge.

Huang Star rock was level nine forgery material. It could be used to make extreme grade dao artifacts. Most importantly, it was suitable to make flying magic artifacts.

With the 9 feather golden perchs feather he already had, if he got the Huang Space rock, then he would be able to get an extreme grade flying dao artifact if he found a forgery grandmaster. It might even reach fake immortal artifact level. If that was the case, then wouldnt he be able to go to North Far State whenever he wanted?

His golden page world could only hold people after he had reached truth realisation state state, but there were no such limits when it came to extreme grade dao artifacts.

Extreme grade dao artifacts were so precious that they were the treasures of 9-star sects. Plus, it was an extreme grade flying dao artifact.

Fu Rong saw that Ye Mos face was strange but that he didnt talk. He turned around and said to Ye Mo, Brother Ye, if youre willing to go together, Im willing to give you 20% of Yu Baisheng qian beis ruin.

Then, he looked at Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao and said, Because I discovered the ruin, I will take 30%, you three can take 20% each. The remaining 10% can be given to the person who works the hardest. Do you have any objections?

Ye Mo suddenly said, I only want 10%, but the Huang Star rock belongs to me.

Ye Mos words made everyone else fall into silence, but Fu Rong quickly said, I agree, but if theres no Huang Star Rock, you still get only 10%. What about you two?

I agree, Cheng Yugeng replied immediately. Zheng Yidao also nodded.

Ye Mo knew what the three were thinking. The Huang Star rock was rare, but the problem was it was unknown if it was still there. Yu Baisheng was a forgery grandmaster, if he already used it then Ye Mo had just given away 10% of the loot for free.

Secondly, the Huang Star rock would just cause them trouble. Even Yu Baisheng was hunted for it. It was good material, but who could find a forgery grandmaster to make something for them? Who dared to do so? Did they not want to live?

If the Huang Star Rock wasnt forged into something, it was useless.

So instead of going for something as distant as the Huang Star rock, they might as well take something more practical and reach nascent soul state earlier.

As for helping Ye Mo get the 9 foot sea snakes beast core, Ye Mo didnt mention it and Fu Rong pretended to forget about it too.

However, Ye Mo had some vigilance. It was the first time he met Fu Rong, but he took him to find such a wealthy ruin. He didnt feel safe. Plus, Fu Rong seemed very familiar with the other two. Meanwhile, he was by himself.

But Ye Mo didnt mind, even if the three joined forces he wasnt scared.

Now that they had settled on an agreement, they moved out immediately.

When Ye Mo released the flying ship, they were surprised but not overly so. Ye Mo found that the three all used middle grade spirit flying ships. Fu Rongs flying ship seemed on par with his in quality.

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