Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024: Ye Mos Divine Damnation

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"Elder Tian, Aofeng might have been only golden core state level eight, but there's hardly any golden core state level nine who could have killed him in South Peace State and prevented him from escaping," another cauldron filling state cultivator said.

Elder Tian sneered and was about to argue, but the cultivator sitting at the top waved his hand and stopped them. He thought for a while before asking, "What's that golden core state level nine cultivator called?"

"I've searched the records of Mo Hai city, that cultivator is called Mo Ying and is a solo cultivator," a body condensation state cultivator answered.

"Mo Ying?" the top cultivator repeated. "Regardless if this name is real or fake, investigate this guy first."

"Mo Ying?" Ling Xiaoshuang heard that the cultivator who killed Tian Aofeng was called Mo Ying and immediately felt something wasn't right.

There was no way that a core disciple of 9-star sect didn't have means to escape. Meanwhile, a golden core state level nine cultivator was able kill Tian Aofeng and make him unable to run. Clearly this golden core state level nine was no ordinary person.

Even Xiao Fei wouldn't be able to kill Tian Aofeng easily, much less stop him from running away. Now, the name of the cultivator who killed Tian Aofeng was pretty obvious - it was that Ye Mo. Mo Ying was his alias.

Ling Xiaoshuang suddenly began to worry. She wasn't sure if Lightning Cloud sect would think of the Golden core state trial tablet. Her master said there were only a few who knew about the Soar Into Existence, but lightning cloud sect was also a 9-star sect - would they not know about it?

Luckily, she had filled up the tablet names. Thinking about this, Ling Xiaoshuang felt she should go back to her sect as quickly as possible.

This was the sixth day and Ye Mo was still running. If the lightning cloud sect knew he killed Tian Aofeng, it would be useless even if he fled to North Far State. Intead, he would bring disaster to Song Yangzhu and others there.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo thought of Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue. Would they be affected too? Even if they weren't, would they not do anything if they knew he was in the hands of the lightning cloud sect?

Ning Qingxue was at an 8-star sect. If the lightning cloud sect knew about his relations to Ning Qingxue and made Ethereal Immortal Pond hand over Ning Qingxue, they wouldn't dare to resist at all. Susu's sect was a 9-star sect, but apparently it had declined quite a lot, it was even worse off than some 8 star sects.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo shivered. He became more worried, the only way out was to not expose his tracks.

He immediately gave up on the thought of finding Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying. He didn't dare to let anyone know that he was related to them.

'Power, I need power!'

Ye Mo cursed, he needed to find a place to reach nascent soul state and even higher. If he wanted to take on the 9-star sect lightning cloud sect, he had to be at least disaster transformation state. Lightning cloud sect had truth realisation state cultivators.

Two months later, in a very subtle valley in South Peace State, Ye Mo set up a huge spirit gathering formation and then another stealth formation outside it. He was planning on breaking through to nascent soul state.

This place was very far from South Peace city, Ye Mo was sure that even truth realisation state cultivators wouldn't be able to find it. Plus, this place was arid in spirit chi and although worthless, was the perfect place for Ye Mo to reach nascent soul state.

Usually, people would find a place with lots of spirit chi to break through, but Ye Mo had a lot of spirit stones and even took out spirit crystals. He had to reach nascent soul state as quickly as possible or it would garner attention.

If it weren't for the fact that the golden page world's laws were incomplete, Ye Mo would rather breakthrough in there. Other than the spirit range that he didn't dare to take out, Ye Mo had prepared almost everything.

This place was arid in spirit chi but still much better than North Far State. Plus, Ye Mo used top grade spirit stones to stack up his spirit gathering formation. With this spirit chi density, it was already enough for him to breakthrough.

Ye Mo was golden core state peak stage and was fully prepared. He ate Cao Huan pills and started using Three Birth Chant. The spirit chi around immediately rushed into his body like crazy.

Ye Mo calmed down and focused on devouring spirit chi to form his nascent soul.

If someone else was here, they would find that the spirit chi around Ye Mo was almost solid. The ten million top grade spirit stones he took out all had their spirit chi sucked out.

Ye Mo felt his power increase drastically and cultivation essence growing increasingly stronger, almost materializing. His golden core spun faster than ever before.

At the same time, Ye Mo felt his meridians have a tearing sense of pain. It was as though he would explode the very next moment. At this moment, his golden core slowed down and cracked.

The core was cracked, Ye Mo knew this was the most dangerous moment. Many cultivators failed here.

Ye Mo wanted to protect his golden core with his cultivation essence, but suddenly, there was a loud rumble in the sky. The clear sky was covered with clouds, the rumbling noise came from above the clouds.

How was the divine damnation here so quickly? Ye Mo felt it was odd. He saw Li Yuqian breakthrough, it was no way near as fast. Then, lightning the size of a baby's arm shot down towards him, closely followed by 9 more bolts of the same size. They all fell towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was shaken, although he had a lightning spirit root and could devour lightning sources, he couldn't devour such a terrifying divine damnation in such a short time.

Even though he was using the Three Birth Chant to the maximum, he was still burnt.

His meridians cracked under the lightning but were repaired again with the use of Three Birth Chant. The lightning struck down nonstop, and after the first 9 bolts, Ye Mo was covered in wounds.

If he didn't have a half dao artifact protecting him, he might have been heavily injured with just the first wave.

He felt his power increase another fold, but he didn't feel joy at all. This was only the first wave, he still had 3 more waves - 27 bolts in total. How could he take such a level of divine damnation?

Ye Mo couldn't care about his golden core anymore, he quickly took out formation flags and started setting up formations. He thought he could devour lightning source and didn't take divine damnation seriously, but now it seemed he was very wrong.

Before the second wave came, he had to think of a way. He didn't have any better methods besides using formations. Luckily, he created a lightning storage formation after the lightning attraction formation.

He needed a lightning storage formation. Ye Mo threw out tens of formation flags.

*Rumble* Ye Mo had just set up a foundation when the second wave came.

It was another 9 bolts of lightning of the same size, but they came three at a time. Before Ye Mo could completely digest the first three, the next three fell. When all 9 fell, Ye Mo's wounds that had just recovered a little got worse.

Ye Mo calmed down the more he used Three Birth Chant. He felt his power increase even more. This lightning injury was much better than eating the first batch of heaven glory pills.

When the third wave came, Ye Mo finally breathed easy. His lightning storage formation was complete. Five bolts came down first and were directed into the lightning storage formation, then four more landed and were devoured by Ye Mo.

By now, the lightning only strengthened his body and didn't do any damage to him. Before the fourth wave came, Ye Mo was already digesting the lightning in the storage formation.

Ye Mo felt the pure lightning spirit power and felt happy. This was a good method. He didn't waste a single bit of the power and instead used it to strengthen his body.

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