Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030: Ten Secret Realms – Truth Fall Palace

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You Shanping thought, ‘No matter how strong you are, you’re too young. You’re at most nascent soul state tertiary stage. How can an empire exist without power? Do you think I’m the only nascent soul state cultivator? Plus, which nascent soul state would have zero ambitions like you, robbing this barren land devoid of spirit chi?’

But You Shanping said nicely, “The emperor knew that Mo Yue City had a new owner and sent me over to see and develop future relations. From now on, Mo Yue City’s city lord will be city lord Ye. Besides that, I’m also here for another thing…”

Ye Mo heard this and knew that You Shanping wasn’t planning to take back Mo Yue City after seeing his power. He sighed, high power was indeed useful. He said he was going to take this city and the immortal master of the empire agreed without even waiting for the consent of the emperor. This was the first time Ye Mo felt the benefits of high power.

Ye Mo knew that the world’s order was built on the foundation of power. If his power was weaker than them, Mo Yue City would no longer belong to him the next moment.

Although the cultivators were contemptuous of Mo Yue City now, if he planted the spirit range under the city and set up a spirit gathering formation, then there would be plenty of cultivators who would fight over this place. Due to this, before he had enough power, Ye Mo could only set up a defense formation.

Ye Mo didn’t stay aggressive and asked, “What other business does dao friend have?”

“I’ve just thought of this after seeing how young city lord Ye is – have you heard of the Truth Fall Palace?” You Shanping asked.

He paused and answered for Ye Mo, “I believe you know definitely know about Truth Fall Palace, being a nascent soul state cultivator.”

His last words were testing to see if Ye Mo was really a nascent soul state cultivator, but Ye Mo didn’t show any expression. You Shanping could think whatever he liked.

Ye Mo had heard of the Truth Fall Palace of course, both in this life and his past life. Truth Fall Palace was a secret realm of the Luo Yue continent that had a very high fatality rate. It opened every 30 years and had no power level limits. As long as you weren’t older than 100 years, you could go in.

Very few sects allowed disciples below golden core state to go. Most were golden core state and a small portion were nascent soul state. Of course, there were a few prodigies who reached hollow spirit state in under a 100 years. Such cultivators would enter the Truth Fall Palace for sure.

Even at hollow spirit state, however, they might not be able to survive. Other than the fights between cultivators, there were dangerous areas that were lethal.

But Ye Mo knew that people like him who didn’t have a sect to rely on were unable to go in no matter how much of a genius they were. This wasn’t the desert herb plain. The requirements to go in was to belong to at least a 5-star sect. Ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to go in. Ye Mo didn’t say that, however, he wanted to see if You Shanping was trying to trick him.

Ye Mo thought that no matter how powerful the empire was, they wouldn’t be able to get a spot to go in the Truth Fall Palace. If they really could, then they were equivalent to 5-star sect.

You Shanping saw that Ye Mo didn’t speak, so he continued, “The empire is not small, but it’s only a 4-star empire. Before, a 4-star empire wouldn’t have the right to go in, but last year, we found a rare fire seed – Lan Rock fire. The empire reported this to the Green Pill sect…”

“Lan Rock fire? The rank 7th heaven flame?” Ye Mo asked in shock. That Green Pill sect also sounded familiar. Soon, Ye Mo remembered it was a 7-star sect, Qiu Xue from the South Peace State ten beauties came from there.

You Shanping smiled, “It seems city lord Ye is very familiar with the rare flames. That’s right, Lan Rock fire is ranked 7th amongst the heaven flames. It’s renowned in the entire cultivation realm. The Green Pill Sect was also very happy and decided to give two spots for the Truth Fall Palace to the empire. If the empire could get good results there, meaning people coming back safely, the sect will help the empire cultivate a hollow spirit state cultivator, letting the empire upgrade to a 5-star empire.”

Ye Mo was initially suspicious, but after hearing the words Lan Rock fire, he believed them. Two spots for the Truth Fall Palace was nothing compared to this.

You Shanping continued, “The reason I brought this up was because I see city lord Ye is so young, you’re probably under 100 years right? City lord Ye is also nascent soul state cultivator right? Then that means you’re very suitable to go in.”

Ye Mo nodded. He wanted this spot badly, but he wasn’t blinded by greed. Why would the empire give it to him? He had killed a member of the royal family.

“City lord Ye is really younger than 100 years?” You Shanping suddenly got up seeing this. He was very excited. Big sects had nascent soul state and even hollow spirit state younger than 100 years old, but the empire didn’t have any.

Recommending a nascent soul state into the Truth Fall Palace – if his recommendation survived, he would get very good benefits.

Ye Mo laughed, he was far from 100 years old, but he didn’t say that as it would catch the attention of the big sects for sure.

“City lord Ye, if you’re willing to represent the empire to enter the Truth Fall Palace, then I will help you at all costs. And I believe that if the emperor knows that you’re willing to represent the empire, he would be willing to give you more cities,” You Shanping said in excitement.

Ye Mo was speechless, give him more cities? Did this guy think he wanted to be a local king?

The power in the cultivation realm didn’t depend on how many cities you had. Those 9-star sects all only took land within a 10000 kilometer radius around their sect. Any empire would have much more land than that, but which country dared to fight with a 9-star sect?

“I’m willing to go, but why are you so fervent dao friend You?” Ye Mo asked.

You Shanping calmed down a little and said with some embarrassment, “I’ve cultivated for a few centuries and only then did I reach nascent soul state level two. If I don’t come across any fortunes, I will be stuck here forever. The Green Pill sect is a 7-star sect, they promised if one survives from the Truth Fall Palace, then they would help the empire prepare two hollow spirit state cultivators. If two surivive, then they would prepare 3 hollow spirit states for the sect.”

Pausing for a moment, You Shanping gave Ye Mo a top grade attack spirit artifact and said, “If city lord can really come out from the Truth Fall Palace, you will become an inner sect member of the Green Pill sect for sure. I just want you to recommend me so I can go in too.”

So this was it – clearly, entry into a 7 star sect was irresistible for a nascent soul state cultivator like You Shanping. Ye Mo pushed the top grade spirit artifact back and said, “I have my own magic artifact, you can keep it brother You. As for the spot, if I can go into the Truth Fall Palace, I won’t take the hollow spirit state spot. It’s all yours.”

“Huh…” You Shanping almost fainted from this huge fortune. If city lord Ye came out from the Truth Fall Palace, than means he would get to decide who became hollow spirit state.

Although he didn’t know why city lord Ye didn’t want it, You Shanping didn’t ask. Clearly, Ye Mo didn’t want to go into the Green Pill sect and so he didn’t need to ask.

City lord Ye had such a powerful temperament. If he was a little careful inside, he would most likely make it out.

“Brother You? When does the Truth Fall Palace open, when do I go?” Ye Mo asked.

“It will open in half a year’s time, but you need to come with me to the empire’s capital first,” You Shanping happily replied.

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