Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1022

He was really unlucky, he hadn't even found Qingxue yet but he had already offended the An Bei three demons and a 9-star sect. 
Luckily he had just left the city, or else he would have nowhere to hide when the elders of the sect arrived. Ye Mo had faith in his stealth means, but he didn't dare to say if they would stand up to the 9-star sect elders. They were at least body condensation state or cauldron filling state power. 
Luckily, his name wans't left behind on the trial tablet or there would be no way they wouldn't pay attention to him. 
But Ye Mo couldn't really blame himself, who knew that this guy had such a powerful origin? Just for him, the sect was even daring to lockdown South Peace City. 
Ye Mo calmed down now. The sect was sure that he was going to come to the city, and in fact he had. 
He saw the sign that the cultivators aboard the ship were being compensated in spirit stones and had guessed that they might all be set up by the lightning cloud sect. Luckily he was careful and threw all of Tian Aofeng's things into the golden page world. 
Even the nascent soul state cultivators didn't notice Ye Mo, much less the golden core state cultivators. An hour later, Ye Mo left the city gate quietly and got on his flying ship, leaving as fast as he could. 
By the time it was daylight, Ye Mo didn't even know how far he had traveled, but his speed hadn't decreased at all and the supply of top grade spirit stones powering his artifact never stopped. He even used his cultivation essence lavishly to make the ship go faster. He would've used extreme grade spirit stones if not for the fear that the ship wouldn't be able to handle it. 
The difference between the 9-star sect lightning cloud sect and the ghost immortal sect was huge. The highest power of the ghost immortal sect was only a hollow spirit state cultivator, and Ye Mo believed he had a way to get around hollow spirit state cultivators. 9-star sects had truth realisation state cultivators though, against whom he didn't have any confidence at all. 
So the only choice he had was to run. 
Due to Xiao Fei's name, South Peace city was even busier than usual the next day. The people also wanted to see Fang Zhongshi's reaction. They were both 9-star sect core disciples and wouldn't be satisfied losing out to the other. 
Many people guessed that Fang Zhongshi would come to try again, so they rushed to the trial tablet square. 
People discussed in so much detail that even which direction Xiao Fei's hair was floating to was mentioned. 
"You don't know that after Xiao Fei tried, two more people tried and lost face. But that night, another person came to try," one golden core state cultivator from last night said. 
"There are too many people who don't know their own strength. Without saying, I know those three didn't leave any marks…" 
"Of course, that cultivator was called Ye something… I remember him the most because he was too funny. He didn't leave his name but he made a big scene…" 
"Yes, he even took out his magic artifact, it was the first time I've seen someone use their magic artefact at the trial tablet. What a joke…" another cultivator said. 
"You said he took out his magic artifact at the trial tablet?" a cold voice suddenly asked. 
They just noticed that it was a young nun standing not far away. 
Her hair was coiled behind her head but she didn't have a whisk. Her snow white skin and her snow white dao uniform accompanied with her extreme beauty made her seem like she didn't belong in the mortal world. 
"It's Ling Xiaoshuang, dao name Qing Shuang…" someone immediately recognized her. 
"I know, Serene Dream Mosque, South Peace State's number two beauty…" the cultivator stopped halfway, realizing his words were a bit offensive. 
But everyone realized who this extremely beautiful young nun was. 
She clearly came here for only one thing. She was about to reach nascent soul state or else she wouldn't be here. Many people would come for the trial before they ascended to nascent soul state in order to gain enlightenment. 
People subconsciously started talking quieter. Many people's heart skipped faster as though feeling honored that they could be so close to her. 
However, no one answered her question. Ling Xiaoshuang frowned and asked, "Who said that a cultivator took out his magic artifact at the trial tablet?" 
Her master had told her that those cultivators who took out their magic artifacts at the trial tablets were indescribable geniuses. 
Since the ancient times, there was only one nascent soul state cultivator who used his magic artifact at the nascent soul state trial tablet tens of thousands of years ago. When that cultivator reached nascent soul state tertiary stage, he killed a hollow spirit state cultivator. That wasn't all, within 100 years, he reached truth realisation state peak stage. However, for some reason, he wasn't accepted by the immortal dao and was not allowed to ascend to the immortal realm. In his fury, he shattered the void, smashed open the barrier of Luo Yue continent, and left. 
Her master said that the earlier that the cultivator used a magic artifact on a trial tablet, the more genius they were. If what this cultivator said was real, someone used a magic artifact on the golden core state trial tablet - that person would be absurd. He was more powerful than that nascent soul state cultivator from tens of thosuands of years ago, so she had to know who it was. 
That golden core state cultivator was pushed out by his friends and stood out, saying excitedly ,"It's me, I saw him, martial sister Ling…" 
"Tell me." Ling Xiaoshuang nodded. 
The cultivator saw that Ling Xiaoshang used a polite tone and felt as if he just fell into a soothing spring. His voice even changed a little, "Midnight last night, a cultivator came to the trial tablet. I think he was scared of being laughed at and that's why he chose night time." 
Ling Xiaoshuang frowned and said, "No need to mention that, tell me about the process." 
"Yes, when that cultivator reached 18 meters and almost 21 meters, he suddenly took out a purple magic artifact and stopped at 21 meters. He used his magic artifact to attack for a while before going higher than 21 meters. He then marked his name, he's called…." the cultivator paused to think of Ye Mo's name. 
"He's called Ye Mo," a cultivator next to him said. "But his name wasn't left on the trial tablet. I think he used some pills, it's said that Feng Honest's tan hua pill has such effects." 
Ling Xiaoshuang gasped, she didn't expect there would really be someone who would use a magic artifact at the trial tablet. But why wasn't his name left behind? This wasn't right. Her master said that the nascent soul state cultivator tens of milleniums ago left his name behind, but his name was ranked first. 
First? Ling Xiaoshuang looked up on the tablet, the name was familiar. It had been there for two hundred years and wasn't Ye Mo. 
Seeing this, many cultivators subconsciously looked at the tablet. 
"Wait, how come I feel there's one less name on the tablet!" one cultivator exclaimed. 
"Hmm, it's true! One name's missing. There're only 299 names, not 300!" someone else exclaimed.

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