Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: Dont Flaunt Your Excellence

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Ye Mo saw a golden core state in the middle of the crowd sit on the deck. He didn’t have a left arm. The other cultivator was tens of meters away from him and had a flying sword swirling above his head. Clearly, he was the one who sliced off the first man’s arm.

What was strange was that the cultivator with no arm was golden core state level nine while the cultivator with the flying sword was only golden core state level eight. The cultivator with the flying sword didn’t seem very old either.

What shook Ye Mo more was that the sitting cultivator still had the ability to fight, but instead he just looked down and didn’t even dare to glance at the other cultivator.

The crowd moved aside a little, the deck was very big, bigger than several few football fields.

“You, pick up the severed arm.” That young cultivator saw that the arm had landed in front of Ye Mo and pointed at Ye Mo, killing intent ravaging with his words as though he was spitting out ice swords, making people very uncomfortable.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo and then towards the area Ye Mo had come from. Ye Mo looked as well and saw that he came out from the ordinary passage. He realized that this golden core state level eight probably thought he was easy to abuse and wanted to assert his dominance.

A mere golden core state level eight dared to assert his dominance over him, a golden core state level nine? This was the first time Ye Mo had seen such a thing.

Ye Mo didn’t want to cause trouble, but he wasn’t scared of it if it came looking for him. Even if Feng Honest tried to kill him, he would still resist.

Ye Mo picked up the broken arm and threw it towards the owner. The arm flew directly onto the wound.

The cultivator didn’t expect Ye Mo to do this and nodded to him gratefully, but he also gave Ye Mo an apologetic look. He ate a few pills and used a few magic spells on his arm to heal himself, but still didn’t dare to look at that young cultivator.

What Ye Mo did was clearly acting against him, that golden core state level eight’s face immediately turned angry.

“You’re asking to die” the flying sword above his head hummed as though ready to kill.

But just then, the ship shook violently and people started to feel the ship body slant.

This ship was like a moving continent, usually such a huge ship would only shake a little. Something like this never happened before.

Just when people didn’t know what was going on, they heard a sharp howl and everyone immediately realized that there was danger.

“A level eight sea rain dragon!” someone said. They didn’t know why a level eight sea rain dragon would appear in the inner sea, but they were pretty much dead for sure.

Everyone wanted to run out of the boat and escape, but there were defense restrictions that bounced the cultivators back.

The ship was in chaos as a huge sea dragon head peeped inside from the restrictions, which were like paper to the huge head. Tens of cultivators were devoured before they could even react.

With the restriction broken, all the cultivators started trying to escape.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to stay on the deck either. From the power chi the dragon emitted, Ye Mo could tell that it was very easy for it to devour even hollow spirit state cultivators.

Theoretically, there wouldn’t be any high level beasts between Mo Hai and South Peace city, but this incident had still occurred.

Although he knew there were cauldron filling state cultivators in Mo Hai city who could kill the dragon, who knew when they would arrive?

Ye Mo stood on the flying ship and darted towards one direction desperately. Luckily, there were too many cultivators on the ship and the dragon wasn’t able to kill them all. Many escaped, but some unlucky ones became food for the sea dragon.

After flying out tens of thousands of kilometers, Ye Mo felt relieved. However, he didn’t keep heading towards South Peace city, instead stopping and turning around. “You must not have much patience to keep chasing after this long.”

Suddenly, a long haired man appeared behind Ye Mo and said coldly, “Not bad, you could tell I was chasing you. You have some power to be a hero, but unfortunately, you’re unlucky.”

Ye Mo stood on the flying ship and said calmly, “You’re a mere golden core state level eight and you dare to chase a great master of golden core state level nine, you’re very bold”

“Hahahha” that long haired cultivator heard this and laughed, he wasn’t able to stop as though he heard the funniest joke of his life.

Ye Mo didn’t speak and just waited for a reply.

“A mere golden core state level eight cultivator, and you, a golden core state level nine master! Okay, this is the first time I, Tian Aofeng, have heard someone call me a mere golden core state level eight. This is the first time I’ve heard a golden core state level nine who dares to call himself a master in front of me. You’ve got balls, big balls” the long haired cultivator laughed.

Ye Mo shook his head and said impatiently, “No need to flaunt your name, I get it, your name is Tian Aofeng. But I’ve never heard of it, so please stop flaunting your false sense of superiority. I don’t have time to play with you, daddy still needs to go to the trial square to put my name on the tablet.”

“Very well, you’ve successfully annoyed me” Tian Aofeng took out a long blue sword. Instantly, it loomed over Ye Mo with an eerie blue ray.

The flying sword brought sword chi with it that sealed off Ye Mo’s escape routes.

Even with Ye Mo’s cultivation essence power, he felt a slight pause in space, but Ye Mo had always been fighting people more powerful than him. He never considered people below his level to be a threat.

Ye Mo reached out and Zi Xu appeared in his hands. The next moment, purple sword rays swept towards the blue sword chi.



There was a huge explosion. It seemed that space itself was filled with killing intent.


Sword chi splashed out in countless waves.

Ye Mo was shocked. He had underestimated this Tian Aofeng. This guy was the strongest golden core state cultivator he had seen, even though he was only golden core state level eight. The cultivators in South Peace State were indeed abundant and much stronger than in North Far State.

He thought the strongest golden core state cultivator was that Mo Qianli, but he was only golden core state middle stage at the time they had fought. If he met Mo Qianli now, he would be able to break the evil soul strands with a few slices.

Meanwhile, this Tian Aofeng clashed with him once and wasn’t at a disadvantage. Clearly, this Tian Aofeng was much stronger than Mo Qianli.

Tian Aofeng saw that his strike was blocked easily. It was as though Ye Mo didn’t even try at all. He was also shook. Since when was there such a powerful golden core state cultivator? Was he the core member of some great sect?

But he was right, Ye Mo didn’t even really try.

“Who are you?” Tian Aofeng didn’t keep attacking but instead questioned Ye Mo. He was the genius of Lightning Cloud sect and had already entered the golden core state hall of fame at golden core state level four. He left his name on the trial tablet and was already golden core state level eight now. He rarely faced any true opponents.

Ye Mo flicked Zi Xu outwards and said, “Don’t bullshit. If you want to fight then fight, where’s your sense of superiority?”

Tian Aofeng sneered and opened his mouth. He spat out a blue bead. When the bead first came out, it was only longan-sized, but it quickly became fist-sized and was growing bigger and bigger.

Then, Tian Aofeng yelled, “Lin!”

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