Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016: Feng Honests Secret

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Fu Rong said he was close to Feng Honest, would Feng Honest know about Fu Rong’s situation? Thinking about this, Ye Mo walked inside Honest Pill Tower.

After walking inside, Ye Mo realized this place was a little dark. There wasn’t even a window and there were no workers in the shop, just a man in his fifties sitting by the counter. He seemed to be cultivating but also studying the herbs in front of him.

The man looked a little old and was golden core state level nine. Ye Mo thought of that Fei Cijiang, but this man looked even more honest than Fei Cijiang.

“May I ask if you’re pill master Feng?” Ye Mo asked.

The man looked at Ye Mo and suddenly stood up, saying nervously, “Yes, I’m Feng Honest, may I ask if you want pill concoction or to buy pills?”

Ye Mo just realized that there were a lot of racks in the shop filled with all sorts of pills. Most of them were foundation establishment state and golden core state pills. There were also a few chi gathering pills, but nothing above golden core state.

Ye Mo smiled, no wonder this guy was called Feng Honest. Was he this nervous everytime he saw someone?

“A friend recommended me to come here for pill concoction, but I don’t know what pills you can concoct. My friend said you’re really good and highly recommended you. His name is Fu Rong, you’re his friend right?” Ye Mo asked casually.

Feng Honest’s face looked blank and dazed before he replied, “Fu Rong? I’ve really never heard of this name.”

Ye Mo felt this was strange – cultivators had spirit sense, their memories were very strong. Usually, they wouldn’t forget after seeing someone once, but this Feng Honest hadn’t heard of Fu Rong? Was Fu Rong lying or this Honest lying?

Ye Mo didn’t continue and changed the topic, “It’s like this, pill master Feng, I want to ask you to concoct a Tan Hua pill for me”

Ye Mo suddenly stopped after seeing the two herbs in front of Feng Honest. There was a scorching magic grass and ghost faced mushroom.

Both herbs were beneficial to spirit sense and could be added into a pill. The ghost faced mushroom was very rare and was a level six herb. He found a few in the herb plain, but Feng Honest had one in front of him.

A level eight spirit pill master and a level six herb couldn’t be considered rare, but the ghost faced mushroom made Ye Mo feel strange. Both were for spirit sense recovery, but one was fire element and the other was yin element. Another water element herb needed to be added for pill concoction.

‘9 foot sea snake?’ Ye Mo suddenly thought. This Feng Honest had a habit of collecting them. The beast core of the snake was of the water element. It might even be better than the water element spirit herbs.

“You need to concoct the Tan Hua pill?” Feng Honest’s tone was genuine, as though he was making sure Ye Mo really wanted it.

Ye Mo focused his attention and said, “Yes, but I wasn’t able to get a 9 foot sea snake. Can I pay more spirit stones?”

Feng Honest’s bubbled face had an apologetic smile as he said, “Sorry, it’s necessary because a lot of my herbs are from a friend and my friend keeps a spirit beast that loves to eat the beast core of the sea snake”

Ye Mo pretended to think while he looked at Feng Honest, but his calm face was almost shattered. Ye Mo saw clearly this time – this Feng Honest was no golden core state level nine. He was a hollow spirit state cultivator. If he didn’t cultivate the Three Birth Chant and was suspicious of Feng Honest, he wouldn’t be able to tell at all.

Ye Mo thought of Yu Baisheng’s last words and knew that Feng Honest might be one of the An Bei three demons. That’s why he was concocting spirit sense recovery pills.

Ye Mo cursed, he hadn’t even found Fu Rong yet but had already found one of the An Bei demons. He didn’t know if this was good or bad luck.

He couldn’t show any signs of recognition at all. If this Feng Honest noticed something wrong, he might never be able to leave this shop.

If this Feng Honest was one of the An Bei three demons, then he knew Fu Rong for sure. Feng Honest was probably already suspicious of him.

“In that case” Ye Mo hesitated for a second before saying, “I’ll go to the deep sea and see if I can get a 9 foot sea snake.”

Feng Honest nodded and Ye Mo quickly said, “Then I’ll be leaving first, I’ll come find you again if I can get the 9 foot sea snake.”

Ye Mo didn’t dare to linger at all. He left immediately and walked out for a long distance before being able to calm himself down. He just realized his back was drenched in sweat. He knew that no matter how injured Feng Honest was, it was all too easy for a hollow spirit state to kill him.

The bitter bamboo was beneficial, but he needed to be alive to enjoy it.

He had asked about Fu Rong, but Feng Honest didn’t keep him meaning that Fu Rong wasn’t back yet. If Fu Rong had come back, then he wouldn’t have been able to leave today.

Ye Mo’s flying ship was faster and Fu Rong was injured, so he had probably gone to recover first. Luckily he didn’t waste time outside or he would’ve been caught straight away.

He had to leave this city quickly. Thinking this, Ye Mo departed immediately.

Feng Honest looked at Ye Mo’s scurrying figure and frowned. “He seems very scared of me and very nervous, although I’ve never seen him before. Scared of Feng Honest in Pei Hai city, hehe, this is a first.”

When Ye Mo came to the teleportation formation for South Peace city, he realized that it only opened for 4 hours each day. The teleportation formation had just closed for the day, he had to wait another day to use it again.

Waiting here for a day? Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t want to die, he had to leave immediately, because if Fu Rong came back and met Feng Honest, he would never be able to leave. But where could he go?

Other than the teleportation formation, there was taking a boat towards South Peace city.

Ye Mo came to the docks and happened to make it to the last one. A 20k top grade spirit stones ticket wasn’t cheap, but it was nothing to Ye Mo.

In his desperation, Ye Mo got on the ship and realized that there was a 30k spirit stones VIP room, but Ye Mo couldn’t care anymore. He was lucky to even get on.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for long before the ship left the docks. Seeing this, Ye Mo finally breathed easy. If he got to South Peace city, he would be safe. Feng Honest hid his power and stayed in a distant corner in Mo Hai city to concoct pills, meaning that he didn’t dare to show his face publicly.

It took 6 days to go from Mo Hai city to South Peace city, but Ye Mo didn’t waste this time. He started using the blue wen pill to break through to golden core state peak stage.

Ye Mo estimated that he would be able to reach golden core state peak stage by the time he arrived at South Peace city. Then, he would leave his name on the trial tablet and wait for news of Luo Ying and the rest.

Four days had passed, but he was still a bit off from golden core state peak stage as he used blue wen pill instead of heaven glory pills.

Seeing that there were two days before getting to South Peace city, Ye Mo stopped his cultivation and wanted to go out for a walk when he heard a commotion outside.

Ye Mo frowned, was it always this busy? There seemed to be a lot of cultivators on the deck. Ye Mo also walked over and scanned his spirit sense out. This was a public area, so it was fine to do so.

At the same time, a bloodied arm fell in front of him.

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