Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: Take a Disciple for the Master

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Xu Changji didnt know what Ye Mo was thinking and continued, Although Im the number one nascent soul state in North Far State, if I go to the South Peace State trial tablet, I would barely make it into the top 50. I just dont want to expose that I came from the North Far State so I didnt go try. For me, the most important thing is to find the latter half of my cultivation method.

Ye Mo fell silent for a moment before asking, How do you know so much about me brother Xu?

Xu Changji laughed. Dont worry, I know a lot about you because youre too famous in North Far State. Youre the pill concoction hall of fame number one and created the spirit weaving pill, old man Kong favors you as well. News of what you did in the herb plain spread out. Only a madman like you would form your golden core during a battle. After you came out, you killed Ghost Immortal Sects Ji Zhiyuan. I went to Pei Hai city to look for you after Shan Di qian bei said you were there. Ive long admired a genius like you, but youd already left Pei Hai city. Its really fate that we could meet here.

He paused and said, You probably dont know what happened after you left. Many big sects went to Pei Hai to find you hoping you would join them, but unfortunately, they didnt find you just like me.

Hearing this Ye Mo immediately asked, Brother Xu, how is my Pei Hai Mo Yue doing?

Xu Changji smiled, You dont need to worry, Mo Yue is very well. After you became famous, many of your friends went to join Mo Yue. Ghost Immortal Sect and that Pill Tower wanted to start trouble there, but Wang Yue sect intervened and the two powers didnt even dare to say anything. I still have a letter for you here. Before I left Pei Hai, your wife and sister told me to give it to you if I met you.

Then, Xu Changji passed a letter to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo read the letter and felt warm.

Song Yangzhu, Ye Ling, Su Jingwen and them all sent their messages telling Ye Mo they were fine and not to worry about them. They also mentioned that Xu Changji helped Ye Mo a lot.

Xu Changji wasnt familiar with Ye Mo, but he helped Ye Mo clearly because he liked what Ye Mo did.

Ye Mo felt his heart rest easy and put the letter down. He thanked Xu Changji again, Thanks a lot brother Xu!

Xu Changji waved his hand and smiled. I dont have that many people to think about, Im very free. Brother Ye Mo, you probably came to this city for the Truth Fall Palace right?

Yes, I want to go see too, the opportunity is rare. I only got an opportunity by chance. Ye Mo nodded.

Xu Changji fell silent for a moment and said, Brother Ye, you know why I came here. My cultivation method is very special and I cant change to another cultivation method. So if you go to the Truth Fall Palace, can you help me see if you can find the latter half of the cultivation method?

After Xu Changji brought him the family letter, Ye Mo was already planning to help. He just didnt know what Xu Changjis cultivation method was. Now that he said this, Ye Mo felt he didnt need to hide anything. He got up and said, Brother Xu might not believe me, but if I have a general look at a cultivation method, I can perfect it myself. I did this for my own cultivation method.

Looking at Xu Changjis shocked eyes, Ye Mo continued, If brother Xu trusts me, you can show me your cultivation method, I might be able to help.

Ye Mo wanted to help Xu Changji, but if he wasnt willing to take out his cultivation method, then never mind.

Xu Changji finally woke up from the shock of Ye Mos words, if he didnt know who Ye Mo was, he wouldve thought Ye Mo was at least truth realisation state or even an immortal.

After a long while, Xu Changji breathed, No wonder brother Ye can dominate cultivators of the same level in North Far State. You have such overpowered capabilities. Thank you, but my cultivation method is different from others. Its not that Im not willing to show you, but if you cant find the latter part, its indeed unable to be completed.

Ye Mo smiled and didnt speak. If Xu Changji wasnt willing to take it out, he wasnt going to offer a second time. They had a good impression of each other but after all, theyd been together for too short a time.

