Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028: Birth of Mo Yue City

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Ye Mo was shocked at hearing this logic.

Seeing that Ye Mo was at a loss for words, the man yelled, Youre an immortal master, our empire also has an immortal master. These citizens do not follow our orders, so these insects need to be killed. Im thinking of the long term security of the city. The troops Ive brought are the elite of the empire.

The big bearded man didnt dare to say this was Ye Mos fault directly, but he kept bringing up the immortal master of the Han Liang empire. He meant that the lives of the citizens were nothing compared to those of his soldiers.

Ye Mo couldnt speak with this person anymore. He nodded, Youre right, your troops are indeed elite…

The big bearded man saw Ye Mo ease up and knew that he was afraid of the Han Liang empire immortal master. He said with more confidence, Our empires immortal master…

Before he could finish, Ye Mo sliced off his leg with a wind blade and said, Your elite troops still need your wise guidance. So Ill send you to them as well, is that fine?

You, you dare to hurt me… the man pointed at Ye Mo with shaky fingers. Im part of the royal family of the Han Liang empire! The empires immortal master wont let you go…

But soon he couldnt talk tough anymore. While he spoke, Ye Mo slaughtered all the troops he brought.

Okay, you can join them now. Then, Ye Mo threw out countless fireballs.

The immortal master of the empire wont let you go…. The big bearded man stayed tough until the end. He was engulfed by the fireball but didnt beg for mercy at all.

At this moment, Ye Wucai brought more than ten soldiers who were covered in wounds. When he saw the big bearded man and his soldiers in the fire, he was dazed.

He then stuttered, Immortal master qian bei, you…you killed the new city lord Long Meien…

Ye Mo turned back and said calmly, Yes, I killed him.

Huh… Ye Wucai was shook but he quickly reacted and said, Immortal master qian bei, you should leave this place quickly. The Han Liang empire has a very powerful immortal master. If they find out, that immortal master would come here for sure.

Why should I leave? I feel this is a good place, Ye Mo said. He really had fallen in love with this place, the city was peaceful and beautiful if it was rebuilt.

The emperor of the Han Liang empire gave the city to Long Meien. If he dies, the empire would investigate, Ye Wucai said nervously.

Ye Mo smiled and looked at the distant mountains and the two crossing rivers as well as the boundless plain and suddenly said, This city doesnt belong to Han Liang empire anymore it belongs to me now.

Then, Ye Mo turned to Ye Wucai and said, Gather people and calm down the civilians here. Take out all the wealth from the palace and give it to those who were harmed. Then, organize this city for me. Youll be vice city lord. Tell everyone here that I am the new city lord, Ye Mo.

Ye Wucai was swayed by Ye Mos calm tone and temperament. He stood up straight and answered, Yes, city lord Ye… Huh, immortal master qian bei, your last name is also Ye?

Ye Mo nodded.

Ye Wucai said with excitement, I will help immortal master return the city to the beautiful state it was in before, please dont worry.

Ye Mo cast a satisfied look at Ye Wucai and said, Okay, you can come find me at the city lord estate after youre done. Remember, there will be no more Dual River City, this place will be called Mo Yue City from now on.

Ye Mo had been looking for a place to build Mo Yue City. When he came here, he fell in love with this location. The lack of spirit chi was no problem for him. This was the best place for Mo Yue City.

When his formation skills reached formation grand master, he would be able to include the countless grassy plains as well as the two interwining rivers into the formation.

Mo Yue City… Ye Wucai murmured before saying, Such a beautiful name, this place will be called Mo Yue City we belong to Mo Yue City!

Yes, we belong to Mo Yue City! the troops behind him exclaimed. There were few people here, but their voices were united and strong.

Ye Wucai didnt disappoint Ye Mo. A week later, the city had settled once again under his lead.

Ye Mo was quite happy with Ye Wucais capability.

When Ye Wucai came to Ye Mo, he had about 3000 soldiers.

Ye Mo took out his plan and passed it to Ye Wucai. Mo Yue City will be organized like this. The design masters can change the minor details, no need to inform me about that.

Ye Mo made this plan based on Ye Xings design.

Yes, city lord master…. Ye Wucai took the plan and answered.

After youre done with these things, youll be my disciple. No need to call me city lord every time.

Ye Wucai knelt down immediately and quickly called, Master! Clearly hed long been wanting to become Ye Mos disciple. He would be an idiot to pass up this opportunity.

Ye Mo nodded. Look at this design plan first, tell me if therere any problems.

Ye Wucai didnt understand it, but he saw the tidy streets, houses, parks, hospitals and schools and was perplexed. He didnt know what a lot of these things were, but they would cost a fortune. This entire city needed to be rebuilt.

Master, this…. how much will it cost? Therere a lot of gold coins in the storage, but after compensating the victims, it wont be enough. This is like planning and rebuilding the entire city… Ye Wucai stuttered.

Ye Mo smiled. Yes, I intend to do just that. This is the place where we will be cultivating. As for gold, thats easy.

Ye Mo waved and a large pile of gold bricks appeared. There were a few hundred tons. This was stolen from the US gold depot and now they finally came in use. This was only a portion of it.

Wow, so many gold bricks! Ye Wucai had never seen so much gold his life.

Turn them into gold coins, this should be enough to fix up Mo Yue City. When the city is rebuilt, I will set up a defense formation…

Ye Mo needed to build the city first before he would set up defense and spirit gathering formations.

He wanted Mo Yue City to become the most beautiful city in Luo Yue continent, as well as the safest.

Ye Mo then gave Ye Wucai a jade card. Ive set up a simple formation in this house, you can only come in with a jade card. I need to find a place to go into solitary cultivation. If theres an emergency, you can crush the jade card.

Yes master, I will build the city well for sure. Ye Wucai then thought for a while before asking, What if the immortal master from the Han Liang empire comes?

Ye Mo now knew that this place was not an important place for the Han Liang empire, Luo Yue continent was too big. Ye Mo was sure that the empire wouldnt offend a nascent soul state cultivator for a small city.

If someone comes, hand this jade rune to him. If he doesnt want to settle, then crush the jade card. Ye Mo took out a simple jade rune and inscribed his spirit sense on it. His spirit sense was nearly of nascent soul state tertiary stage, ordinary cultivators wouldnt disrespect him.

Ye Mo then left the city and went outside to find a place to enter the golden page world.

Without power, he was nothing.

After reaching nascent soul state, Ye Mos power had increased many folds. But Ye Mo came here not for cultivation, but for the upgrade of the mist lotus heart fire.

Old man Kong Ye gave him a fire lotus heart ore when he was in golden core state. He feared his power wasnt enough at the time, so he didnt dare to waste it.

But now he had reached nascent soul state level two, so it was time to upgrade his heaven fire.

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