Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: South Peace City

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898


Before Ye Mo could figure out what that blue bead was, he saw multiple blue lightning bolts flash from it.

At first they were only chopstick sized, but soon, more lightning bolts appeared and they became thicker as well.

Ye Mo realized that this blue bead was a lightning source. Clearly, Tian Aofeng was cultivating a lightning style cultivation method. This blue bead was like a small version of divine damnation. It was powerful, even others cultivating lightning style cultivation methods would have to dodge this. At that moment, Tian Aofeng would be able to attack however he wanted. At the same power level, he was already unbeatable.

Ye Mo was speechless. This Tian Aofeng was really unlucky that he had met him. Ye Mo was searching for a lightning source which was what he needed to reach golden core state peak stage -this Tian Aofeng was really a good man!

When he used the Three Birth Chant, all the blue lightning bolts that struck Ye Mo were devoured. Meanwhile, Ye Mo’s long stagnant cultivation level started to progress.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t even try to dodge his attack, Tian Aofeng sneered. He knew this guy was done for.

But as time moved on, even as Tian Aofeng felt himself running out of cultivation essence, Ye Mo was still fine. Only then did he realize the problem.

Tian Aofeng was about to take back his lightning source, but at this moment, Ye Mo howled. He had successfully reached golden core state peak stage. Ye Mo was grateful to Tian Aofeng, but he wasn’t going to show any mercy, shouting, “Eat my sword!”

Countless sword rays formed as he used Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike. It instantly swept Tian Aofeng’s body away.

Tian Aofeng was already low on cultivation essence after using the lightning source. Now that Ye Mo’s power had increased a level, Tian Aofeng wasn’t even able to dodge and was immediately torn to pieces.

“So he didn’t even use his full power before, this is his real power. I can’t even run away” Tian Aofeng thought before he died.

Ye Mo burned Tian Aofengs body and caught an egg sized blue lightning source. It had been attacking him for a long time before, but Ye Mo could still feel the intense lightning power inside it.

“This is good.” Ye Mo threw it inside his golden page world without a second thought and left on his flying ship.

There were powerful people everywhere. This Tian Aofeng was young but powerful, ordinary golden core state level nine cultivators would’ve easily killed by him. He definitely had no simple origin, if people were to discover that he killed him, it would be really bad.

Lightning Cloud sect.

A grey robed old man got up and howled, “Who dares to kill my disciple? I will rip your skin and burn your soul! Argh.”

Then he spat a mouthful of blood. Clearly, he was too angry.

“What happened, martial brother Tian?” a man heard the noise and ran over.

“My disciple Tian Aofeng was just killed” the grey robed old man said word by word. His fists were clenched.

“Huh” the man who came in didn’t expect it to be so serious. He was dazed before asking, “Who has the balls to kill the core disciple of our Lightning Cloud sect?”

More than ten figures gathered at the scene as well.

“What? Aofeng was killed?”

“No way, who could dare to?”

The people who came in expressed their disbelief. Tian Aofeng was the number two genius of the sect, just below Fang Zhongshi. According to his performance, he might even be able to surpass Fang Zhongshi, but now that this disciple was killed. Who dared to do this? Not even a 9-star sect dared to do this!

“Investigate this matter, even if you turn over South Peace State you must find out who did this!” a middle aged man cultivator roared.

Then, he looked at the grey robed man and said, “Elder Tian, you’re about to face your disaster transformation trial. You need to calm down. Don’t worry, Aofeng’s business is the sect’s business. Even if we offend the entire South Peace State, we will find out who killed him.”

The first cultivator said coldly, “This person must have Aofeng’s blue lightning source. No matter where he puts it, we can track him down.”

Ye Mo didn’t know if the lightning source was marked but he was no novice. He would never put something that could expose him in his storage ring. Usually, he would put it in his golden page world.

He had finally reached golden core state peak stage, Ye Mo couldn’t help but sigh. As long as he left his name on the trial tablet, he could find a safe place to reach nascent soul state.

The prosperity of South Peace City reminded Ye Mo of Beijing, there were shops everywhere. No wonder this city was the number one city.

The hottest topic right now was the ship that was stopped by the level eight sea rain dragon. Countless cultivators had been killed.

Ye Mo realized from other people’s discussions that a cauldron filling state cultivator from South Peace City head towards the Heartless Sea and killed the level eight sea rain dragon on the spot. He was gathering the cultivators on board. Those who were able to survive could get 100k top grade spirit stones as compensation.

Hearing this, Ye Mo was more desperate to cultivate faster. The sea dragon was so powerful, yet it was easily killed by a cauldron filling state cultivator. One could see how powerful a cauldron filling state cultivator was. If he fell in the hands of a cauldron filling state enemy one day…Ye Mo shook his head and didn’t want to keep thinking. No matter how cunning he was, he would never be able to get away.

Suddenly, Ye Mo felt grateful towards Wang Yue sect. They had a disaster transformation state cultivator, if they had forced him to concoct the spirit recovery pill, he wouldn’t be able to resist them at all.

Low power meant you were an insect. Ye Mo sighed and quickened his pace. He wanted to go to magic artifact shops to buy a magic artifact to conceal his looks.

Those who were able to survive got 100k as compensation. This fact made Ye Mo vigilant. He wasn’t familiar with South Peace State, but he knew there would be nothing free. Even if he was desperate for the 100k spirit stones, he wouldn’t go collect them.

Ye Mo needed a new face concealing magic artifact as 9 transformations wasn’t up to standard anymore. A hollow spirit state cultivator would be able to see through it at once.

He didn’t go to the biggest magic artifact shop but went to a middle sized one instead, it was called You Dao magic artifacts.

“Qian bei, may I ask what you want?” a pretty looking foundation establishment state young girl greeted Ye Mo hospitably.

Ye Mo nodded, “Do you have any face concealing magic artifacts? I want good quality ones, no need to show me ones below top grade spirit artifact.”

The girl heard this and immediately knew that Ye Mo was no poor man. She said with more respect, “You Dao magic artifacts is not the biggest shop here, but we have the most unique magic artifacts. I believe you won’t be disappointed. Please come upstairs with me.”

After coming to the third floor, Ye Mo realized that the Immortal Treasure Tower could at most be comparable to one of their shelves. The third floor was huge and the shelves were full of spirit artifacts ranging from low grade to extreme grade.

Ye Mo asked the girl, “This is floor three, does that mean there are better magic artifacts upstairs?”

The girl heard this and some disappointment could be seen in her eyes as she said, “Yes, we have five levels, level one has magic artifacts, level two has materials, level three has spirit artifacts, level four has spirit treasures and ancient treasures, and level five has dao artifacts. Qian bei, do you want to go up?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Let’s go to level four.”

As for a dao artifact mask, he really wanted it, but if a high level cultivator could see it, he wouldn’t be able to keep it. Spirit artifacts were the best for him.

Spirit treasures were something in between spirit artifacts and dao artifacts. The bad ones were worse than low grade spirit artifacts, but the good ones were similar to dao artifacts.

The issue with spirit treasures was that they couldn’t be spirit controlled, so it wasn’t as good as your own spirit controlled magic artifact. People rarely used spirit treasures, most would use spirit artifacts or dao artifacts. Plus, spirit treasure were nearly as pricy as dao artifacts, so no one bought them.

But this was a benefit to Ye Mo, because if it couldn’t be spirit controlled, people wouldn’t be able to tell what it was easily.

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