Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1040

 Chapter 1040: Power of the Heaven Flame

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That nascent soul state cultivator went from the south door to the north door, but Ye Mo followed him without lagging behind at all. If it wasn’t that he was choosing the path, he would suspect again whether Ye Mo had someone to help him.

When that cultivator left the north door, he went even faster. When he saw that Ye Mo had no intentions of escaping, he felt a little unsafe.

When the two were nearly 20,000 kilometers from the city, the nascent soul state cultivator stopped. He was sure now that Ye Mo didn’t fear him at all.

Although he didn’t know why a nascent soul state level three wasn’t scared of him, he didn’t want to drag it on anymore.

As soon as he stopped, he took out a blood red sword without talking. As he spun around, the red sword brought about countless white demonic chi that swept over at Ye Mo. He was planning to kill Ye Mo as quickly as he could, no matter what schemes Ye Mo had.

A demonic cultivator? Ye Mo released Zi Xu, also bringing about purple sword rays.

Before the demonic chi even reached Ye Mo, there were light cracking sounds.

It was corrosive demonic chi! Ye Mo didn’t expect that this ordinary looking demonic cultivator cultivated corrosive demonic chi.

Even if Ye Mo could block this chi, he wouldn’t dare to let it touch him. Who knew how painful it was?

Ye Mo didn’t dare to hesitate at all now. Zi Xu was releasing a more and more powerful chi as more and more purple sword rays were released, forming a defensive formation.

This was the first time Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud formation kill strike with a defence formation. Ye Mo’s cultivation essence was powerful and as his sword rays grew, that demonic chi was completely blocked out by the sword ray formation.

The nascent soul state cultivator saw this and was dazed, but the next moment he was happy.

He didn’t think that Ye Mo was a mere nascent soul state level three yet was still so powerful. This meant that Ye Mo believed he could kill him so there would be no helpers. Ji Chuanxue was right, this was indeed an insolent guy.

Seeing how he sneered at Ji Chuanxue and didn’t even let Wen Caiyi have what she wanted, he thought Ye Mo had a big origin, but in the end, he was just an idiot. He had some power and looked down on everyone. This guy would be killed soon even if he didn’t kill him today.

Thinking about this, this nascent soul state didn’t have anymore concerns. A sharp howl sounded and the demonic chi started to rumble even more before pierced into Ye Mo’s formation immediately. A putrid smell pervaded the air.

“Punk, you want to block my Zero Life Demonic Mist with a mere sword ray formation?” The cultivator used more hand signs as he spoke and the mist got thicker.

This guy was definitely acting weak. Ye Mo knew his power, he was nascent soul state level three but he had 8 spirit roots and cultivated the supreme Three Birth Chant. Both his cultivation essence and spirit sense wasn’t something that ordinary cultivators could compare to. He was sure he could even kill the nascent soul state level eight Ge Lian easily.

But this cultivator was only nascent soul state level seven and his cultivation essence was so dense. This Zero Life Demonic Mist was too shocking. Ye Mo was sure that even Wu Yu wouldn’t have it easy if he met this guy.

The demonic chi grew more terrifying and his Illusion Cloud formation kill strike couldn’t stop it anymore.

If it was some other cultivator, Ye Mo would use purple eye soul sever and even shadowless,

but it wasn’t a good choice for this demonic cultivator. Even if he killed him, the demonic chi would still remain.

The demonic cultivator saw that Ye Mo didn’t have any means to resist and could only watch on as his Zero Life Demonic Mist invaded his surroundings. He sneered – a mere nascent soul state level three, his power was not bad but he had almost been scared of this cultivator.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and made sure that there was no one within a thousand kilometer radius here before dropping his hesitations. His power grew and the Illusion Cloud formation kill sword rays became denser.

“Pre death struggle…” the nascent soul state level seven sneered in contempt. “Die!”

Then, a bone chilling red ray suddenly exploded from the blood red sword and pierced out from the mist. This red ray seemed to even condense the air and charged straight at Ye Mo’s dan tian.

Ye Mo waved his hand and a red flame was released from his hand. At the same time, the red turned into a huge terrifying flame that expanded from Ye Mo.


There were only burnt smells in the air as the demonic mist had already been burnt to nothing.


Zi Xu and the blood sword clashed together heavily. Instantly, blood rays splashed everywhere. Meanwhile, Zi Xu formed countless whirlpools of sword chi.

The blood ray was intentionally spilt everywhere but had been burnt to nothing. Meanwhile, Ye Mo used this opportunity to use Illusion Cloud whirlpool strike.

The nascent soul state level seven didn’t expect that Ye Mo’s cultivation essence was no weaker than his, and even a little stronger. He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, and before the blood even landed on the ground, Ye Mo’s flame had already vaporized it. At the same time, the flame began to sweep towards the cultivator.

“My Zero Life Demonic Mist!”

The nascent soul state cultivator only barely took back his sword ray before Ye Mo’s terrifying flame completely enveloped him.

“You actually have a heaven flame, I…” the cultivator was swept away by the mist lotus heart fire before he could finish.

Before his death, he finally understood why Ye Mo wasn’t scared of him. Even with his power, he was killed easily. One could see that ordinary nascent soul state tertiary stage cultivators couldn’t even resist him. Yet, such a powerful nascent soul state cultivator was unheard of. But he couldn’t even regret anymore as his consciousness was annihilated by the heaven flame.

After Ye Mo killed this cultivator, he took the storage ring and turned to leave. After a while, he went back into the city through the south door. He didn’t even care about that blood sword.

Ye Mo knew that despite them fighting so far away from the city, the demonic mist was so powerful that there was no way powerful cultivators wouldn’t notice, so he went back to the city immediately.

At the same time, Ye Mo was very happy with his mist lotus heart fire. This made him want to create a battle technique for his heaven flame. Otherwise, no matter how powerful his heaven flame was, it might not be able to lock down the opponent if he was too strong. If the opponent also understood fire, it might be even harder.

15 minutes after Ye Mo left, two cultivators came. It was easy to see that they were countless times stronger than Ye Mo. One even frowned and looked at the direction Ye Mo left.

“Blood sword?” One cultivator picked it up and looked at it.

The other cultivator looked and nodded. “It has some history. 3000 years ago, it killed countless people in the hands of the blood demon Shi Lan. Recently, it fell in the hands of a solo cultivator called Lu Jianqiang. He’s also a murderous demon cultivator. Who killed him? It’s said that he’s very careful. Although he could kill people higher level than him, he never risks it, so how can he be killed?”

The first cultivator explained, “The blood sword has a name called Blue Butcher. But since it’s been left on the ground casually, it’s obvious that Lu Jianqiang has been killed. There are clear signs of battle here as well as traces of the Zero Life Demonic Mist. This means that the person who killed him has a similar power level.”

“In that case, why did that cultivator leave Blood Butcher here? It’s a top grade cultivation artifact, but it seemed to have lost its spirit,” the other cultivator said.

The first cultivator frowned and said carefully after a while, “Brother Mi, if I’m not wrong, there’re marks of heaven flame. Blood Butcher was destroyed by the heaven flame, that’s why it was dumped here.”

“What, heaven flame? There’s a cultivator with heaven flame?” The other cultivator was shocked by this news.

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