Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020: Ye Mo’s Trial

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898


Xiao Fei saw that his name was above Fang Zhonshi’s and nodded as though this was the result he had expected. Still, he shook his head as he looked at the top ten names.

“Young master Xiao”

“Big brother Xiao”

All sorts of calls sounded from the square.

Xiao Fei looked back and smiled at the crowd, saluting with his fists to the countless cheers. He then turned and disappeared from the trial tablet square.

The people discussed even more vigorously after Xiao Fei’s departure. Some even made up their mind to try their best to leave their mark on the Trial Tablet as well. Being revered by all was an honor even cultivators couldn’t refuse.

But that was just a fantasy. No one tried to write their name after Xiao Fei. The trial tablets had been here for who knows how many years. If it was so easy to get on them, then there would be too many people trying every day. So, it was usually the cultivators who got into the hall of fame or had the confidence that they were on the same level who would try to write their names on the trial tablet.

Otherwise, you would receive the ridicule of countless people instead of their praise.

This had become the custom: those who succeeded were heroes and those who failed were idiots. Even if someone without confidence wanted to write their name, they would come when there were no people.

Of course, the main thing was that each person could only try to leave their name on the tablet twice. If they failed both times, they would never have a chance again. This second chance had a prerequisite, and that was you got in the first time. Otherwise, you would never get a chance to do so.

Other than this, sects rarely took in cultivators who failed the trial tablets. It was not because they didn’t know their own limits but because those who failed would usually have a mental barrier that would make it harder for them to reach higher levels in the road of cultivation. Not all cultivators would be affected; some would instead work even harder, but these cultivators were rather rare.

Ye Mo saw the huge crowd of people and didn’t try to write his name. He had worn a top grade mask, but Fu Rong knew he would be coming here. He had to wait until everyone left before he could make his move.

Before that, he also had to make sure that Fu Rong wasn’t watching.

Ye Mo was sure that only a rare few people knew his name in the South Peace City.

Amidst the heated discussion, two people finally couldn’t resist the excitement and came up to the tablet wanting to try.

One was stopped at just 15 meters and marked his name. The tablet didn’t react at all. The second guy somehow surpassed 18 meters, but his name didn’t show either.

The two left with red faces under the ridicule of the crowd. But some people were able to recognize who they were; they not only lost their second chance to try but were also used as a negative example.

With this, even though more people wanted to mark their name, no one dared to.

Ye Mo didn’t leave. He found a place to sit and waited quietly. He had to leave his name on the tablet as quickly as he could and then go into hiding to reach nascent soul state. Then, he would come back and wait for news of Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue.

At midnight, the people gradually left until only a few people stood at the square trying to feel the success of other cultivators.

Ye Mo knew that even if he waited longer there wouldn’t be any fewer people, so he got up. Now was the best time to try.

Ye Mo walked up to the tablet. A decent looking girl stood there with her eyes closed as though feeling something.

“Can you please move over?” Ye Mo asked.

The girl knew Ye Mo was here but she still kept her eyes closed until Ye Mo spoke, “Am I affecting you by standing here?”

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, you are, I want to give it a try.”

“What? You want to try?” the girl exclaimed. Before she could keep talking, another male cultivator rushed over.

He walked up to Ye Mo and saluted with his fists, “Friend, my martial sister admires young master Xiao greatly. She didn’t want to leave so she could feel young master Xiao’s chi, please forgive her for any interruptions.”

Ye Mo glanced at this male cultivator. He was golden core state level three, two levels higher than the girl. It was obvious he liked his martial sister.

Ye Mo felt pity for this male cultivator, the woman he liked was enamored by another man. He was waiting for her on the side while she was feeling the chi of another man.

Ye Mo looked speechlessly at the pair.

“Martial brother, he said he wants to try,” the girl suddenly said.

“What? You want to try?” The male cultivator had the same reaction.

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes but I think you should care more about your sister, not me.”

He knew that even if this male cultivator won over his martial sister, they wouldn’t be happy unless he achieved something significant like Xiao Fei.

The male cultivator clearly didn’t heed his words but pulled his martial sister aside and smiled to Ye Mo, “You can try first, my martial sister can come back later.”

Ye Mo was golden core state peak stage while he was only golden core state level three and his martial sister only a golden core state level one. Clearly, he didn’t dare to offend Ye Mo.

After the two left, the girl showed a face of disgust. She was disgusted by Ye Mo because Ye Mo kicked her away, or perhaps because this insolent guy dared to copy big brother Xiao.

The remaining cultivators didn’t even notice Ye Mo and Ye Mo hoped that would continue to be the case.

Ye Mo stood before the trial tablet and scanned around with his spirit sense. Once he was sure that no one was hiding on the side, he felt assured.

He didn’t make any preparations and circulated his cultivation essence, soaring into the sky. He needed to leave his name as quickly as he could and leave here quietly.

“Idiot” the girl saw that Ye Mo didn’t even prepare and just jumped up.

The male cultivator quickly pulled her arm. “Martial sister, that person is golden core state peak stage, don’t say that – what if he hears it?”

The girl curled her lips, “What is he then? He’s scared of being laughed at so he comes at night and wears the clothes of a non-element. A genius like young master Xiao is a pure metal element and so he wears golden clothes. ”

The male cultivator fell silent. He knew that he couldn’t argue about anything when his martial sister brought up Xiao Fei or he would be done for.

Meanwhile, when Ye Mo dashed up, the cultivators on the square immediately looked over. They would never pass by the chance to watch someone trying. Although the cultivator only dared to try at night, this was still something to talk about.

But no matter how late it was, his name would immediately be known.

When Ye Mo flew up to 6 meters, he felt a powerful force that grew more intense the higher he rose.

He finally realized why people could only reach a certain height. As he used more cultivation essence, he ascended even faster.

When he was at 15 meters, he felt a powerful killing intent on top of the pressure, as though if he didn’t go back down, he would be annihilated under the pressure.

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