Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021: Trial Tablet Blank Name

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898


Just then, Ye Mo realized the use of the trial tablet. It wasn’t just a simple ranking. Any cultivator would have an enlightenment under such intense pressure and killing intent. This was beneficial to one’s cultivation.

At the same time, Ye Mo realized why so many cultivators gave up hope after feeling that terrifying killing intent. If they failed, it would indeed affect their mental state, but if they succeeded it would be a huge inspiration.

Subconsciously, Ye Mo started to emit his own power and killing intent. The pressure on him immediately eased up. Realizing this was the key, Ye Mo completely released his power.

When Ye Mo reached above 18 meters, he felt the killing intent materialize again, in just an instant he felt he was in an ancient battle field. Countless spirit beasts, cultivators, and demons all roared at him.

At this moment, Ye Mo didn’t dare to hold back at all. He released Zi Xu and the Illusion Cloud Strikes. Under the purple sword rays, the spirit beasts, cultivators, and even demons were killed, wave after wave. Ye Mo thought of the time he was at the herb plain and had killed countless earth scorpions.

The bodies of spirit beasts piled up beneath him and he stood taller and taller.

Soon, Ye Mo felt that the spirit beasts grow less and less and the area ahead opened up. Before he could take a breath, a level six mammoth charged over.

A level six primary stage mammoth! Ye Mo took a step back. This was equal to nascent soul state level one power. Before the mammoth even got here, the powerful chi enveloped him as though if he hesitated for a moment, he would immediately be devoured by the mammoth. Ye Mo quickly used purple eye soul sever along with Illusion Cloud 5th and 6th strikes with all his might.

He felt a wave of weakness. Ye Mo’s Illusion Cloud formation kill strike brought countless sword rays and formed a yin yang dual kill formation. He knew that this kill formation wasn’t able to do much to the mammoth, but it could stop the beast from devouring him.



Ye Mo felt his spirit sense attack work and the Illusion Cloud formation kill strike tore the mammoth to pieces.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, he didn’t think this level six mammoth would be so easily killed by him. What was going on? Ye Mo knew that although his spirit sense attack and Illusion Cloud formation kill strike were powerful, they wouldn’t be enough to kill the level six spirit beast. He didn’t expect the combination of the two to have such power.

Suddenly, he felt the pressure lighten and he came to his senses. He was still at the trial tablet, what was going on?

Ye Mo didn’t understand. He saw Xiao Fei and others try, they seemed very casual and didn’t even use their magic artifacts. Since when did they fight like him?

“What is he doing?” the few onlookers looked dazedly at Ye Mo.

One golden core state level four hesitated before saying, “He seemed to have released his magic artifact and it cast some purple light, but was stopped by something.”

“Why is he attacking? He’s just supposed to write his name down,” the first cultivator asked again.

“I don’t know, but he seems to have surpassed 21 meters,” another cultivator said.

“So what if he surpassed 21 meters? Many people use burst pills and can reach near 21 meters, but they can’t even leave their names down.”

At this moment, Ye Mo saw a milky white empty tablet. He understood and murmured, “So you don’t need to fly very high, you just need to leave your name.”

Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn’t hesitate and wrote the name, “Ye Mo.”

He saw Xiao Fei write his name. It had turned faint gold and immersed into the tablet. After he wrote his name, he waited for a while but it still didn’t immerse into the tablet.

Did he fail? Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt even greater pressure. He just used his full powered attack and his spirit sense was weak, he couldn’t stay up anymore and could only fall down slowly.

“He’s coming down, he wrote Ye Mo, look for his name, what rank is he?”

Ye Mo also looked around nervously but when he reached the last name he still didn’t see his name. how was this possible? Ye Mo looked up and down a few more times but still didn’t see his name.

“Haha” the people from the square laughed. “I told you, what’s the point of going very high? If just anyone could leave their names behind on the trial tablet, it wouldn’t be called the trial tablet.”

Ye Mo’s heart sunk, he was sure he wasn’t weaker than Xiao Fei, but Xiao Fei was ranked 11th. Meanwhile, he didn’t even get a ranking. Something must’ve happened because only he was attacked and encountered a level six mammoth.

Those contemptuous remarks made Ye Mo feel awkward. If it was during the day, Ye Mo could imagine how embarrassing it would be.

But Ye Mo was sure that it wasn’t because he wasn’t strong enough that he wasn’t able to leave his name. Plus, the pressure had given him some enlightenments.

Ye Mo didn’t care much about the trial tablets to begin with and so he immediately left. He needed to find a place to form his soul and then go find Ning Qingxue.

Ethereal Immortal Pond was an 8-star sect, their management should be easier to contact than a 9-star sect. Perhaps he could see Qingxue.

He couldn’t stay here very long, but he could stay for two days to organize his thoughts.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go to a hotel, he saw two golden core state cultivators rush out of a hotel and get on their flying spirit artifacts, heading out of the city.

“Let’s go to the north gate,” one of them said. Ye Mo thought that the two must somehow be related to the city guards. The city management was very strict and people could only leave at certain times.

Ye Mo usually wouldn’t care about this, but he was being very careful now. If the two could leave now, he would follow them.

With this in mind, he followed them carefully. Even if he had to reach nascent soul state and organize his thoughts, he didn’t have to be in the city.

With Ye Mo’s stealth capabilities, the two golden core state cultivators didn’t notice at all. Ye Mo followed the two to South Peace city’s north gate and found more than ten golden core state cultivators and even one nascent soul state cultivator there.

As soon as the two arrived, the city gate restriction was opened and Ye Mo quickly followed them out. Ye Mo didn’t dare to go immediately as there were too many cultivators here. He hid carefully.

“How is it?” the nascent soul state cultivator asked immediately.

The two golden core state cultivators answered, “We’ve calculated a 100 kilometer circle around the north gate of all the hotels and recently renting cultivators, we’re sure we didn’t miss any.”

Ye Mo thought, ‘That Fu Rong had this much power? He could command this many golden core state and even nascent soul state cultivators?’ It seemed the An Bei three demons had taken action. Luckily he didn’t go find a hotel or he would’ve been blocked at the door.

“Okay, the city has 6 exits right now, we’re guarding the north gate. I don’t want any problems to occur at our gate. Even if an ant leaves now, we need to know. Tomorrow, our Lightning Cloud sect elders will come. No matter who he is, his soul will be sucked out and burned for daring to kill our core disciple,” the nascent soul state cultivator said coldly.

“Martial uncle Li, don’t worry, he is our mortal enemy. If he dares to come here, he will never be able to leave,” the golden core state peak stage cultivator that Ye Mo had followed said with killing intent.

The nascent soul state cultivator nodded. “Okay, that guy is no simple character, be careful. Elder Tian will be here tomorrow morning at the latest. This guy ambushed Aofeng at the Heartless Sea, if he wants to leave he has to go past South Peace city, so you don’t have to worry that he won’t come.”

Ye Mo just realized it was about that Tian Aofeng he had killed. He was from a 9-star sect. If he wasn’t careful, he wouldn’t even know how he died tomorrow.

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