Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029: Han Liang Empire's Cultivator

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Ye Mo took out the mist lotus heart fire and then the fire lotus heart. What shook him was that before he even put the two together, the flame reached out and swept the flame lotus heart inside.

Before Ye Mo could react, the mist lotus heart fire on his hand suddenly became volatile. That terrifying heat made Silver run very far away. Shadowless noticed this even earlier and was long gone.

Ye Mo was worried and tried to suppress it, but found that the flame didn't really explode. The power of the flame was increasing rapidly.

Luckily he spirit controlled this flame - if he didn't, then even if he was nascent soul state power, he wouldn't be able to suppress the power. The heaven flame was really powerful. This heaven flame was only orange color.

Two hours later, Ye Mo felt the searing heat gradually dissipate and that feeling of absolute control returned.

Ye Mo noticed that the mist lotus heart fire wasn't orange anymore, it was red.

It had been upgraded indeed. Ye Mo could feel the terrifying power of the mist lotus heart fire. Luckily it was his own, or he really wouldn't know how to defend against it in an attack.

He put away the fire and started organizing Tian Aofeng's storage ring. The bead containing the lightning source was very powerful and clean. It did indeed have the spirit sense mark of a powerful being. Ye Mo chose to leave it on the side for the moment.

Even though he was in the golden page world, he had to be careful.

Other than this, Ye Mo's greatest acquirement wasn't the 5 million top grade spirit stones but the great transmission rune and lightning style attack ability.

Ye Mo lacked a lightning style attack ability. Without this ability, he wouldn't be able to create his own using the Three Birth Chant.

Tian Aofeng was a lightning spirit root and came from the 9-star Lightning Cloud sect. This lightning style attack ability only had the cultivation method for hollow spirit state cultivators and below, but that was enough for Ye Mo.

This ability was called 11 Lightning Swords. Once perfected, one could use 11 lightning swords. These lightning swords got stronger the higher your power was.

This cultivation method was very important for Ye Mo. If he could use 11 lightning swords at the same time, it would be stronger than the divine damnation.

At this moment, Ye Mo realized why Ao Tianfeng could use so many lightning arcs. He was only golden core state power so he wasn't able to use multiple lightning bolts himself, but he borrowed the power of the lightning bead to do it. However, although the blue lightning's attack power was a bit weak for Ye Mo, other golden core state cultivators might not be able to survive it.

Ye Mo cultivated the lightning style ability very quickly.

Other than this, he didn't use the extra time for cultivation. He instead used it to study the 5 element mobility as well as purple eye soul sever and Illusion Cloud 5th strike. He was at the peak of nascent soul state level two and could reach level three at any time, but he wouldn't be able to reach nascent soul state middle stage in a short time. So instead of doing that, he might as well use the time to cultivate his battle techniques and escape means.

The Illusion Cloud fifth strike was completely different than the other four strikes as the fifth strike was derived from formations. Ye Mo could use different attack formations to derive different Illusion Cloud formation kill strikes. So Illusion Cloud 5th strike wasn't a set move.

As for the purple eye soul sever, Ye Mo was on the second level and could partially sever people's spirit sense that they sent out and injure their soul. However, Ye Mo felt something wasn't right.

Theoretically, purple eye soul sever was just a spirit sense attack mean. It wasn't a cultivation method for improving spirit sense. The purple eye soul sever's power depended on the power of the spirit sense.

As for a real spirit sense cultivation method, even though Ye Mo had the Three Birth Chant, he wasn't able to create one as he had never seen one before.

Time flew by in cultivation.

When he woke up from cultivation again, half a year had already passed. Ye Mo was surprised, he was only planning to cultivate for a month or two and then check on Mo Yue City's progress.

When he came out from the golden page world and scanned the city with his spirit sense, he saw Mo Yue City busy under construction and breathed easy. Soon, he was overjoyed to find that the city was showing its general structure already. Everyone was busy building the new city. It seemed that Ye Wucai had used the gold very well.

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned over Ye Wucai and found that he was greeting a guest in the city lord estate. That guest was a nascent soul state primary stage cultivator.

Clearly, this cultivator had come for him. There was impatience on his face. If he wasn't concerned about Ye Mo, he would've long ago broken out in a fit of rage.

Ye Wucai wiped the sweat from his forehead and said worriedly, "Immortal master, my master is in solitary cultivation, if we call him like this, it will affect his cultivation."

Ye Wucai didn't know what the consequences of the interruption would be, but his master already told him not to find him if there wasn't anything urgent. His master gave him so many gold coins to build the city, if he still went to disturb his master, wouldn't his master feel he was useless?

The nascent soul state cultivator frowned and said, "I've waited for three days, do you plan to keep me waiting? The empire is busy, how can I stay for so long at such Dual Leaf City?"

Before Ye Wucai could reply, Ye Mo's voice sounded out, "There is no more Dual Leaf City, this is Mo Yue City. Ye Wucai, do what you need to do, leave me to deal with this. Mo Yue City is developing well, you can increase the workers' wages to make them work faster."

"Master, you're here!" Ye Wucai cried with joy and then immediately replied, "Yes master, I will build Mo Yue City to be the most beautiful city."

Then, Ye Wucai quickly left. There was too much pressure facing a nascent soul state cultivator. Even though the cultivator didn't intentionally release his power, he felt he couldn't take it. When he came to the door however, the pressure was gone. He knew that his master's pressure had overtaken that of the nascent soul state cultivator and felt even more assured.

That nascent soul state got up immediately after feeling Ye Mo's power. His spirit sense scanned onto Ye Mo and found that he couldn't sense Ye Mo's power at all. He immediately began to sweat. He felt lucky he didn't do anything bad, but was also shocked at the same time. This cultivator was so young and had such power. Clearly, he was at least nascent soul state middle stage.

Knowing that Ye Mo's real power was nascent soul state tertiary stage, this nascent soul state primary stage quickly saluted with his fists. "Han Liang empire's You Shanping greets city lord Ye. Please forgive me for coming here to interrupt you."

Ye Mo's solitary cultivation resulted in great progress in both the Illusion Cloud strike and purple eye soul sever. His power also increased from nascent soul state level two to level three. When he saw that this person was only nascent soul state level two, he raised his power to the max, crushing the cultivator from a psychological standpoint.

Ye Mo sneered, acting as though he was bad tempered, and said coldly, "Were you forcing my disciple just now? If my disciple didn't call me over, were you planning to do something?"

"No, I wouldn't dare to!" You Shanping quickly replied.

Ye Mo sat down and said, "Mo Yue City will be my city from now on, if the empire is still confused about this, I will go to the capital to sort things out."

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