Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049: This Person is Called Ning Xiaoma

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Hearing this, the female cultivator showed a contemptuous look. With Ye Mo’s appearance, he still dares to hit on martial sister Pandie? But she said pridefully, “That’s right, martial sister Pandie is from our Heaven Star Sect.”

Guo Qifan had decided to not take the crisp green vine. His Cultivation Cauldron Sect was only a 5-star sect. It wasn’t good for him to ask for things from members of an 8-star sect. It might even negatively affect his sect.

“Where is the crisp green vine?” Ye Mo asked.

The three just remembered that Ye Mo was a nascent soul state cultivator. Even though they didn’t have to care about nascent soul state cultivators, this place was the Truth Fall Palace. They didn’t know who Ye Mo was as well. If Ye Mo wanted to kill them, they would lose their lives here.

Understanding this, the female cultivator and her two friends looked uncomfortable. They clearly thought that Ye Mo wanted to take the crisp green vine.U.p..dated by novelfull.Com

Ye Mo wasn’t going to care about the crisp green vine, he had too many.

“It’s here,” the female cultivator hesitated and said. Usually, solo cultivators were like insects to her, but now it was a different situation.

Ye Mo’s voice turned cold, “Give me the crisp green vine and piss off!”

“Martial sister Yu, give it to him and let’s go.” The male cultivator could tell that Ye Mo didn’t care about the Heaven Star Sect. He knew that if things continued, they would suffer and this nascent soul state cultivator might even kill them all in his fury.

They just needed to give the things to Ye Mo now and when they met their own sect members, they would get revenge.

Martial sister Yu was unsatisfied but was still prepared to take out the crisp green vine. But before she did anything, a huge firework was set off from the north west side. A few more colors arose from different fireworks.

“It’s the sect calling for a gathering…” the female cultivator said in shock and even forgot to take out the crisp green vine before she just sped off.

The two male cultivators followed too.

Ye Mo didn’t get angry though, he also looked at the fireworks in a daze. The different colors represented different sects. What worried him was that it was the place where the bitter bamboo was marked.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo burned with anxiety. He immediately said to Guo Qifan, “I’m going to see what’s going on, we’ll talk later.”

Then, Ye Mo got on his flying ship and headed north-west immediately.

Guo Qifan saw this and murmured, “This qian bei seems similar to the brother Ye I met at the herb plains, he seems very interested in the South Peace State ten beauties.”

Then, he shook his head and took out his flying spirit artifact to follow.

Ye Mo couldn’t understand how there were so many people gathered at the barren, rocky beach. There were at least 500 people here and this was due to some people not having reaching level three yet. Otherwise, there would be even more.

A defense formation was exposed in front of everyone. It was a level six defence formation. Seeing this, Ye Mo’s heart sunk. This formation was the location on the map, the place Yu Baisheng had placed the bitter bamboo. It was obvious that the stealth formation outside of it had been broken.

Ye Mo knew that if the bitter bamboo was revealed, then even if he got it he would never live a peaceful life.

This was such an ordinary place, how could someone find the defense formation here? Ye Mo’s eyes scanned onto Fu Rong and came to a realization. It seemed that although Yu Niangyan didn’t tell Fu Rong the exact location, he still found the approximate location.

Fu Rong was quite lucky he reached this place before him.

However, this Fu Rong knew there was bitter bamboo here, why did he reveal it to everyone?

When he saw Fu Rong’s bleak eyes, it was clear that he didn’t intentionally do this.

This defense formation wasn’t broken yet, and just when Ye Mo was thinking how to get in before they broke the formation, a few more people arrived.

There were at least two he didn’t want to see. One was Ling Xiaoshuang, another was Wen Caiyi. But Ye Mo couldn’t leave, the enticement of the bitter bamboo was too much for him.

“What is it?” the first man who flew here asked.

Ye Mo knew this guy, he was nascent soul state level five – the genius of the Infinity Sect, Yuan Guannan.

Another nascent soul state from Infinity Sect got up and said, “Martial brother Yuan, I saw a powerful spirit chi whirlpool appear here and then I came. Then, I saw these Earth Demon sect cultivators. I suspect that this place might be the entrance to the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds.”

Then, he pointed at Fu Rong.

When he said the words ‘Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds’, there was a ruckus. Clearly, these words meant quite a lot.

Yuan Guannan nodded and said to Fu Rong, “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Yes.” Fu Rong didn’t dare to show any unhappiness in front of Yuan Guannan and said, “I reached level two and accidentally got separated from my sect members. When I got to level three I wanted to find a place to send a message for my sect members to gather here. I found that this rocky beach is very spacious and easy to see, so I was prepared to wait for my sect members here.”

Then, he said, “Because I know a little about formations, I found a stealth formation here. After I opened it, I saw another huge defense formation. But as soon as the stealth formation was broken, countless spirit chi whirlpools appeared and they got bigger and bigger until finally disappearing 15 minutes later.”

“Then, you can guess what happened next. The spirit chi whirlpool attracted countless cultivators and they believed this was some Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds.”

Ye Mo sneered, Fu Rong was at most a level three formation master. If he hadn’t studied Yu Baisheng’s formations, he wouldn’t be able to find the stealth formation at all.

But people thought this place was Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds now, what should he do? It was impossible to go in and get the bitter bamboo in front of all these people.

Suddenly, he felt some coldness. He subconsciously glanced back and saw Wen Caiyi staring at him with a cold face. Her eyes were full of intense killing intent. Ye Mo knew that she had recognized him.

Just when Ye Mo was hesitating, another pair of cold eyes glanced at him.

Ye Mo cursed, this time they belonged to Ling Xiaoshuang.

At this moment, a few more people flew over. It was those golden core state peak stage cultivators that Ye Mo had kicked away. They were slower, so Ye Mo had been here for a while before they came.

The three saw Ye Mo and that female cultivator immediately walked to a girl with a veil on her face. “Martial sister Pandie, this guy wanted to rob us because he was nascent soul state cultivator.”

She pointed at Ye Mo with strong sense of dissatisfaction.

The woman glanced at Ye Mo and said, “You’re a nascent soul state level one cultivator but you dare to rob our Heaven Star sect golden core state cultivator’s things, do you have any shame or did our sect offend you?”

Ye Mo was already unhappy, and this woman just heared one side of the story and used the Heaven Star Sect to threaten him. Since when was he afraid of threats?

But before Ye Mo could speak, Ling Xiaoshuang spoke, “Martial sister Pandie, this person is Ning Xiaoma, he’s a lewd pervert. He harasses any pretty girls he meets and even uses lewd means.”

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