Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Kulu

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy / Tehrn
The woman hadnt realized that Ye Mo had scanned her bag with his spirit sense, but other than a few simple girls items, there were only a few bags of biscuits and these two bags of water. The other one only had a bit more than a half. Regardless of who this woman was, Ye Mo felt respect for her for the fact that she could give more than half of her water to a stranger.

He was a cultivator, so with these 10 mouthfuls of water, he should be able to find his bag after asking for directions from this woman. He didnt want to endanger that womans life because of the water since no matter how strong she could be, she wasnt a cultivator that could use Chi to recover. Without water, she may be worse off than him.

Seeing that this woman looked at him without speaking, Ye Mo just felt a little confused and wondered if this woman was mute which would be too unfortunate. How could such a stunning woman be mute?

I just lost my bag, can you tell me how to head to the center of Luo Bu Lake, seeing that this woman didnt talk, Ye Mo could only explain himself.

The woman took out a small round disk and looked at it before suddenly pointing a direction. Then, she turned and left; however, she didnt take back the food and water Ye Mo tried to pass back. From the moment this woman had saved Ye Mo and gave him directions, she hadnt said one word, so he wasnt sure if she didnt want to talk or couldnt.

Seeing the woman disappearing, Ye Mo felt like he had lost something. He had seen a lot of beautiful women: Ning Qingxue, Chi Wanqing, Su Jingwen, even Yun Bing was very beautiful, but he had never seen someone like this woman who made him lose a part of his soul.

Ye Mo followed the direction she pointed and sprinted over. He didnt expect to find that place in less than half a day. The place that he had looked so hard for a few days was so actually close... Ye Mo was speechless.

However, when Ye Mo came back to his resting place, he realized that his bag had disappeared. People had come here these few days, and Ye Mo saw some of their messy footprints and immediately knew his things were taken.

He followed the footprints and just walked 100-200 meters before finding two utility cars behind a dune, and four Caucasians were sitting under a tree, eating.

His bag was tossed aside, and one of them was looking at Ye Mos porcelain bottle which contained his pills inside.

Ye Mo walked over and packed his bag, but the model Wen Dong gave to him was missing. Ye Mo immediately scanned with his spirit sense and found it lying inside one of the cars, covered in a box. It seemed these people also knew that it was worth quite a lot.

Seeing Ye Mo pick the bag up, one of the men immediately came and spoke for a long time. Ye Mo had learned some simple English in Ning Hai University so he could understand, but he couldnt be bothered to respond. These people took his things and asked why he was taking it back.

Who are you? This bag is ours! Why are you taking it? that man holding the bottle reproached aggressively toward Ye Mo. He actually spoke fluent Chinese.

Ye Mo immediately grabbed the bottle from his hand and put it back in his bag. He sneered, Yours? I left it 200 meters over there, how is it yours?

This foreigner was still going to speak, but the person next to him stopped him and spoke in English, Mac, since this bag is his, let him take it. We dont lose anything.

Then, he signaled, and this man called Mac immediately stopped.

Ye Mo knew what they were thinking, but why would he let them do as they wish? Wen Dong gave that model to him. Although he didnt have any use for it, he didnt want to leave it to a few bad looking people.

Originally, these few people didnt think Ye Mo had noticed his model was gone, but they saw Ye Mo walk straight toward one of the cars and opened the case containing the model. He took out the model and the information before dumping it on the ground.

How did he know it was in the car? These few foreigners were still thinking when Ye Mo had already stashed the things inside.

The four men reacted and immediately stopped Ye Mo.

Solving things the hard way? Ye Mo sneered and used a swirling wind kick and sent the foreigners flying out meters away. Then he looked bleakly at them If you dare to come again, I wont go easy anymore.

The four looked at each other and watched as Ye Mo just walk out of there. They didnt dare to speak anymore.

Although Ye Mo thought it would be best to kill these four, he thought it would be overreacting for killing these people when they just took a bag in the middle of nowhere. However, when Ye Mo didnt walk far, he suddenly remembered something and walked back once again.

You, what do you want? We already gave it back to you, the man who could speak Chinese asked worriedly.

Ye Mo ignored him and just took a map of the desert from the car. He didnt have one so with this, he would be able to find a way back even if he ended up being lost again. He looked at the GPS that seemed to be charging in the car. Ye Mo pulled it off, but it was immediately out of power. He thought and chucked it back. Then he took another foldable backup tent and ten bottles of water into his bag.

Seeing Ye Mo just take those, those few men felt relieved. But then, something that made them worry happened again. Ye Mo actually took some silver pieces in the car.

What took Ye Mos attention wasnt their worth, but because it had the Tibetan character door. Could the letter before it be holy?

Ye Mo knew these foreigners came to the Taklimakan to make a fortune. They were looking for these artifacts. The relevant departments wouldnt even care if they took it. Ye Mo couldnt be bothered with these things, but with that character, Ye Mo immediately took it seriously.

Seeing Ye Mo just take one piece and left the other things untouched. These few foreigners felt relieved once again. The piece didnt worth much.

Where did you find this silver piece? Ye Mo waved it in front of the foreigners and asked.

The foreigners looked at each other but didnt talk.

Ye Mo sneered and spoke once again, If you dont want to speak fine, but I see there are a lot of good things on your car. I dont mind driving your car away. Oh, by the way, I could make a fire with the remaining car.

As soon as Ye Mo spoke, the man who could speak Chinese immediately said, I know hearing these words, Ye Mo threw the map over and said, Show me the location on this map, if there is the slightest difference with mine, Ill make sure you wont leave the desert.

Its already marked on the map, the man spoke quickly.

Ye Mo opened the map and indeed saw a place marked with a few English words. Before Ye Mo asked what it meant, the man explained, We found the silver pieces there because we had found a stone tablet marked with Kulu, so we called that place Kulu, the man didnt seem like he was lying, so Ye Mo took the map and didnt bother with these few people. He took out his simple map and compared. He made the surprising discovery that this Kulu was the exactly same place marked in his goatskin map.

Kulu was probably what he was looking for. Ye Mo suppressed the joy in his heart thinking whether this Kulu was the Ku Lake or not.

Ye Mo needed to get there quickly, and the map he took from the foreigners were much more precise than his map. Everything was marked clearly on the map.

Seeing Ye Mo didnt take their car, they finally felt relieved. Chinas kungfu was too magical... That man just kicked, and they all flew.

Ye Mo believed that these guys were preparing to go back. They didnt have much equipment on their car. Since he had a map and simple navigation equipment, he would be much faster than a car in the desert. After all, there were many places a car couldnt go.

Although he had a map and the precise location, Ye Mo wasnt in a rush. He knew he couldnt be hasty if he wanted to find that place, and he needed to keep his calm. He thought about what happened a few nights before and knew that the black shadow that attacked him was definitely a type of animal in the desert. As for why he would lose his way, he still couldnt understand.

But one thing was for sure, he hit his nails.

Thinking about the disappearing shadow and fire marks as well as the whirlpool that almost made him lose his life, Ye Mo connected these things together. He wondered if the place he had sat before was also gradually falling and that caused the marks to disappear?

However, thinking that he was sitting at a place where sand fell down, no matter how strong Ye Mos heart was, cold sweat slowly fell down his spine. He then thought about the goddess-like woman who saved him. Who was she?

In order to conserve his stamina, Ye Mo didnt run, he chose to walk during the day and rest at night. Ever since he had met the whirlpool that day, Ye Mo was very cautious. When he rested, he would make sure he found a good place.

On the 3rd night after acquiring the map, Ye Mo stopped at a wall that had been ruined by the sand. He was preparing to rest here for the night before continuing.
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