Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042: The Female Cultivator who Wants to Make a Deal with Ye Mo

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Ye Mo found a place to sit and started to close his eyes in meditation while hiding his chi.

It was after about 15 minutes that Ye Mo felt the ship shake. He scanned his spirit sense out but found that the ship had already gone into the sky and was getting faster and faster. Almost immediately, Truth Fall City disappeared from his spirit sense.

Many of the solo cultivators on the ship knew each other and started chatting with their friends. Some people started dealing pills and materials. There was hardly anyone cultivating here as this noisy place wasnt suited for it.

The golden core state cultivator who came with Ye Mo sat in a corner and didnt say anything.

Through their discussions, Ye Mo knew that the ship would take 6 days to reach Truth Fall Palace.

Ye Mo could tell by the speed of this ship that it was much faster than his flying ship. This speed was at least that of an extreme grade cultivation artifact, or even beyond a cultivation artifact.

The first day hadnt even passed and many cultivators started to go to the deck together. Because there were many genius cultivators this time, a lot of people wanted to go meet some geniuses, but more people wanted to see the market on the deck.

Ye Mo didnt have the mood to go up, he didnt want to show his face in front of anyone, much less go shopping with all those genius sect members.

However, although a lot of cultivators went to the deck, there were still a lot of cultivators in the hall. There were very few nascent soul state cultivators amongst solo cultivators. After all, most talented ones were taken by the big sects. There were more than ten nascent soul state level one or level two, and Ye Mo was the only nascent soul state level three.

Ye Mo found that he was the most powerful in this hall. Ye Mo suppressed his power to nascent soul state level one and showed it to be unstable, but even so, he still seemed to stand out from the crowd. He immediately wanted to show his power at golden core state peak stage.

This was becaus golden core state peak stage cultivators made up the biggest group here, even more than golden core state level nine. But Ye Mo didnt do this since there were already a few people who knew he was nascent soul state level one.

The cultivators who went to the market came back and the hall became noisy again.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and saw Wen Caiyi. She was walking towards him. Ye Mo felt strange when he first saw her, she acted like she was the most noble person in the world. People like her usually lived in the luxury rooms, how could she come to the solo cultivators hall?

Ye Mo didnt believe she would come look for him; firstly he had never revealed his chi, secondly she wouldnt know he was here.

There was a handsome youth next to Wen Caiyi, he was already nascent soul state level five and walked together with Wen Caiyi side by side. The two seemed a matching pair.

Regardless, Ye Mo still casually wiped his face and changed Stealth Sand to 9 Transformations.

Although not even cauldron filling state cultivators could see through Stealth Sand, it didnt change the appearance as completely as 9 Transformations.

Caiyi, dont worry. If we find that guy, I will make you happy, that male cultivator said.

Ye Mo heard this and sneered. It seemed he had guessed wrongly, this woman really might be here looking for him and even brought someone to help her. It was probably due to him slapping her face with 10 million spirit stones and her not wanting to let it go.

Martial brother Yuan…

Martial sister Wen…

As soon as the two came to the solo cultivator hall, many solo cultivators came up to greet them but they just nodded casually and started scanning the hall carefully with spirit stones.

Ye Mo knew that this martial brother Yuan was Yuan Guannan. He was indeed very handsome, but he thought, No matter how handsome you are, I dont mind you staying with Wen Caiyi, but if you try to hit on Susu, then dont blame me.

Wen Caiyi scanned her spirit sense in here again and again. She didnt even find a nascent soul state level three, much less that cultivator who slapped her face.

Not here? Yuan Guannan saw Wen Caiyi have a disappointed look.

Wen Caiyi nodded. Wen Caiyi continued, If a solo cultivator can reach nascent soul state level three, he would clearly be over 100 years old, how can he be here?

Thats true, Wen Caiyi agreed.

Ye Mos spirit sense was powerful and the two didnt hide their conversation, so Ye Mo heard this clearly.

After the two left, Ye Mo immediately took off 9 Transformations.

As soon as he did, a rather fat cultivator suddenly came up to Ye Mo and said, Qian bei, do you have some problem with Wen Caiyi?

This voice was coarse, but Ye Mo could tell it belonged to a female cultivator.

Ye Mo heard this and was shaken. His first reaction was to kill this cultivator.

Who are you? Ye Mo calmed down quickly and put up a sound restriction. He knew that if he dared to kill someone here, he would die a horrible death.

He stared at this female cultivator, waiting for her reply. She was very fat and her face was distorted. There were red marks and it looked very ugly. She was the ugliest woman Ye Mo had ever seen. Her power wasnt high, only golden core state level seven.

The female cultivator shook her head and said, Its not important who I am. I just want to make a deal with you. If youre willing Ill continue, if youre not then I wont say it. But qian bei, dont worry, regardless of whether youre willing or not, I wont tell that youre the person Wen Caiyi is looking for.

She explained, The reason I know youre the person Wen Caiyi is looking for because when they came in, you changed your mask magic artifact. I was watching you constantly. Ive been hiding myself as well, so I saw what you were doing immediately.

Ye Mo couldnt hear any lies from her words, so he frowned and said, Tell me about your deal, if I can do it then I will, if not then sorry.

The female cultivator nodded and thought for a brief moment before saying, I want to ask you to help me kill someone. This person will be going to the Truth Fall Palace for sure, he represents the 6-star sect Earth Demon Sect…

Ye Mo sneered and didnt reply. He had heard of the Earth Demon sect, he killed two from there at the herb plain. One was called Gu Yicheng and one Chai Kong. That Gu Yichengs Demonic Ray Soul Locking Net was indeed powerful. Ye Mo heard Guo Qifan say that it wasnt perfected or else it would be much stronger.

The female cultivator continued to say, Hes called Fu Rong…

Fu Rong? Ye Mo was shaken and almost asked about it. The female cultivator noticed Ye Mos sudden change in emotions. She continued, That demon tricked away my Cao Huan pill and destroyed my face. That isnt all, he and his father worked together to trick someones daughter away and killed the father. Hes evil, hes an animal…

Ye Mo heard this and his face went cold. He stared at this female cultivator and said, I dont think youre any good either. How did you get your Cao Huan pill? You probably got it through taking a few lives.

Ye Mo thought of Fu Rongs story about one pill killing two. That was a secret that Fu Rong knew because he was probably there. This female cultivator said this too probably because she was one of the women there.

But Ye Mo knew that if it was Fu Rong, then he wouldnt be going to the Truth Fall Palace for sure, since he knew Fu Rong was probably over 200 years old. Ye Mo didnt say this though, he wanted to know what this female cultivator wanted.

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