Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Tear Like Milan, White Hair Like Silver Sand

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy / Tehrn
The night in the desert was relatively cool, and the calm breath almost made Ye Mo forget that he was still in the desert; however, due to the disturbances of unknown bugs, Ye Mo didnt get a very restful sleep. Despite this, Ye Mo still felt pretty energetic when he woke up the next day.

However, during the day, the searing heat of the sun made Ye Mo feeling like he was in an oven, making him almost doubt if it was the same place from the previous night. The rolling heat wave attacked Ye Mo, and this wasnt even in June. The weather was slightly cool, but the desert was so hot.

It seemed that the temperature here was almost 45 C. If this was in June, would the temperature reach 100 C? Ye Mo didnt dare to stay too long, although his wound was pretty much fine.

The more he stayed in the desert, the more danger there was. Since he came, he needed to hurry up and go about his business.

Although Ye Mo found the words Luo Bu on the map, he didnt plan to go there immediately because the road he got on the map didnt point to that place and instead pointed somewhere else.

However, after Ye Mo had run for a day, he saw a vast empty place, surrounded by dunes; the sand rolled everywhere. Ye Mo had done some research about the Taklimakan Desert and immediately knew this was the Luo Bu Lake.

The temperature at day was near 50 degrees, but Ye Mo could endure without it affecting him much; after all, he was a cultivator and was more resistant than ordinary people. However, he only had nine bottles of water left, and he needed to find a water source fast; otherwise, he would become dehydrated.

Ye Mo didnt plan to come to Luo Bu Lake first, but since he was already there, he didnt mind looking at it. After all, there were the words Luo Bu on the goatskin map.

Although it was his first time coming here, Ye Mo knew this was perhaps the most mysterious place in the desert, and many unexplainable events had happened here. Ye Mo had made some research and discovered that countless people had been lost here.

However, there was also a legend that everyone knew: before Luo Bu Lake disappeared, it was called Immortal Lake.

It was said that the wind god, in order to prevent his daughter Milan from being together with the mortal Luo Bu, gouged his eyes and broke Milans legs before scattering them to the east and west side of the desert making them forever apart.

The two werent able to see each other anymore, and the longingness for each other was like a sword which fastened their aging. In one night, the beautiful young girl Milans hair turned white, and her rolling tears gathered and formed a river which converged to form a sparkling lake. This formed the fable of the Luo Bu Lake.

Later on, it was said that Milans yearning became a fatal sickness, and the night that she had died, the heavens changed, and the river went dry. The beautiful Luo Bu Lake had since disappeared, leaving behind this place full of silver sand which was said to be made from the young girls white hair. This was the tearful story of Milan, her white hair, and the silver sand.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of this story when he was standing at the Luo Bu Lake. When he read the story before, he didnt have much reaction to it, but now, standing at the place where the story happened, he realized how melancholic this was.

Separated by the heavens, reminiscence like the sword. Was this exactly like him and his master? He didnt know Luo Yings feelings before, but now he did and finally understood what separated by the heavens, and yearning like the sword felt like.

When he was by Luo Yings side every day, he didnt pay attention to it, but after leaving, he found that he had really lost something. Now that he was reborn on Earth, he realized how low his EQ was before. He couldnt even tell Luo Yings feelings and could only feel he liked staying with her.

However, when the danger came, the first thing Luo Ying thought about was to take him away, but when she activated the teleportation rune, he seemed to have felt a warm sensation brush past his neck. Now that Ye Mo thought about it, he realized what that warmness was. When Luo Ying activated the rune, she must have been discovered, and someone sneaked attacked her. But, in order to take him away, his master blocked this attack with her own body, and that warmness was the blood she had spat out.

Ye Mo suddenly felt he hated himself. He only understood it now, but even then, what if he did? Could he see Luo Ying?

If Luo Ying was still where she was before, would she think about him? Just like Milans tear story.

Ye Mo sat on a hardened dune and reminisced the bits and pieces of his memory with Luo Ying and felt immersed at the moment.

