Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1039

There only seemed to be these three cultivators in the shop.
Ye Mo studied the place, there were just a few spirit artifacts placed on a wooden rack. There was nothing covering it and a layer of dust on it.
There seemed to be another room inside, but it was blocked by a formation so Ye Mo’s spirit sense couldn’t reach it.
If Xu Jichang didn’t recommend this place, he really wouldn’t believe there was a forgery great master here, and a level nine one at that. How could this place even be called an artifact shop?
“May I ask if master Yu Yang is here?” Ye Mo could only ask the cultivator sitting on the side, seeing he couldn’t find anyone from the shop here.
The cultivator sneered and didn’t even look at Ye Mo, much less answer him. The two people on the side didn’t even change their expressions.
Ye Mo was speechless, these three really had an attitude. The weakest of them was nascent soul state level four, the highest was nascent soul state level seven. Any of them had higher power level than him.
Ye Mo could only go sit on that empty chair.
The three saw that Ye Mo sat down and looked a little surprised, but didn’t say anything.
Ye Mo knew what they were surprised about. In the cultivation realm, a small difference in power was actually a huge gap. Ye Mo was nascent soul state primary stage but these three were middle stage or tertiary stage. Ye Mo was the weakest here and had no right to talk. The three ignored Ye Mo, clearly not welcoming him here, yet Ye Mo still sat down.
Before long, another customer came. It was another nascent soul state cultivator, a female who was only nascent soul state level one.
However, this woman immediately caught the attention of the other three.
She was a very beautiful female cultivator. Her body formed perfect curves at the door and she emitted a feminine vibe all over her. However, her face was very cold.
Even Ye Mo admitted that this woman was quite attractive. She was on par with Ling Xiaoshuang and seemed to emit a unique attraction to men that would draw their attention to her.
Her eyebrows slanted upwards. Clearly, she had her own opinions and was a very confident woman.
Ye Mo took back his gaze. This woman was very beautiful, but to him, it was just that. Both Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were better than her.
The woman saw that there were no more seats so she just stood in the room and didn’t speak.
Ye Mo took no initiative to give his seat over to her. He felt the cultivation essence waves, there was a strong fire element presence, meaning that Yu Yang was still forging.
But someone else got up, it was that nascent soul state level five cultivator. He stepped out and saluted with his fists to the woman, “Martial sister Wen, I’m Tian Xian sect’s Ji Chuanxue, you can sit at my place.”
The female cultivator glanced coldly at Ji Chuanxue but stood there without moving. Ji Chuanxue felt awkward but laughed at himself before sitting back down.
Ye Mo felt it odd – this woman was only nascent soul state level one and that Ji Chuanxue was nascent soul state level five and from a 7-star sect. How could someone like him be so easy to talk to?
But soon, Ye Mo realized what was going on. If Ji Chuanxue sucked up to the woman just because she was pretty, he would have kept talking. But that woman ignored him and he didn’t dare to get angry; clearly, the woman had a higher status than him.
Female cultivators with the last name Wen and a higher status than Ji Chuanxue, a nascent soul state level one with this level of beauty. Without a doubt, she was Wen Caiyi.
Ye Mo had a good impression of her at first, but when he realized this woman was Wen Caiyi, he immediately felt disgust towards her. She had challenged Luo Ying. What he didn’t expect was that a 9-star sect core disciple would come to this shop to buy something.
Soon,the restriction was lifted and heat burst out from inside the room. A skinny, black man walked out, bringing the scorching heat with him.
He was as skinny as a bamboo stick.
The man walked out and the three nascent soul state cultivators sitting next to Ye Mo got up and saluted with their fists, “Master Yu!”
Wen Caiyi called out, “Yu qian bei!”
Ye Mo realized this man was Yu Yang, his power was nascent soul state level nine, barely a qian bei.
Yu Yang didn’t speak. He walked to that counter and sat down before saying slowly, “This is the last business for this year. The items are not bad: extreme grade attack spirit artifact Black Rock Sword with a price of 1.15 million top grade spirit stones, half cultivation artifact Golden Net worth 1.9 million top grade spirit stones, and half cultivation artifact armor 9 Flavours, costing 2.9 million top grade spirit stones.”
Then, Yu Yang looked at the five and said, “The highest bidder gets it. If you have good material, you can use that in your bid.”
Ye Mo realized why Xu Changji said this place was more expensive. Not only was the base price marked higher than other shops, but this guy also got bidders to come.
No wonder the other three didn’t like it when he came.
Luckily Ye Mo made it on time today,this was Yu Yang’s last business for the year. The other four clearly already knew about the rules and dates. Xu Changji got this news from somewhere else, so it wasn’t very accurate.
“We understand, these are old rules,” Ji Chuanxue smiled and said. “We’re quite lucky this time, there’re two half cultivation artifacts and one extreme grade spirit artifact. That’s close to a half cultivation artefact as well. Good things, good things.”
“I’ll take 9 flavors.” Ye Mo liked that half cultivation artifact.
“Insolence! A mere nascent soul state primary stage cultivator dares to take it!” Ji Chuanxue sneered.
Wen Caiyi heard this and sneered. Ji Chuanxue just realized that Wen Caiyi was also nascent soul state primary stage. He started to sweat and smiled apologetically, “Martial sister Wen, I wasn’t talking about you, you’re the core disciple of a 9-star sect, you’re not someone ordinary people can compare with.”
Ye Mo looked at Ji Chuanxue in contempt and said, “If you lower your head just a little more, it’ll be on the ground. Plus, master Yu said that the highest bidder gets it. Is there a problem with me taking it? If you have a problem, then bid.”

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Wen Caiyi didn’t expect Ye Mo would dare to disrespect a 7-star sect’s core disciple, but she immediately realized that Ye Mo was missing a screw or two.
Ji Chuanxue heard Ye Mo’s scorn and wanted to rage, but remembering that this place was Yu Yang artifact tower, his fury dissipated. He just listed Ye Mo as someone he must kill. He said coldly, “3.1 million.”
“3.5 million.” What everyone didn’t expect was that Wen Caiyi placed a bid even before Ye Mo.

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