Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1043

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the woman’s calm face turned pale.
After a long while, the female cultivator calmed down and said, “That’s right, I’m also an evil woman. The thing I regret the most in my life was tricking big brother Wu for Fu Rong, this animal, killing him and his friend in such a manner. I was very dumb, I actually believed Fu Rong – that bastard! Other than Fu Rong and I, no one else knows about it. You know probably because Fu Rong told you.”
Then, she stared at Ye Mo and said, “If you’re his friend, then pretend I said nothing.”
Ye Mo smiled, “I know this person, but I’m not his friend. When he spoke of this, I wasn’t the only one there.”
The female cultivator continued, “When he tricked away the Cao Huan pill, he wanted to kill me, but due to an accident I managed to survive. However, I lost my face. I’ve been following him since then wanting to kill him, but he’s been very careful. Although I’ve used all my means on stealth, I still didn’t get a chance until one day”
The female cultivator continued with hateful eyes, “That day, he went with another woman to the deep sea in Heartless Sea. I knew I couldn’t kill him, but I still couldn’t resist following him, wanting to find a chance. What I didn’t expect was that animal said something to the woman and she seemed to have understood something. She cursed at him while the animal suddenly attacked her. He heavily wounded her. That woman ran into the Heartless Sea and I saved her.”
Ye Mo nodded, “Is that woman called Yu Niangyan?”
“How do you know?” the female cultivator stared at Ye Mo with a face full of shock. Fu Rong definitely wouldn’t tell anyone this. How could he know?
But she quickly nodded. “Yes, she’s Yu Niangyan. I tried to save her, but she didn’t survive. She was too heavily injured. She gave me her father’s heritage before she died”
Hearing this, Ye Mo’s eyes brightened. Yu Baisheng definitely left behind the bitter bamboo. Did this female cultivator want to do the deal with him using the bitter bamboo? This was impossible, right? That was so precious.
Seeing Ye Mo’s eyes brighten up, the female cultivator sighed. The person she found probably wasn’t any good. His face brightened up as soon as he heard about heritage. But she had no choice now.
Thinking about this, she said, “You probably know who her father is, it’s Yu Baisheng qian bei. If you can kill Fu Rong, I will give all of his things to you. There’re not only tens of millions of top grade spirit stones but also a few cultivation artifacts. There’s even a top grade cultivation artifact. The most precious thing is, there is a hollow meridian pill”
Ye Mo immediately became disappointed. The hollow meridian pill was precious, but Ye Mo was sure he could get the spirit herbs for it and concoct it himself. What he cared about the most was the bitter bamboo. Why didn’t she mention it?

The female cultivator looked at Ye Mo in shock and asked, “Is it not precious?” Then she said, “That’s right, the most precious is a hollow meridian pill.”
“Is there anything else?” Ye Mo asked, unsatisfied.
The female cultivator looked at Ye Mo strangely. A nascent soul state cultivator who didn’t care about the hollow meridian pill, this was too strange.
But she still said, “She did say that she has a family treasure. She didn’t tell me the name, but she said if I can meet the person who can get her revenge then tell that person where the treasure is. She just told me it was no less valuable than the hollow meridian pill.”
“Okay, I agree, I’ll kill Fu Rong. After I take his head, you will tell me where that thing is.”
Ye Mo was sure that it was the bitter bamboo. The hollow meridian pill was nothing compared to the bitter bamboo. 10000 hollow meridian pills couldn’t compare with the bitter bamboo – it was an ancient spirit item.
Plus, Ye Mo was going to go after Fu Rong anyways.
“Huh” the female cultivator didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this straightforward.
Ye Mo knew she was shocked and smiled. “I just want the location of that last item. As for the heritage of Yu Baisheng qian bei, I don’t need it, including the hollow meridian pill.”
“You don’t want the hollow meridian pill?” the female cultivatorlooked at Ye Mo in shock. She couldn’t understand how a hollow meridian pill was unattractive to a nascent soul state cultivator.
Ye Mo nodded. “That’s right, I don’t need the hollow meridian pill. Wait for me, after I kill Fu Rong at the Truth Fall Palace, I will come ask you.”
This female cultivator fell into a long silence before making sure Ye Mo was saying the truth. Then, she sighed, “I thought wrongly of you before, you’re a real sincere person.”
The woman took out a map and gave it to Ye Mo. “The thing is in the Truth Fall Palace, this is the map. Niangyan said that although the Yu family’s ancestor got it, they weren’t able to keep it alive so Yu Baisheng qian bei kept this in the Truth Fall Palace. Originally, I should only have shown you this after you killed Fu Rong, but if I do that, it would mean you would have to wait another 30 years after killing Fu Rong.
Ye Mo was very surprised. If the female cultivator didn’t show him the map, then he wouldn’t be able to get the bitter bamboo. The Truth Fall Palace only opened every 30 years. What if someone else found the bitter bamboo and took it?
Then, that would means he took the map but it wouldn’t do anything for him.
Seeing Ye Mo take the map, the female cultivator said, “I actually don’t have a right to go in the Truth Fall Palace, I came here to find someone to kill that animal. Since qian bei took the map, I hope you don’t go back on your words. If you can come out, I will be waiting for you inside Truth Fall City Square.”
Ye Mo smiled and said, “Do you think I’m someone to go back on my words? Don’t worry, even without this deal, I was going to kill Fu Rong. But there’s one question I need to ask you. According to what I know, Fu Rong doesn’t have the right to go in the Truth Fall Palace either, right? I hope you can explain this.”
Seeing Ye Mo stare at her, the female cultivator grit her teeth and said, “It’s because he and his father have the same name. The two used all the means they had to get the heritage. After Fu Rong’s father died, he inherited everything, including his name. When Niangyan found out it, it was already too late”
Ye Mo was getting goosebumps from hearing this. Yu Baisheng was tricked by Fu Rong 150 years ago, and then his daughter was tricked by the son.
The female cultivator got up and saluted to Ye Mo before turning to leave.
“Wait.” Ye Mo gave a jade bottle to her and said, “This is what you need the most.”
The female cultivator took the bottle and opened it before calling out in shock, “Cao Huan pill? Special grade Cao Huan pill?”
She used all sorts of calculations and hurt the man she loved as well as his best friend before getting a middle grade Cao Huan pill, but today, just because of a few words, she got a special grade Cao Huan pill. Such was life.
No wonder this person didn’t care about the hollow meridian pill, he was too wealthy. She had never heard of someone giving out the Cao Huan pill so casually. It seemed it was better to be a good person, she gave him some convenience and she immediately got the biggest repayment of her life.
Little did she know that the bitter bamboo’s enticement for Ye Mo was greater than anything. Perhaps due to this bitter bamboo, his life would be greatly different.
Ye Mo also felt that this woman had changed a lot. She harmed two friends for a Cao Huan pill before, but now, she didn’t even hide the hollow meridian pill.

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