Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033: Flirt with a Nun

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Ye Mo pointed at the blue strand and spoke, but he heard a crisp female voice saying the same thing. Ye Mo turned around and saw a beautiful face. It was a nun dressed in white. Judging by where she pointed, he knew that she also wanted the strand.

Ye Mo didnt have to have this string. Since she liked it too, he would go elsewhere.

Before Ye Mo left, the nun suddenly looked at him and said, I seem to know you, youve appeared somewhere before, I have a familiar feeling…

Her words shook Ye Mo, he had never seen this nun before. How did she feel he was familiar?

Ye Mo feared being recognized a lot right now. If he was recognized, he would be finished.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to slip away, he heard a voice from the second floor say, Xiaoshuang, hurry up.

Xiaoshuang? Ye Mo also felt this name was familiar. He looked at this nun and saw that she was nascent soul state level one, clearly she just broke through to nascent soul state.

Such a young nascent soul state level one cultivator? Ye Mo thought of the Ling Xiaoshuang from Clear Dream Mosque, this woman must be that Ling Xiaoshuang.

Ye Mos thoughts continued rapidly and immediately he knew why she felt he was familiar. This woman mustve gotten to the trial tablet right after him.

Only then would she remember his chi and might even think that the person who went to the trial before her was him. Ye Mo knew he failed, but there were still a few people at the square that night. Although the Lightning Cloud Sect wouldnt take notice of a failure like him, Ye Mo was sure that the reason he failed was not because of his power being insufficient.

If this woman could feel the power he left behind, she might suspect him. 9-star sects like hers would have close connections. He couldnt let her be suspicious at all. Otherwise, if she told the Lightning Cloud Sect, he was done for.

Ye Mos guess was right, the reason that Ling Xiaoshuang felt Ye Mo was familiar was because she felt a sliver of his power. But she couldnt think of why she felt this man was familiar.

Ye Mo thought of this and immediately stared at her chest, then her face, and then her stomach. If she wasnt wearing dao robes, his eyes would have rested on her legs.

Ling Xiaoshuang saw that Ye Mo looked at her with such lecherous eyes and immediately threw that sense of familiarity away. She was about to burst into rage.

But before she said anything, Ye Mo wiped the drool from his mouth and murmured, Such a pretty nun…

Suddenly, it seemed he realized his mistake and smiled lecherously at Ling Xiaoshuang. Youre so pretty, were you talking to me before? Im Ning Xiaoma, oh, oh, you like this material, its fine, Ill buy it for you…

Then, Ye Mo kept staring at her with perverse eyes and called, Attendant, attendant, hurry up and come, I want to buy something…

Ling Xiaoshuangs face was pale with fury. She glared at Ye Mo coldly and left. She immediately knew that her sense of familiarity was wrong. How could she be familiar with someone like that?

Seeing that Ling Xiaoshuang turned around with speaking, Ye Mo quickly called out, Girl, dont be in a rush to leave, we can go to the dao discussion social together…

Say one more word and I will dig your eyes out! Ling Xiaoshuang didnt want to talk, but the nun at the staircase wasnt easy to mess with.

Brother, youve got balls. Do you know who that nun was? Clear Dream Mosques Ling Xiaoshuang, you dare to flirt with her? Watch out for your head, another nascent soul state primary stage cultivator walked up to Ye Mo and said.

Huh… Ye Mo wiped the sweat from his forehead in shock. His shock was fake but the sweat was real. If Ling Xiaoshuang recognized he was Ye Mo, then he would really be in danger.

After the attendant came, Ye Mo quickly took out the spirit stones and bought the strings before leaving. He didnt dare to go upstairs, it was best to not show up at this place.

Seeing that Ye Mo ran away without daring to say anything, everyone laughed.

Ye Mo just wanted to go back to where he was staying in case someone else saw him.

Ye Mo just came to Sifan hotel and saw You Shanping and Ge Lian walk out. You Shanping saw Ye Mo and immediately called out in joy, City lord Ye, brother Ge and I will be going to the dao discussion podium. Lets go together, I heard that black ice sect Zhao Rong is going there too.

You Shanping seemed to know that Ye Mo was interested in this Zhao Rong and reminded him. He didnt expect to have really said the right thing. If You Shanping didnt bring up Zhao Rong, Ye Mo might really not go. But since Zhao Rong was going, Luo Ying might go as well.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo immediately said, Okay, Ill go have a look too.

They just got near the dao discussion stage and heard some ruckus. A nascent soul state level three was hacked off the stage and fell into the crowd. He spat some blood and crawled up before running off.

Ye Mo just noticed that there was a nascent soul state level one cultivator on the stage, yet he could beat a nascent soul state level three to the point of spitting blood. Soon, Ye Mo realized he knew this person. When he was at the herb plain, the two fought over the purple flower fire. This guy was Infinity Sects Dong Wuya. He was golden core state peak stage at the time, but now he was a nascent soul state cultivator too. His cultivation essence was stable. This guy was golden core state hall of fame number 4 at the time.

You Shanping introduced to Ye Mo, This is Dong Wuya, Infinity Sects core disciple, ranked 17th on the trial tablet.

Dong Wuya…

Young master Dong is so powerful…

Wuya qian bei…

Dong Wuya looked around and saluted with his fists. The Infinity Sects ideology is freedom of will. Although that friend is two levels higher than me, he didnt fight with a free will. Instead, he feared me, therefore he was kicked off the stage. We cultivators are pursuing the dao, then why fear?

The crowd erupted at these words.

Ye Mo sneered. This was bullshit! Dong Wuya he was only nascent soul state level one but his cultivation essence was more powerful than that nascent soul state level three cultivator. This was due to his talent and cultivation method. But since he won, he could say whatever he liked.

Ye Mo scanned this place with his spirit sense and didnt find Luo Ying. As for Zhao Rong, he didnt even know who that was.

Infinity Sect Dong Wuya is waiting here, would any other friend like to give me a few pointers? Dong Wuya stood and said.

This is too boring, Ye Mo murmured.

Ge Lian laughed. Boring? If you knew what the prizes for the top ten prize were then you wouldnt think its boring.

Each time the Truth Fall Palace opens, the city gives huge rewards to those cultivators who participate in the dao discussion. The top ten would get at least a low grade dao artifact. I heard that one time the first even got a hollow meridian pill, who would reject such a prize?

You Shanping nodded. Yes, even if you cant get into the top ten, being on the stage is a symbol of power. Even if you dont get the reward, being able to discuss the dao with those geniuses is very beneficial. Plus, the stage does not allow killing, so most cultivators are willing to try.

However, Ge Lian said that first prize was given only once, so clearly the pill wasnt given every time. However, Ye Mo knew that he couldnt show off now or he would be monitored.

The Infinity Sect has made quite big news lately. The other day, the core disciple Yuan Guannan reached the nascent soul state trial tablet with nascent soul state level four power. His name spread across the South Peace State. Now, theres Dong Wuya and Wen Caiyi. Ge Lian let out a sigh.

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