Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015: Yu Baishengs Last Words

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A small transmission rune? The instant he saw Fu Rong disappear, Ye Mo knew he wouldn’t be able to kill him anymore. It could teleport someone 1000 kilometers away instantly. This was beyond his spirit sense range.

The small transmission rune was a level eight rune and very precious. He didn’t expect Fu Rong to have one.

Seeing Ye Mo instantly beat Fu Rong, the other two’s faces changed. When Ye Mo took away the formation flags, they immediately saluted with their fists and thanked Ye Mo before leaving without daring to say anything.

Ye Mo didn’t mind them leaving. Although he didn’t end up getting a low grade dao artifact, he felt a hollow spirit state forgery grandmaster shouldn’t have so little fortune.

He left the area quickly. The first thing he took out wasn’t the Huang Star rock but the low grade spirit artifact cauldron. When he first picked it up, he had already recognized a few herbs: the Fu Song fruit, Rong Flower, Hai vine, and Wo Ma.

Ye Mo was a pill king and these herbs were just level two to level four herbs.

If a hollow spirit state cultivator was injured, he wouldn’t use level two and level three spirit herbs for pill concoction. Plus, these herbs wouldn’t form any pills at all. Their properties were irrelevant. How could Yu Baisheng not be able to spirit refine these spirit herb?

The first letters of each herb formed the words Fu Rong Hai Wo, meaning ‘Fu Rong killed me.’ How could a mere golden core state cultivator kill a hollow spirit state cultivator Yu Baisheng?

But Ye Mo thought about it and figured out that it was due to the Huang Star Rock. With Yu Baisheng’s genius brain, how could he reveal that it was him who bought the Huang Star Rock? The only reason he was tracked down was because someone else exposed him.

For someone to be able to do this, he must be quite close to Yu Baisheng. Fu Rong’s talent wasn’t bad, but he wouldn’t be able to be enter the eyes of a genius like Yu Baisheng. The only possibility was that he got with his daughter and used her to get close to Yu Baisheng.

Thinking that Fu Rong used Yu Baishengs daughter to gain benefits and then turned around to bite him, Ye Mo felt more disgust towards Fu Rong. It was a shame he wasn’t able to kill him.

The only thing Ye Mo didn’t get was that since Yu Baisheng could guess that Fu Rong and Yu Niangyan would come here, why did he put all the things in the storage ring? If that was the case, then even if Yu Niangyan knew that Fu Rong killed him, she wouldn’t be able to get revenge. Didn’t he want to leave something behind for his daughter?

Ye Mo thought for a while and studied the pill cauldron. It was indeed a low grade spirit artifact pill cauldron. The design was coarse. It was made with good materials but the finished product wasn’t refined.

Soon, he noticed something wrong. This cauldron had only been used for pill concoction once. This meant that Yu Baisheng made this cauldron on the spot. Why would a forgery grand master use such a coarse low grade spirit artifact? Was there something with the pill cauldron? Ye Mo become more and more confident in his conjecture.

He started to dissect this cauldron. What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that this cauldron was built together from different parts. He opened it without any trouble.

It was empty inside, but a jade slip and jade box lay in the middle.

Ye Mo picked up the jade slip and couldn’t help admiring Yu Baisheng. He was indeed a forgery grandmaster. He could use different parts to assemble a spirit artefact. What a genius!

Yu Baisheng also had a good grasp on human characteristics. He had low grade dao artifacts scattered all over him and in his storage ring. Only an idiot would care about the coarse looking pill cauldron. The only one to notice something odd would be his daughter.

Ye Mo took it because he saw something special about the cauldron. Meanwhile, the daughter would lift up her father’s item seeing that it fell to the ground. If Yu Baisheng could predict even this, then clearly he put his hopes of revenge on his daughter.

Ye Mo picked up the jade slip.

“Niangyan, after you read this don’t show anyone and don’t show any expression on your face. Remember, your father was killed by that Fu Rong. This man has a human face but the heart of a beast. He probably got close to you for our bitter bamboo”

Seeing this, Ye Mo’s body started to shake. What was the bitter bamboo? Many people didn’t know, but Ye Mo knew about this – it was a huge spirit item of the legends.

It was said that one who cultivated while sitting under the bitter bamboo would have a clear mind and not be distraught by inner demons. Cultivators all knew that the higher one’s power, the more one was affected by inner demons, especially during divine damnation. Inner demons were unstoppable, without their disturbance one could cultivate to whatever degree they wanted to.

Ye Mo also knew that the bitter bamboo had another use, and that was for forgery. Even someone who didn’t know forgery could make a dao artifact with the bitter bamboo. This meant that the bitter bamboo was definitely one of the most powerful spirit items of the cultivation realm.

Yu Baisheng had bitter bamboo? How come he didn’t find it? Ye Mo couldn’t help but keep reading.

“He told me about the Huang Star Rock, and after I bought it, he spread this news to the An Bei three demons. One could see how much calculations he had made. If I didn’t come out for a few decades, he would definitely convince you to go where I died. If he is by your side, stay calm. There are two burst yin pills in the jade box next to you, that should be enough to kill him”

Ye Mo opened the jade box and indeed found the two burst yin pills.

Ye Mo put them in his ring and kept reading.

“Fu Rong clearly has some relationship with the An Bei three demons, if you can’t kill him then leave this area immediately.”

“If you’re not my daughter but that Fu Rong bastard, then pretend I said nothing. If you’re someone else, then that means my daughter might’ve already been killed by that bastard. I’ve been great my entire life but died to the hands of a schemer. I’m unsatisfied. No matter who you are, if you can help me kill Fu Rong and the An Bei three demons, I will repay you dearly. An Bei three demons have been hurt by my soul devouring formation. They will be looking for such pills to recover their soul and spirit sense. You can investigate from there.


– Yu Baisheng.”

Ye Mo was greatly disappointed here, there was no more mention of the bitter bamboo. He might not even get the repayment since Yu Baisheng had been dead for so many years.

But no matter what, he had to kill Fu Rong and the An Bei three demons if he wanted the repayment. Ye Mo walked back to the body.

Even if he killed those people, he still needed to take the bitter bamboo from Yu Baisheng.

Yu Baisheng was just a corspe, but who knew if he had left behind any means.

Ye Mo took Yu Baisheng’s body and went to a distant island, digging a cave there for him before sealing it with defense and stealth formations.

He had decided to kill those people if he could and see if this repayment was real.

Ye Mo had no problem killing a low life like Fu Rong.

That Yu Niangyan was probably ugly, otherwise how could she fall in love with this average looking Fu Rong?

A few days later, Ye Mo returned to Mo Hai city. Just when he wanted to find a place to rest, he heard two cultivators saying, “Pill master Feng’s skills are undoubtedly good. He helped me make 6 top grade condense red pills.”

“Yes, if he didn’t ask for the 9 feet sea snake’s beast core for payment, his business would be much better,” another sighed.

Ye Mo heard this and looked up, he indeed saw a board with the words ‘Honest Pill Tower’ written on it.

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