It was unknown how long he was there before Ye Mo sensed danger. He moved out as quickly as he could, but there was nothing around him. It was as though his feeling before was wrong.

Ye Mo frowned. His spirit sense clearly felt something was going to attack him, but now he scanned the surrounding ten meters and found nothing.

The day was already dark as it was almost 11 pm, he had already been standing there for a few hours.

Ye Mo decided to rest one night first and try to find a fresh water source nearby; however, due to his feeling before, he was much more alert.

During the night, Luo Bu lake was dead silent but mysterious, yet, Ye Mo was a cultivator, he wouldnt feel much even if he slept at a graveyard much less a desert.

However, he had seen a ghost cultivator before, but he didnt believe there was such thing as ghosts on Earth because if you werent a cultivator, your soul would dissipate once you died.

Meanwhile, most ghost cultivators were cultivators who had high power but didnt want to enter samsara after death, so they used special artifacts to forcefully keep their soul in the cultivation world to cultivate. Although ghost cultivators could still become immortals when they reach the highest stage, almost no one could reach this stage.

The silence didnt last long before a faint and distant shrieking sounded, but since Ye Mo knew that there were some animals in the desert, he didnt mind.

However, the spirit Chi was even more scarce in the desert so Ye Mo couldnt cultivate, he could only sit beside a salt pile and rest.

As such, he only rested for an hour before that feeling of being ambushed gushed in his heart again. Ye Mo took out a few metal nails and closely followed the thing that wanted to ambush him. Although he couldnt scan it, he felt it.

As though feeling Ye Mos vigilance, the thing that wanted to ambush didnt move but just watched Ye Mo.

At this moment, Ye Mo knew that his senses werent wrong. He really was being watched by something, and this thing was very patient; however, it was outside the range of his spirit sense, and he could only feel it.

However, Ye Mo wouldnt lose to anyone comparing patience. He often cultivated for more than a year, so a few hours was barely anything.

Another hour passed, and the thing that hid in the darkness seemed to feel that it was being too careful. Who could discover it when it hid in the sand.

It no longer hid and jumped up and rapidly aimed for Ye Mos head. Its speed even reached Mach 1; however, Ye Mo could even dodge normal bullets, not to mention that he had his attention focused on this thing, so how could he let it attack his head?

At that instant, he dodged and shot multiple nails out.

A shrieking cry resounded, similar to the shriek of a mouse, but amplified many times. He knew that his nails had hit its target, and at this moment, Ye Mo punched toward the dark shadow.

However, Ye Mo realized that his killing blow had missed. That dark figure had run away.

But how could Ye Mo let this dark figure escape after grasping its trail? He didnt even think before chasing, yet, after chasing for more than ten minutes, he still couldnt catch the dark figure. Seeing that this dark figure was faster than him, Ye Mo threw out two fireballs.

Psh psh, The fireballs hit the sand blasting sand everywhere, but the black figure had disappeared.

Ye Mo just felt his head numb. He didnt believe in ghosts, but this unexplainable thing just happened in front of his eyes. He clearly saw his fireball land on the dark figure and just disappeared; however, he didnt believe that his fireball could turn the dark figure into nothingness, he wasnt that powerful yet.

The surrounding was scarily quiet. The thing that screamed disappeared, and everything else was just the same.

Ye Mo calmed down. It was too late, even if he wanted to find something, he had to wait until the next day. When Ye Mo was prepared to come look again the day after, he suddenly realized he had lost his sense of direction. It had only been 10 minutes, but he was completely lost.

At this moment, Ye Mo felt the seriousness of the issue. When he chased the dark figure, he didnt think he would be lost at all, so he didnt carry his bag with him. All of his things were in his bag, so if he lost his bag, it would be a failure even if he managed to get out of here because there were some Silver Heart Grass seed and the Purple Heart Vine in there.

Not to mention these things, he wouldnt last long in the desert without water, even as a cultivator.

He needed to go back immediately and find his bag. However, Ye Mo immediately rejected this idea. If he went back at this time, he could perhaps get farther and farther away, and eventually lose his bag forever.
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