Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023: Soar Into Existence

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“299 names indeed” Ling Xiaoshuang murmured to herself.

Actually, the top of the trial tablet seemed to have an extra white jade tablet, but it was empty, without anly markings. It floated above the golden core state trial tablet.

“Soar into Existence!” Ling Xiaoshuang almost blurted out.

She was sure that Ye Mo’s name was on that white jade tablet and that he was the golden core state trial tablet number one, but his name wans’t shown due to some other reason.

Ling Xiaoshuang knew that not even 9-star sect disciples would know what it meant to soar into existence. It wasn’t just showing a tablet above the golden core state trial tablet and becoming number one on the trial tablet.

It meant that the big change and disaster of the cultivation realm was impending. The golden core state trial tablet protected the person who soared into existence and wouldn’t show his name, showing an empty tablet instead. Only when that person could protect himself would his name be shown on the tablet.

Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t know why her master knew about this, but she knew not many others were aware of this.

It was simple if she wanted to find out whether Ye Mo was that person who had soared into existence. If someone tried and successfully got onto the tablet, then 300 names would appear. However, the trial tablet would automatically remove the last person.

The name on the Soar into Existence jade tablet would appear there forever. No matter how powerful people from the future generation were, they wouldn’t be able to surpass the name on Soar into Existence.

The tablets had been derelict on the square for countless years. All the people knew that the first name would exist there forever. But in the countless years, only the first name of the nascent soul state cultivator tablet had been marked for eternity. That nascent soul state cultivator named Chu Jiuyu who used magic artifacts at the trial had his name kept at first forever.

But Chu Jiuyu didn’t try any other trial tablets.

Even a powerful figure like Chu Jiuyu wasn’t able to have his name written on the Soar Into Existence white jade tablet, meaning that he could be surpassed in the future. Ye Mo might be the one who would surpass him.

Who was he? What sort of fortune did he get to reach such a height?

Ling Xiaoshuang walked to the golden core state trial tablet. She wanted to try to mark her name and also to test if Ye Mo was that Soar Into Existence person. She didn’t like to show off and didn’t even go to the golden core state hall of fame, but her master told her to try the golden core state trial tablet before forming her nascent soul as it would benefit her greatly.

Because of this, she came but she knew if she failed, she would be ridiculed. However, she didn’t care about that.

“Ling Xiaoshuang is going for the trial”

“Ling Xiaoshuang isn’t someone in the golden core state hall of fame, the trial tablet has nothing to do with looks”

“Shut up, do you not want to live? How dare you speak of her that way?”

Seeing Ling Xiaoshuang come to the trial tablet, everyone was excited.

Ling Xiaoshuang wore a snow white dress and stood before the golden core state trial tablet like a beautiful vibrant lily. But before they could appreciate this beauty, she had soared up into the sky.

When that powerful pressure arrived, Ling Xiaoshuang felt that killing intent. She finally understood why her master told her to come – this was indeed beneficial to her cultivation.

When she reached a height of 21 meters, she couldn’t go forward anymore. She knew she had reached her limit. She was disappointed, but knew this was to be expected. The next moment, she wrote her name, Ling Xiaoshuang.

The words turned into a pale white ray and shot into the tablet.

“Ling Xiaoshuang is ranked 23rd on the golden core state trial tablet” people immediately spread her rank.

Ling Xiaoshuang, who wasn’t in the golden core state hall of fame, managed to rank 23 on the golden core state trial tablet, meaning that the number of people who could surpass her was only 23. This was already a very good rank.

Ling Xiaoshuang stood below the tablet and looked at her name. She didn’t leave immediately and scanned the tablet. It had returned to 300 names.

Ye Mo really was that Soar Into Existence person. His name was beyond what this tablet could hold and only appeared on that white jade tablet. She had to tell her master this news as soon as possible.

Ling Xiaoshuang immediately left, but discussion about her heated up and even surpassed Xiao Fei.

“Hmm, who said that one name was missing on the tablet? I counted again, it’s 300.” Someone immediately noticed the change.

“It really is 300, what happened before?”

But all the discussion immediately stopped as the cultivators at the square suddenly donned a fearful expression.

An extremely powerful spirit sense swept over the square and didn’t leave. It swept back again. Then, two more powerful spirit senses swept over. All the cultivators at the square were cleanly swept.

Those spirit senses had a powerful and angry killing intent. They were obviously belonging to cauldron filling state cultivators and above. no one dared to speak at all under such powerful spirit senses.

Then, an extremely cold voice sounded in all the ears of the South Peace City cultivators, “Lightning Cloud Sect’s core disciple Tian Aofeng was harmed at the Heartless Sea. The culprit mught be at South Peace city. The cultivator who can provide information about this cultivator can get a Cao Huan pill if they’re golden core state, Hollow Meridian Pill if they’re nascent soul state, and so forth, and will also be protected by the Lightning Cloud sect. If anyone helps this person escape, he will become the enemy of the Lightning Cloud Sect”

“A truth realisation state cultivator.”

Everyone knew that to be able to send his voice through the entire city, it was a truth realisation state for sure. What shook people even more was that the core disciple Tian Aofeng had been killed.

Who had the balls to do such a thing? He was ranked below Fang Zhongshi, but he showed signs of potentially surpassing him.

The city lord of South Peace city could only send people to investigate the cultivators and didn’t dare to complain at all.

In the city lord estate, a few body condensation state cultivators and above were gathered. The city lord estate had become the temporary gathering place for the Lightning Cloud Sect.

“On the ship, Aofeng sliced off a solo cultivator’s arm and a golden core state level nine came out to help that cultivator. I think with Aofeng’s personality, even after the sea monster incident, he wouldn’t let go of that golden core state cultivator. He probably chased after him,” one body condensation state said.

The cultivator sitting at the top was someone whose age couldn’t be discerned. Even the cauldron filling state cultivators below were very respectful to him.

That cultivator said, “Recount the situation precisely, and was that cultivator who had his arm cut off found?”

“Yes,” the body condensation state answered. “When that golden core state level nine had just walked to the deck, the arm Aofeng sliced off fell in front of that cultivator. Aofeng told that cultivator to pick it up and give it to him, but that golden core state level nine picked the arm up and attached it for the cultivator. Then, that broken arm cultivator disappeared when the spirit beasts attacked. He was probably eaten.”

“Would Aofeng also be because of the spirit beast?” one cauldron filling state asked.

He was interrupted by that elder Tian, “Impossible, that spirit beast didn’t target Aofeng at the time and Aofeng had great world transmission rune. He could escape whenever he wanted. Aofeng was definitely killed by a cultivator.”

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