Just when Ye Mo thought Xu Changji wasnt going to take it out, Xu Changji brought out a cloth made from unknown materials and placed it in front Ye Mo. This is the cultivation method I got, have a look. Its not something that substantial.

Usually, cultivation methods were inscribed in jade slips, Ye Mo rarely saw ones recorded on cloth. It was a clearly an ancient cultivation method.

Ye Mo nodded and just read the beginning before looking at Xu Changji in shock. Blue River Spirit Chant, your cultivation method is a spirit cultivation method?

Xu Changji smiled bitterly and nodded. Yes, when I got this cultivation method, there was also this sword, Blue River Spirit Sword. The words Blue River Emperor were on the sword hilt.

Ye Mo soon found that this cultivation method was much faster than even ordinary heaven grade cultivation methods. Many cultivation essence routes and meridians were similar to his Three Birth Chant, but there were some places that needed to be perfected.

Xu Changji saw Ye Mo study the cloth intently and didnt say anything.

After a while, Ye Mo wrapped up the cloth and gave it back to Xu Changji. Brother Xu Ive read it. It has definitely surpassed a heaven grade cultivation method. I dont dare to guess what level its at, but Im sure that even if there was a latter half to this, its not on Luo Yue. Continent. It might be from another realm. I think it would be very hard to find the latter half of this cultivation method.

Xu Changji didnt seem too disappointed with Ye Mos words and just sighed. How can I not realize that, but I find that I cant change to other cultivation method. Its very different than other cultivation methods…

Ye Mo smiled and interrupted, Brother Xu, if you want to cultivate another cultivation method, I have a way. This cultivation method is just unique in the cultivation essence you cultivate, this can be solved.

Huh… Xu Changji got up immediately and asked desperately, Brother Xu, you have a way for me to change to another cultivation method?

Ye Mo smiled. Of course, but I can also keep perfecting your Blue River Spirit Chant slowly, it just depends on which on you choose.

You can really complete it? Xu Changji grabbed Ye Mos hand in excitement. If the Blue River Spirit Chant could be perfected, why would he choose another cultivation method?

Ye Mo nodded. If brother Xu trusts me, then I can. But right now Im only nascent soul state level three, I can only perfect it to the hollow spirit state tertiary stage. The cultivation method afterwards will need to wait until after my power increases before I can finish it.

I trust you of course, Xu Changji said without hesitation. If this cultivation method wasnt completed, he would be stuck in nascent soul state forever.

Regardless of whether Ye Mo suceeded or not, he would try it. Plus, he liked the way Ye Mo did things and had investigated him, he knew what sort of person Ye Mo was. He wouldnt lie. Despite what Ye Mo said sounding absurd, he was subconsciously willing to believe it was true.

Brother Ye, if you can help me perfect the Blue River Spirit Chant, my life is yours, Xu Changji got up and said seriously. If Ye Mo could perfect it, Ye Mo was akin to his master.

No brother Ye, if you perfect it, youre like my master. If its not that I really want to be friends with you, I would worship you as my master, Xu Changji said genuinely.

Ye Mo immediately understood and said, In that case, Ill take you in as a disciple…

Xu Changji dazed, thinking, I didnt say I was going to worship you as a master.

Ye Mo laughed and patted Xu Changjis shoulder. My master is called Three Birth, Ill take you in as a disciple for my master, how about it, martial brother Xu?

Xu Changji immediately understood what Ye Mo meant and said happily, Very well, martial brother Ye, haha, great…

Xu Changji didnt know which master this Three Birth was, but clearly he was no ordinary person to be able to teach a disciple like Ye Mo.

After talking for half a day, Xu Changji said he would go to Mo Yue City in South Peace State while he waited for Ye Mo to come out from the Truth Fall Palace. He wouldnt need to roam around everywhere.

Ling Xiaoshuang was very unsatisfied however. He wanted to teach Ning Xiaoma a lesson, but that guy stayed with Xu Changji and hadnt been out for an entire day. What were they talking about?

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