Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1051

Ye Mo said to Qinghan and the others, “Thank you for your friendship, but it’s not that I’m scared of her Heaven Star Sect.”
If the Clear Dream Mosque girls hadn’t intervened, the Heaven Star Sect nascent soul state cultivators weren’t going to let Ye Mo go easily. But these few girls clearly seemed close to Ye Mo, and if they went up now, it would just exacerbate the problem. If it caused conflict between Heaven Star Sect and Clear Dream Mosque, that wasn’t something they could handle.
“No, martial brother Xiaoma, we will stand by your side firmly! We know you’re a good person, they’ve misunderstood you because they don’t know you,” Qingyi said immediately.
“Martial sister Qinghan, Ning Xiaoma used his nascent soul state cultivator power to rob Heaven Star Sect’s golden core state disciple martial sister Yu of her level six spirit herb, that’s why martial sister Pandie wants to teach him a lesson. Come back first,” Ling XIaoshuang said.
“I don’t believe it, I trust that martial brother Xiaoma won’t steal a golden core state disciple’s spirit herb. As for the accuser, who knows if she’s telling the truth or not.” This time, it was the shy Qingyue who spoke and glared coldly at Ji Yu.
Ling Xiaoshuang was dazed, she now suspected even more that Ye Mo had put her martial sister under a spell. Otherwise, how could Qingyue, who didn’t like to talk, speak up for Ning Xiaoma?
“This woman is lying…” another voice sounded at this moment.
Ye Mo knew that Guo Qifan had arrived. Guo Qifan was only a 5-star sect member, but he still came to help speak for him. He was quite brave.
Guo Qifan walked up and said loudly, “My two martial brothers and I found two crisp green vines, but there was a level six spirit beast guarding it. At that time, the four people from Heaven Star Sect came by and found it too. We made an agreement to kill the beast together and take one vine each.”
Ji Yu’s eyes seemed worried, but she didn’t dare to stop Guo Qifan from talking.
Then, Guo Qifan looked at Ji Yu contemptuously. “We didn’t expect that red back wolf to be so powerful. He killed two of my martial brothers before he died, and one from the Heaven Star Sect died too. However this female cultivator took both crisp green vines and said that because her friend died, she was going to take both. I didn’t agree so she was about to kill me, but luckily, this Xiaoma qian bei came by. He asked about what was going on and asked her to hand over the crisp green vine. She didn’t give it and left. Xiaoma qian bei didn’t do anything to her because she left.”
Guo Qifan raise his voice speaking about this. “My life was saved by Xiaoma qian bei, I must help him prove that this woman is lying. I know I’m a 5-star sect member and I might die for what I said, but I must say it.”
Qinghan sneered, “Tell us your name and sect. I don’t believe that they dare to do something to you and your sect. I always hear about the thief calling out thieves, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it.”
“He’s Cultivation Cauldron Sect’s Guo Qifan, I know him,” someone said from the crowd.
Qinghan said again, “Okay.”
She didn’t say anything else after that, but clearly everyone knew what she meant. She remembered this sect name, and if anything happened to it, it would be due to the Heaven Star Sect.
Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t stop Qinghan, she felt that Guo Qifan was telling the truth and that Ji Yu was lying.
Yi Pandie turned around and asked Ji Yu, “Martial sister Yu, tell me – is that person lying? We’re just an 8-star sect, but we’re not people to be easily threatened.”
Clearly, Yi Pandie was unhappy with Qinghan’s dominance, but she was rather reasonable and didn’t attack before sorting things out.
If she was sure that Ye Mo did it, then even if Qinghan helped him, she must kill Ye Mo.
“I…” Ji Yu looked down and didn’t say anything. She knew that if she lied and caused conflict between the two sects, she would die for sure.
But it was just that one word and Yi Pandie knew that she really had wronged Ning Xiaoma. Her face immediately turned sour.
“Give it,” she said to Ji Yu.
Ji Yu took out the two crisp green vines. Yi Pandie took one and threw it to Ye Mo. “I was impulsive just then, sorry. Have this crisp green vine back.”
Ye Mo took it and gave it to Guo Qifan. He didn’t say anything in reply. Yi Pandie apologized, but her tone was stiff.
Wen Caiyi, who was going to cause trouble for Ye Mo, saw the tables turn and decided to not pursue it.
Ling Xiaoshuang wanted to ask a lot of things from her martial sister, but she couldn’t really do so in front of so many people.
At this moment, another two sword lights dashed over. Ye Mo focused his eyes and saw it was a short-haired, bulky man and a dark-faced, skinny man. Both were hollow spirit state cultivators – just hollow spirit state level one, but he knew that faced against them, his chances of getting the bitter bamboo were even slimmer.
Qinghan walked over to Ye Mo and introduced them to him. “One of them is Jin Gong Temple’s Ku Xin, the other is God Wind Valley’s Duan Jiuyang. I’ll go greet my martial sister from my sect. How about you come with us?”
Ye Mo shook his head, he didn’t want to see this Ling Xiaoshuang the most.
Seeing this, Qinghan thought about what martial sister Xiaoshuang had said and didn’t say anything. She just took her martial sister to go meet up first.

Everyone came to greet the two hollow spirit state cultivators.
The short, bulky man stood at the level six formation and looked around for a while before saying, “Jiuyang, do you think is the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds?”
Duan Jiuyang looked at it for a while and nodded. “It should be. I didn’t expect the forbidden grounds to appear again after 1000 years. Is this good or bad?”
Ye Mo had never heard of the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds. Guo Qifan saw Ye Mo frown and whispered to Ye Mo, “Xiaoma qian bei, before, when the Truth Fall Palace appeared, people would always find the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds. For the last 1000 years, however, it never appeared.”
“What is the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.
Guo Qifan immediately said, “It’s said that there are countless treasures inside, but 19 out of 20 people who enter die.
Ye Mo thought, ‘If this forbidden ground is so terrifying, why were there still people going?’
Guo Qifan continued explaining, “Ever since the forbidden grounds stopped appearing, people researched those qian bei who ascended into the immortal realm. They found out that they’d all been to the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds. South Peace State hasn’t had anyone ascend for a millennium. People guessed it might be related to the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds.”
Ye Mo looked at the excited cultivators and understood. It was every cultivator’s dream to ascend into the immortal realm.
“And…” Guo Qifan looked at the hollow spirit state cultivator and said again, “I heard that people have found immortal cultivation homes in the forbidden grounds and taken them out.”
Ye Mo was truly shocked this time. That was equivalent to his golden page world in the cultivation realm. Although he knew that no immortal cultivation home could compare with the golden page world, this was the cultivation realm – no wonder so many people wanted to go in.
“Each sect form their own squad, we’ll attack this restriction together,” Duan Jiuyang said.
With so many nascent soul state cultivators and two hollow spirit state cultivators, a level six formation wasn’t going to last long at all.
15 minutes later, everyone heard a rumble as this level six defence formation was completely broken.
A vibrant red light appeared before everyone.

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