Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1038

“No, my full name is Cheng Nana. When Dongfang Wang invited me to join the Dongfang family, I was indeed wholeheartedly helping him do things. I thought the future Dongfang Wang painted was real, even when I was with Zifeng I had ulterior motives.”
Dongfang Nana seemed to know Ye Mo detested her a lot and she didn’t dare to look up at Ye Mo. She just said quietly, “When Zifeng saved me and took me from Luo Yue, I realized what Zifeng meant to me. I did a lot of things in Luo Yue and Zifeng knew some of them, but he never blamed me. Without him, I have nothing, I, I”
Ye Mo sighed. Zifeng valued relationships a lot, just like him, but he could tell what was right and wrong. Zifeng’s love for Cheng Nana was really something else. He clearly knew she was wrong but he still let her do what she wanted.
But Ye Mo could feel that Cheng Nana wasn’t lying. His senses had always been accurate. It seemed that Cheng Nana was genuine to Zifeng now.
Ye Mo asked after a moment, “How did you recognize me?”
He had changed his appearance and chi, Cheng Nana had only seen him once and her power was very low at the time. How could she recognize him?
Dongfang Nana said, “The moment you pulled me, I saw the fury and pain in your eyes. You looked at Zifeng and I the same way at Luo Yue city. I would never forget those eyes, I immediately knew it was big brother”
So that was it. Dongfang Nana was Zifeng’s wife, but she followed behind a nascent soul state cultivator like she was his girl. Zifeng was gone too, how could Ye Mo not be furious and disappointed?
Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t speak, Dongfang Nana suddenly said, “Big brother, I want to leave Eternity Sea Sect and look for Zifeng with you.”
Ye Mo shook his head. “With my current power, I can’t take you away. Just stay at Eternity Sea Sect for now. You’re a core disciple, no one dares to do anything to you. And, I hope what you said just now was all true.”
“Yes.” Cheng Nana’s eyes flashed with a sliver of disappointment. She knew Ye Mo was speaking the truth.
Suddenly, as though to explain something, she said, “That day I went with Wu Yu to the spirit rest tower because my martial sister wanted to drink the snow fur tea from there. I was helping her buy it and Wu Yu wanted to come along no matter what.”
“I know, I’m going to the Truth Fall Palace, stay at Eternity Sea Sect and cultivate. Regardless whether I can find Zifeng or not, I will come tell you. Tell me first, which city did you and Zifeng separate in?” Ye Mo asked. Zifeng was a mortal, he shouldn’t have gone too far.
“Mhm,” Cheng Nana agreed. “That city is called Shu Qiao city. I asked the Eternity Sea Sect’s people to look for him but they said they didn’t find him. I believed them, but now that I think about it, they probably lied to me.”
She didn’t know about spirit sense at the time, but after she cultivated and learned about spirit sense, she knew how easy it would be for a cultivator to find an ordinary person.
“Take this, if anything comes up, message me.” Ye Mo gave his flying sword messenger to Cheng Nana.
He didn’t leave a communication bead because South Peace State was too big, who knew where he would be?
Cheng Nana took the flying sword and hesitated before saying, “Big brother, you need to be careful of that Wu Yu. He said he would kill you in the Truth Fall Palace”
Ye Mo waved his hand. “Don’t worry about that, if I was so easily killed I wouldn’t be standing here today. Go back first, don’t let anyone know that you know me.”
Although Ye Mo’s instincts told him that Cheng Nana didn’t lie, this was the cultivation realm – anything could happen. It was better to be careful.
If he had to compare, he would trust Xu Changji more than Cheng Nana.
“How dare you, you shameless thing!” a crisp voice sounded out and a sword ray flew towards Ye Mo.
Ye Mo waved up a cultivation essence wall and blocked it. He then stared at the person and said, “Did I offend you? Why did you suddenly attack me?”
He knew that sword ray was a casual attack so he blocked it casually too. But he cursed his luck, he was scared of meeting Ling Xiaoshuang the most in this city because only she could guess that he killed Tian Aofeng. But every time he came out, he always saw her.
Ling Xiaoshuang stared at Ye Mo in fury and then at Cheng Nana. “You’re a shameless person indeed! Three months ago you assaulted this girl, and now three months later, you’ve tricked her here to assault her. You’re a disgrace to the cultivation realm. Last time martial brother Wu didn’t kill you, but I will kill you now.”
Then, Ling Xiaoshuang’s power increased and her flying sword began to emit a bleak killing intent.
Ye Mo sneered. “With which eye did you see me assault her? Plus, if it was you, even if you let me assault you, I wouldn’t be bothered.”
Ling Xiaoshuang just wanted to say, ‘There are still tears on Cheng Nana’s face, I’m not blind, how can I not see?’ But after hearing Ye Mo’s words, she increased her power even more and couldn’t be bothered to talk.
Cheng Nana quickly stopped Ling Xiaoshuang and said, “Martial sister, thank you but I think you’ve misunderstood. Big brother Ning didn’t assault me, he’s just discussing some things with me.”
Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t expect that the woman Ye Mo was assaulting would speak up for him. She was dazed and forgot to attack.
Ling Xiaoshuang could clearly see that Cheng Nana wasn’t being controlled, so she couldn’t understand it even more. Her killing intent dissipated, and after a long while, she said angrily, “Shameless!”
Then she turned and left.
Ye Mo tried to avoid contact with this woman, but this didn’t mean that Cheng Nana didn’t want to talk back. She didn’t feel comfortable being called shameless so she rebutted, “You’re shameless!”
Ling Xiaoshuang heard this and was furious. She was the second beauty of South Peace State ten beauties. Countless people admired her, this was the first time she was called shameless.
But thinking that she cursed first, she only sneered and left.
Ye Mo breathed easy seeing that Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t stay.
Ye Mo let Cheng Nana go first and then he went back to Yu Yang artifact tower.

Ye Mo thought that the shop would be empty, but after coming here he realized how wrong he was.
The location was distant and the place wasn’t big, only about 40 square meters, but there were four chairs meaning that the place could only accommodate four customers at most. Each chair had a small square table in front of it.
Ye Mo was surprised to find that there were already three people inside when he arrived.

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The three cultivators scanned him casually with their spirit sense and didn’t mind. They just looked down while sitting on their seats as though waiting for something.

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