Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1012


When Fu Rong started breaking the formation, Ye Mo realized that he hadn’t lied, he really had studied this formation well.

It was only half a day before the formation disappeared revealing a defense formation.

But now Ye Mo was sure that Fu Rong’s words were partial lies, since this formation was broken in half a day.

Even he needed two to four hours to break this stealth formation. After all, it was the first time he had seen such a formation. If he had seen similar formations before, he would probably only need 8 minutes.

But he was a level five formation great master while Fu Rong was at most a level three formation master. A level three formation master knew this level five stealth formation so well and attacked the formation door every time. This couldn’t have been done in only a year.

“Brother Fu indeed knows the formation well, you broke it in such a short time. I’m greatly impressed.” Cheng Yugeng saluted with his fists.

“Haha, if I wasn’t confident in this, I wouldn’t invite you guys over.” Fu Rong smiled.

He would’ve never thought that he had found a level five formation great master.

“Since the defense formation is revealed, let’s break it quickly. This place is distant, but let’s not let any accidents happen,” Zheng Yidao said desperately.

Ye Mo suddenly smiled too. “Brother Fu’s formation skills are very impressive. Brother Fu, it’s not that I’m thinking too much. You and brother Cheng and Zheng are old friends, but I’m just by myself”

Hearing this, Fu Rong was actually relieved. Ye Mo clearly knew that they were close but didn’t ask anything at all and came along without taking any cautionary measures. This made him feel unsafe. Now that Ye Mo had asked, he felt easy instead.

Before Fu Rong could answer, Cheng Yugeng smiled, “Brother Ye, you’re worrying too much. I’ve only known brother Fu for just over ten years. Brother Fu has always been at Mo Hai city, we’ve always teamed up to find wealth. Brother Zheng met us like this too. I don’t think you need to worry about it like this.”

“That’s right, the first time I met brother Fu, he had just arrived at Mo Hai city,” Zheng Yidao said with a straight face.

Ye Mo heard this and thought to himself that a cultivator who had only been in Mo Hai city for ten years having such luck to find Yu Baisheng’s ruin and even know how to break his level five formation wasn’t ordinary at all.

The feeling Fu Rong gave Ye Mo was that he came to Mo Hai city just for Yu Baisheng’s ruin. No matter what, it was fine as long as he got the Huang Star rock. He wouldn’t care what Fu Rong did as long as it didn’t affect him.

The reason Fu Rong found the three was because they had one similar trait, they had very few friends. If something happened to them, no one would investigate it.

Little did Fu Rong know that Ye Mo was already suspicious of him.

“This defense formation is level five but it’s not hard to break. It has four formation doors. If we each attack one formation door at the same time, we should be able to succeed in one day,” Fu Rong said.

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be faster if we attacked one door at the same time?” Cheng Yugeng asked.

Fu Rong shook his head. “If that was the case I wouldn’t need you guys. The formation doors must be attacked at the same time and weakened at the same time or an attack formation would be activated. If that happens, none of us will be able to get away.”

“It’s that powerful?” Cheng Yugeng was surprised and nervous.

Ye Mo nodded. Although he could break this by himself, what Fu Rong said was correct.

Under Fu Rong’s lead, the four attacked the four different formation doors. After half a day, the defense formation weakened. Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao looked happy. Clearly, Fu Rongn didn’t lie at all, he really knew this defense formation.

After another round of intense attacks, Ye Mo suddenly said to Fu Rong, “Brother Fu, what was Yu Baisheng’s daughter’s name?”

“Yu Niangyan” Fu Rong answered subconsciously.

“Yu Niangyan, mhm” Ye Mo repeated and didn’t say anything. He sneered on the inside. Fu Rong knew Yu Baisheng’s formation so well, he was indeed close to Yu Baisheng’s daughter. He tested it out easily.

Fu Rong’s face changed after answering but it immediately recovered as though nothing happened.

Cheng Yugeng asked strangely, “Brother Fu, you even know Yu Baisheng’s daughter’s name?”

Fu Rong laughed drily and said, “Yes, I got her storage ring, that’s how I knew her name.”

Cheng Yugeng didn’t think much of it, but Zheng Yidao felt there was something wrong with Fu Rong’s words. He didn’t know why Ye Mo suddenly asked the name of the daughter, but Fu Rong answered too naturally. It was as though her name was deeply ingrained in his brain.

Thinking about this, Zheng Yidao also grew a little suspicious of Fu Rong.

Ye Mo got what he wanted. Zheng Yidao was vigilant of Fu Rong now.

Fu Rong answered Cheng Yugeng’s words and his face turned bleak. He seemed to casually glance at Ye Mo but found that Ye Mo was focused on attacking the formation. It was as though that question was just really a nonchalant question. He wasn’t too sure anymore.

After attacking the formation for nearly a day, the formation started rumbling louder and louder. Even Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao knew that the formation was about to break.

Seeing this, Ye Mo knew that it was time to stop attacking, otherwise at the same time that this defense formation was broken, it would counterattack once. In order for it to not counterattack, they had to stop now and then attack each of their respective doors one final time with their full power. That way, the four formation doors would break at the same time and there would be no counterattack. Otherwise, the first person to break the formation would be attacked by the formation.

The counterattack of a level five formation would mean serious injury.

But Fu Rong didn’t seem to know this and kept attacking the formation. Ye Mo sneered, he didn’t need to tell them this. He didn’t need to be a saint.

Cheng Yugeng hacked on his formation door and the formation door blasted open.

“It’s broken” before Cheng Yugeng could be happy, he heard Fu Rong yell, “Brother Cheng, get out of the way!”

Cheng Yugeng had already been thrown out by a huge force. At the same time, Fu Rong and Zheng Yidao were thrown out too. Ye Mo was no exception, but the difference was he flew out by himself. The other three were really attacked by the formation.

However, Cheng Yugeng had sustained the heaviest injury.

Cheng Yugeng ate a pill and started recovering.

Zheng Yidao stared at Fu Rong and asked, “Brother Fu what’s going on? Didn’t you say the attack formation wouldn’t be activated if we attacked it together?”

Fu Rong wiped the blood from his mouth and said, “It wasn’t activated or else we would have lost our lives. I didn’t expect this defense formation to have a counterattack mechanism. I’m sorry brother Cheng.”

Fu Rong’s face was full of guilt.

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