Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031: Here to Assert Dominance

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Brother You, I still have some things to deal with at Mo Yue City, you can go back first. I will get to the capital within two months.

Ye Mo didnt know how long it would take for him to get back from the Truth Fall Palace. Ye Wucai was his disciple and he hadnt taught him anything yet. This journey was going to be long, so he had to teach Ye Wucai cultivation and set up a formation at Mo Yue City.

You Shanping didnt say much and just left behind a contact bead. He went back to Zhu Liang city first. He had to report Ye Mos matters quickly. He had a good status in the capital, but there were four nascent soul state cultivators there. He needed someone to support him.

If Ye Mo wanted to go to the Green Pill sect too, his proposal wouldve been a bit hard, but now Ye Mo said he didnt want to go. If Ye Mo succeeded, that meant the sect would take two disciples from the empire. His suggestions would get support from another person.

After You Shanping left, Ye Mo called Ye Wucai over. Ye Wucai was a three element mixed spirit root, but metal spirit root was the main spirit root. Ye Mo gave him a cultivation method derived from his Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo called it Three Birth Geng Metal Chant.

At the same time, Ye Mo made a 5 essence pill for Ye Wucai. This pill would make his spirit root more pure.

Ye Wucai just received Ye Mos tutelage and didnt want to waste any time at all. He focused on cultivation, he didnt need to be there personally for Mo Yue Citys construction. He would only go there during his spare time.

Ye Mo started teaching Ye Wucai for a month while setting up the defense formation.

Because Ye Mo had limited high level materials and Mo Yue City was too big, he could only barely set up a level four defense and level three attack formation. But the level four formation was enough to deal with golden core state cultivators, much less those mortal armies.

A months later, Ye Wucai could cultivate by himself. Ye Mo left behind some cultivation notes and handed over all things in Mo Yue City to Ye Wucai before heading to Zhu Liang city.

Zhu Liang city was only 10000 kilometers away, so Ye Mo arrived the same day he left. But this distance was huge for an emperor, and thats why Mo Yue City wasnt taken seriously.

But Ye Mo didnt know that Mo Yue City being given out and the deal with him and You Shanping had nothing to do with the empire.

Just when he arrived at the city, You Shanping came out to greet him. Clearly, he cared more about Ye Mo going into the Truth Fall Palace than even Ye Mo did.

This time, Ye Mo didnt hide his power. When You Shanping saw Ye Mos power, he was dazed, saying, City lord Ye, your stealth cultivation method is too good. I thought you were at least nascent soul state middle stage.

Ye Mo smiled, Is brother You disappointed that my power level isnt high?

You Shanping quickly waved his hand, No, no, its already beyond what I expected. To be honest I thought you were nascent soul state middle stage or tertiary stage before and I was really defeated. Im still defeated now, but I feel better than before. Okay, city lord Ye, Ill show you the rest of the dao friends in the empire as well as the emperor.

The emperor came to greet Ye Mo personally and held a welcome ceremony for him. At the ceremony, Ye Mo realized that he wasnt completely correct when he thought he could take the empire on easily.

There were four nascent soul state cultivators at the empire and no golden core state cultivators came to the ceremony. However, he knew that there was one golden core state tertiary stage cultivator going to the Truth Fall Palace with him.

You Shanping and one guy named Rong were nascent soul state primary stage, another one was nascent soul state middle stage, and the last one was nascent soul state level eight. They clearly werent afraid of Ye Mo, but wanted Ye Mo to represent them in the Truth Fall Palace.

The nascent soul state level eight cultivator was called Ge Lian who was very hospitable to Ye Mo and kept drinking to this nascent soul state level three. That Qi Zaifang nascent soul state middle stage cultivator and the Rong nascent soul state primary stage werent very hospitable to Ye Mo, but werent overly cold either.

From this, Ye Mo could tell that the partner You Shanping got was Ge Lian. If he could get out from the Truth Fall Palace, then it would benefit him and Ge Lian. But this was reasonable, Ge Lian was the strongest, so of course You Shanping would get help from him.

But Ye Mo could also tell that although the emperor set up this ceremony and the nascent soul state cultivators were rather respectful to the emperor, it was just the superficial side of things. They decided many things on their own. Clearly, they were here for another reason.

A lot of beautiful women wearing explosive clothing danced erotically. Ye Mo sighed. Although the emperor only lived for a few decades these few decades were much more enjoyable than the lives of most cultivators. A cultivator could live very long, but if he came out of solitary cultivation after a few centuries and died, he wouldnt have even lived as comfortably as the emperor.

These were the pros and cons of life.

The emperor was probably used to nascent soul state cultivators and so was just respectful to Ye Mo but didnt seem scared.

Ye Mo and the nascent soul state cultivators chatted for a moment and the emperor took his eyes back from the erotic dance and smiled at Ye Mo. City lord Ye, Dual River City belongs to you now. I can give you a few more cities if you want. Now, that youre representing our empire to go to the Truth Fall Palace, why not just join our Immortal Master Yard, what do you think?

City lord Ye, I can take back the city when I give it to others, but I promise for you that I wont take it back.

Ye Mos face sunk and he instantly let out his power. A mere chi gathering cultivator, so what if he was an emperor? How dare he say he gave him the Dual River City?

There wont be a Dual River city from now on, only Mo Yue City. Youre the emperor of the empire? I ask you to remember that I took Mo Yue City myself. It has nothing to do with anyone and nothing to do with the Han Liang empire. Dont make things difficult for yourself. Ye Mo got up suddenly. His cold voice and temperament charged out, infusing the entire hall with fierce killing intent.

He had to assert his dominance. If he didnt clear up this matter and left Mo Yue City, the emperor could say that the city belonged to him and it would cause a lot of disruptions.

When he planted the spirit range into Mo Yue City and cultivators desired the city, they would use this loophole to make the empire take the city back. Then, he wouldnt stand ground on reason.

Even though power ruled over all in this world, he had to stand ground on reason.

The emperor was just a chi gathering cultivator, how could he defend against Ye Mos power? He immediately spat out blood.

Feeling Ye Mos power, even Ge Lian was shocked. This city lord Ye was so powerful! Even he might not be able to release such power, was he really just a nascent soul state level three cultivator?

Ge Lian didnt say anything. No matter what Ye Mo did, he was benefiting from it. The reason they stayed at the empire was because the royal family had a nascent soul state cultivator too, but he was always in cultivation. The second reason was that they didnt need to go out to find cultivation resources, the empire provided it all for them.

But he was a little annoyed at Ye Mo and the emperor. The emperor was only a chi gathering disciple, why are you talking about giving in front of a nascent soul state cultivator? And that city lord Ye, youre already a nascent soul state and you know hes just trying to satisfy his mouth. Cant you pretend he said nothing?

Even if the emperor didnt mention it, Ye Mo was going to bring it up. He could see that deep in his eyes, this emperor was no ordinary guy.

Perhaps he was really planning to take back the city in the future.

Ge Lian and You Shanping didnt speak up. That Rong Zheng nascent soul state level one was too weak and didnt speak either.

But the nascent soul state level five Qi Zaifang got up and stared coldly at Ye Mo. City lord Ye, are you here to assert your dominance?

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