Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1037

Ye Mo just informed You Shanping and Ge Lian and moved to Xu Changji’s place. After his ordinary cultivation, he would help Xu Changji perfect his cultivation method and discuss cultivation experience. Although he really wanted to buy an armor cultivation artifact, he feared being recognized by the Lightning Cloud Sect so he didn’t dare to go out.
Three months swung by and when Xu Changji got his perfected to hollow spirit state Blue River Spirit Chant, his joy was inexpressible. Although he didn’t know how well it was perfected and if it would be worse than it originally was, it was so much better than having no cultivation method.
Although it was Ye Mo’s first time seeing the spirit cultivation method, it was all the same to him. The cultivation method might be a higher level, but it was still encompassed under the cultivation theory described by the Three Birth Chant.
“Martial brother, I’m going to find a place to reach hollow spirit state, I won’t wait for you. But be careful of that Wu Yu. He seems magnanimous but is actually a vengeful spirit. He will be going to the Truth Fall Palace for sure, be wary of him.” Xu Changji got his new cultivation method and couldn’t wait to try it out.
He hadn’t been able to cultivate for almost 100 years.
Ye Mo smiled, “Martial brother, don’t worry, you can wait for me at Mo Yue City after your divine damnation.”
As for Wu Yu, it was just as he said: Wu Yu had better pray he didn’t meet him again. If he saw Wu Yu when there was no one around, he would become the next Tian Aofeng.
After sending off Xu Changji, there were ten days before Truth Fall Palace opened. Ye Mo eventually couldn’t resist going out. He didn’t believe he could be that unlucky. It had been three months since that event, he didn’t believe he would meet that nosy Ling Xiaoshuang.
Every time he thought about that divine damnation, he still felt some fear. He had to buy another set of armor. A good set of armor could save his life.

Yu Yang Artefact store, it wasn’t a very big artifact store, not even second grade, but Ye Mo came here especially.
Xu Changji had introduced it to him, he told him that the place didn’t have top grade cultivation artifacts, but the quality of items were very good because the owner Yu Yang was a level nine forgery great master and could cultivate extreme grade spirit artifacts. If he was lucky, even half cultivation artifacts and occasionally low grade cultivation artifacts would be produced.
His quality was better than others of the same level. However, it was more expensive than many other places. Only loyal customers would come here.
As soon as Ye Mo left, he felt someone following him. He immediately thought of Wu Yu and sneered. He was planning to take this guy out at the Truth Fall Palace, but since he couldn’t wait, then it wasn’t Ye Mo’s fault.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo chose a deserted place to go. He didn’t even scan his spirit sense out in case his stalker noticed.
Truth Fall Palace was prosperous and bustling, but most of the people were gathered at the market or the dao discussion stage.
15 minutes passed and Ye Mo arrived at the most deserted corner of the city. He stopped and scanned his spirit sense out. Coming to this point, clearly the person behind him already knew that he was caught.
“It’s you?” Ye Mo looked on in shock as he saw Dongfang Nana.
Dongfang Nana didn’t seem scared and worried like last time. She caught up quickly. Ye Mo realized that Dongfang Nana wasn’t trying to follow him but wanted to see him instead.
Dongfang Nana walked up to Ye Mo quickly and knelt down sobbing.
Ye Mo frowned. To be honest, he didn’t have a good impression of Dongfang Nana at all.
“Big brother, I owe Zifeng, kill me!” Dongfang Nana wiped her tears and wept.
Ye Mo’s face changed, he didn’t even ask how Dongfang Nana recognized him and questioned her harshly, “What happened to Zifeng? Speak!”
Dongfang Nana sniffed, “I lived with Zifeng in Canada when the portal opened to the small world, many peoplewent there. I couldn’t endure living a peaceful life so I persuaded Zifeng to take me to the Duan Heng ranges too”
“Zifeng is also in South Peace State?” Ye Mo was shook. Ye Zifeng had no spirit root. It would be a living hell for him here. He wouldn’t even be able to survive, Dongfang Nana’s dan tian was destroyed too. Why did the two even come?
Dongfang Nana nodded and continued calmly, “When I came to the small world, we followed many people to Xin Jia Mountain and came to the South Peace State. Coming here, we realized this was a cultivation world and there was no way back. Zifeng wanted to look for you but we didn’t know anyone here. We didn’t know where to start.”
“Just tell me where he is!” Ye Mo glared coldly at her. If this woman dared to lie, he would kill her immediately.
Dongfang Nana said pitifully, “I don’t know, when I came here with Zifeng, we were barely surviving in a small city. Then we heard a big sect was taking in disciples. Zifeng and I went to check our spirit roots. Zifeng had no spirit root but I was a pure wood spirit root.”
No wonder she cultivated so fast, Ye Mo didn’t expect this woman to have such good talent. Clearly, the 7-star sect Eternity Sea saw this and wasn’t going to let her go. They were going to train her as a core disciple.
Dongfang Nana continued, “That sect was Eternity Sea, the person responsible for taking in discples saw that I was pure wood spirit root and was very happy. But when they saw that my dan tian was shattered they were very disappointed.”
Ye Mo sneered, “But then did they find that you’ve never cultivated before so your dan tian could be recovered?”
Once someone had begun cultivation, a shattered dan tian was very hard to repair, but for those who hadn’t cultivated, it was troublesome but not impossible. Ye Mo didn’t damage it too much on account of Ye Zifeng.
Dongfang Nana nodded in horror. “Yes, they recovered my dan tian and are going to take me to Eternity Mountain.”
Then Dongfang Nana began sobbing again. After a while she said, “Zifeng was very happy for me after knowing I was chosen. I said I must go to Eternity Sea with him. He agreed, but the second day when we were planning to leave, Zifeng disappeared”
Ye Mo interrupted, “Was Zifeng killed by those Eternity Sea bastards? If you dare to lie a single word, I’m going to kill you even if Zifeng wants to protect you.”
Dongfang Nana sniffed and didn’t seem to hear his words at all. “I don’t know, but before he left, he left a letter for me. He said he can’t stop following my dream, he will go find you”
Dongfang Nana took out a letter and gave it to Ye Mo.
Ye Mo opened it and saw it was indeed Zifeng’s handwriting. He had written, “Nana, sorry, forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye. I know that after you realized there was cultivation in this world, your greatest hope is to cultivate. Cultivators have endless life, but I’m useless. I can only follow you and let you watch me die. I can’t stop your pursuit of cultivation. I can’t let a woman sustain me. I’m going to go find my big brother, perhaps he has a way of letting me cultivate. Sorry, I’m going. If I can cultivate, the first thing I will do is come see you. Take care, Zifeng.”
Ye Mo knew that this letter was something Ye Zifeng would write. Ye Zifeng looked amicable, but he had his pride.
If Ye Zifeng followed Dongfang Nana, it would indeed be dragging her behind. Would the Heartless Sea let Ye Zifeng hinder a genius disicple’s cultivation?
Ye Mo wasn’t sure if Ye Zifeng’s departure was related to the Eternity Sea, but they were very suspicious. He would only know for sure once he saw Ye Zifeng.
Ye Mo wasn’t too worried about Ye Zifeng leaving alone, but more worried whether Eternity Sea would kill him.

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Dongfang Nana just kept sobbing and didn’t even look up.
“Are you from the Dongfang family?” Ye Mo suddenly asked.
He asked now because he knew she was from there. With their feud, he would need to be more careful.

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