Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019: Trial Tablet Number One


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Hearing that Ye Mo wanting to go see the spirit treasures, the few golden core state cultivators at the third floor shook their heads and some even looked contemptuous. A mere golden core state level nine dared to buy spirit treasures. Without a doubt, he was just trying to show off.

Those girls alongside the golden core state cultivators looked pitifully at the girl standing next to Ye Mo. Clearly, they felt bad for her taking care of a cultivator who liked to pretend he was wealthy. These cultivators were rare, but they could be found once in a while.

But in the South Peace State, customers were gods, and despite knowing that the customer was only pretending they had money and just walking around without buying anything, the workers had to stay with them.

The girl kept her smile on her face and didn’t say anything despite her disappointment.

There were much fewer items on the fourth level than level three, not even one percent of the items below. There were even fewer face mask types.Ye Mo didn’t see anyone else at this level.

Ye Mo came in and immediately walked up to an almost ethereal mask. The mask didn’t emit any spirit chi waves, but Ye Mo knew it wasn’t ordinary.

For spirit treasures, the less spirit chi waves emitted, the higher the level.

The girl saw Ye Mo stand in front of that mask and quickly explained, “This mask is called Hidden Sand. After you wear it, it’s liking hiding amongst sand in a desert. Even cauldron filling state cultivators might not be able to see through it. The price is 3.35 million top grade spirit stones, if you want it, we can give a 60k discount.”

3.35 million,this was really expensive. He had heard Fu Rong and the others say that a top grade spirit artifact cost 200k spirit stones and he thought the price of magic artifacts here weren’t expensive. But now he realized how expensive the high leveled ones were.

However, this item was important to him. Ye Mo decided to buy it.

The girl saw Ye Mo hesitate and said, “The mask next to it only costs 520k spirit stones”

Ye Mo stopped her from talking and said, “No need, I’ll take Hidden Sand. Take me to your 5th floor, I’ll pay later.”

“Huh”. The girl wasn’t able to react quickly. Did this person really have so many spirit stones? 3 million spirit stones were almost enough to buy a low grade dao artifact.

But then she immediately reacted and said, “Yes, qian bei.”

Then, she took Ye Mo to 5th floor with a face of excitement. She felt like she was dreaming. Because she was new here, she could only assist the golden core state cultivators. As for the nascent soul state cultivators and above, there were older workers to take care of them.

Golden core state cultivators usually bought items that cost less than 1 million spirit stones, rarely would the payment exceed a million. So the commission she received was also not much. The girl didn’t expect that it was her turn to meet a cash lord. She was very excited just thinking about the commission.

0.1% for a foundation establishment state cultivator was quite an earning – 3000 top grade spirit stones.

There weren’t many shelves on the fifth floor either. Ye Mo counted and found there were no more than 100 dao artifacts, but it was already a huge amount for this shop. Most of them were low grade dao artifacts, with an few middle grade dao artifacts.

Ye Mo wasn’t interested in those attack dao artifacts, he was very happy with Zi Xu. Plus, there were quite a few nascent soul state cultivators looking at the dao artifacts. Even if Ye Mo had the money, he wouldn’t dare to buy it.

Those nascent soul state cultivators saw Ye Mo come and only glanced at him once.

Ye Mo shook his head and wanted to leave, but he saw an armor near the door. The girl knew Ye Mo was wealthy and said, “Qian bei,this is a half dao artefact armor. It was just forged and is 1.65 million, but there’re no discounts for it”

So it was just a half dao artefact but still cost 1.65 million.

“Qian bei?” the girl asked, seeing that Ye Mo didn’t respond.

Ye Mo nodded, “Okay, I’ll take that. These are the spirit stones, the extras are your tip”

The girl took over the storage bag and searched inside to find there were indeed 5 million spirit stones inside. Her hands shook with excitement – she not only conducted a 5 million spirit stone transaction today but also received the biggest tip in history – 50k spirit stones. It seems she wouldn’t need to be a sales assistant anymore, she only had to focus on cultivation.

The first thing Ye Mo did after buying the two items was finding a distant place to spirit control the armor and then put on Hidden Sand.

“The 3 million spirit stones were worth it,” Ye Mo said happily.

Hidden Sand didn’t show on his face, but his face and chi changed completely.

It was time to go trial tablet square. Ye Mo immediately heading towards there.

Ye Mo came to the square and wanted to try his luck when there were no people. Once his name appeared, he would find a place to reach nascent soul state and then come back, secretly waiting for Luo Ying.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that when he arrived, the place was full of people.

Ye Mo wanted to ask someone what was going on but heard people discussing on the side. “I wonder if young master Xiao can beat Fang Zhongshi this time?”

“It’ll be very hard, Fang Zhongshi is the prodigy of the Lightning Cloud sect and is on par with young master Yuan. ”

“Not necessarily, half a year ago when young master Fang left his name here, young master Xiao was here too but he didn’t try. Since he came now, it meant he has confidence in beating Fang Zhongshi”

Ye Mo didn’t know either of the people so he could only listen. If he asked some strange question, he would immediately become the center of attention.

After a long while, Ye Mo realized that young master Xiao was Xiao Fei of Golden Sword Sect, the number two of South Peace State golden core state hall of fame. Fang Zhongshi was number one and also 11th ranked on the trial tablet. Xiao Fei had a sister called Xiao Shiyun who was one of the South Peace State ten beauties.

Ye Mo looked at the cultivator in front of the golden core state trial tablet. He wore golden cultivator robes and seemed calm like water. He didn’t move at all, and many people felt as though the person didn’t exist.

Ye Mo nodded, this guy was clearly stronger than Tian Aofeng.

Suddenly, a powerful chi exploded from Xiao Fei. The discussions quietened down. People knew that Xiao Fei was about to mark his name.

After that burst of power, the golden figure rose up like an golden eagle.

When the figure neared about 35 meters from the ground, he stopped and wrote the name Xiao Fei quickly.

As soon as it was written, the golden ray seeped into the tablet and disappeared.

The figure slowly landed and the square was silent. Everyone was waiting for his name to appear.

The instant he landed, the name Xiao Fei appeared on the tablet. It replaced the original 11th name Fang Zhongshi.

After a brief silence, the square burst into applause.

“Young master Xiao surpassed golden core state hall of fame number one Fang Zhongshi, he’s the new number one!”

“He indeed came with confidence and surpassed Fang ZHongshi in just half a year, amazing!”

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