Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1053

Ye Mo glanced at Wen Caiyi plainly. No matter what intentions this woman had, he didn’t want to be on the same team as her, but he knew that he couldn’t start a conflict with her. It wasn’t that he was afraid of her, but if he had a conflict with Wen Caiyi, Yuan Guannan would be the first to stand up for her. In that case, he wouldn’t be able to hide his strength.
If he beat Yuan Guannan he would expose his strength, and that way he would immediately garner unwanted fame.   Up.dated b.y B o x Novel. com
A nascent soul state who could enter Truth Fall Palace was nothing, but one who could beat the number one genius of the Infinity Sect would immediately catch the attention of the entire South Peace State. Perhaps the next moment, everything about him would be investigated. He came from Pei Hai City and Tian Aofeng died in the Heartless Sea, it was easy to connect this correlation with him.
So, although he despised this woman a lot, he tried to calm his tone. “Martial sister Wen, how about you go in first. I’m very timid and I’m not sure if I should go in. I heard it’s really dangerous in there, I don’t want to lose my life easily, but I’m very grateful that you chose me.”
Then, Ye Mo forced a smile and saluted with his fists.
Ling Xiaoshuang looked at Ye Mo in confusion. She thought that with someone as pretty as Wen Caiyi, Ye Mo would immediately happy agree to go with her and even drool. How could he reject? Was he really scared of death?
Wen Caiyi didn’t expect Ye Mo to reject her. Didn’t Ling Xiaoshuang say he was lewd?
Wen Caiyi was very prideful. Even though she had nefarious intentions inviting Ye Mo, she still felt very uncomfortable being rejected. She believed that Ye Mo should be scurrying to be with her.
She looked at Ye Mo scornfully and said to Yuan Guannan, “Martial brother Yuan, let’s go.”
Yuan Guannan gave Ye Mo a cold look as though Ye Mo was already dead meat. He didn’t believe a genius like him would die inside, so regardless of whether Ye Mo went in or not, he would take Ye Mo’s life after he came out.
With this, more nascent soul state cultivators entered.
Ling Xiaoshuang and her martial sister stopped by Ye Mo and said, “With your capabilities, why do such lewd things? There will be plenty of good girls who like you.”
Although her martial sisters already said that Ye Mo saved them, she already had a negative opinion of Ye Mo and felt that Ye Mo had a purpose to doing everything. However, he indeed did help Qinghan and them.
Ye Mo was most scared of being with Ling Xiaoshuang. He didn’t want to fight with her as she would immediately know that he was the cultivator who left after the trial.
Ye Mo immediately let some joy show in his eyes and stared at Ling Xiaoshuang intently. “Then, then, in fact my feelings for others are fake…. When I first saw you, I …”
“Shameless!” Ling Xiaoshuang couldn’t control her anger anymore and cursed at Ye Mo before turning towards the door.
Her martial sisters also looked at Ye Mo disappointedly before going in.
Luckily Wen Caiyi wasn’t here or she might rage seeing that Ye Mo had rejected her but showed interest in Ling Xiaoshuang.
At this moment, there was only Ye Mo and Fu Rong here. Fu Rong was really worried. He didn’t care about the forbidden grounds, he just wanted the bitter bamboo like Ye Mo.
But almost everyone had gone in now – why didn’t this Ning Xiaoma go in?
Just when he was planning to talk to Ning Xiaoma, he found that Ning Xiaoma turned around and smiled at him before saying calmly, “Brother Fu, it’s been a while. How have you been?”
Ye Mo was nascent soul state level three now. Even if Fu Rong had the small transmission rune, he was prepared for it. Plus, he didn’t believe that Fu Rong would have a second one.
Fu Rong’s body shook and he looked at Ye Mo with uncertainty and shock. Ye Mo took off Stealth Sand and said, “Brother Fu, you’re really forgetful. You’ve forgotten me already? Last time you said you weren’t going to let me go, but you’ve forgotten me already? I’m really disappointed.”
“You’re Ye Mo?” Fu Rong immediately began to sweat. He was scared of Ye Mo the most now. This cultivator of unknown origin was not only extremely cunning, but also stronger than him.
Just as Ye Mo guessed, he only had one small transmission rune.
“So it’s brother Ye! Last time we had some misunderstanding, I’ll apologize now.” Fu Rong thought desperately of a way to escape.
Ye Mo sneered, “No need for apologies, but I want to know – what’s your father’s name?”
Hearing this, Fu Rong was even more shocked. Ye Mo asked this question, meaning that he probably already knew of his schemes.
“Why did everyone go in but you? How did you find Yu Baisheng qian bei’s stealth formation?” Ye Mo asked.
Fu Rong’s heart sunk. Ye Mo’s words meant that he knew about the bitter bamboo. He must’ve met Yu Niangyan too. Fu Rong thought, ‘Why didn’t she die, why did Ye Mo see her?’
“What do you want to let me go?” Fu Rong asked.
“Let you go?” Ye Mo smiled “I’ve never thought of doing that. I’ve already promised a few people to kill you. Even I myself want to kill you, but if you can answer me, I’ll give you some freedom. Otherwise, I will give your nascent soul to Li Qianping.”
“So it’s that bitch!” Fu Rong realized.
He and his father schemed so hard just for the bitter bamboo. Now, the bitter bamboo was gone and he had already despaired, now feeling even worse after being threatened by Ye Mo. But, he would never tell everything about the bitter bamboo.
Fu Rong didn’t want to talk anymore and released a long black sword. There was a sharp shriek upon its release. Ye Mo knew this sword, it was a low grade cultivation artefact called Grey Sparrow found in Yu Baisheng’s storage ring.
Ye Mo realized why it had such a name. It had a sharp sparrow shriek that could cause chaos in cultivator’s cultivation essence.
But Ye Mo’s cultivation essence was far stronger than Fu Rong’s. As soon as Fu Rong pulled out Grey Sparrow, Zi Xu already brought three purple sword rays over.
Fu Rong was cunning, and since he didn’t want to talk, Ye Mo didn’t have the time to talk with him. This Illusion Cloud essence binding strike meant that Ye Mo didn’t want to give Fu Rong any chance of escape.
Fu Rong spat out blood immediately. He hadn’t even finished his first move and was already prepaing his blood escape. He had never planned to fight with Ye Mo, he was still scared from his last fight with Ye Mo.
But soon, he felt that his cultivation essence just ran around his body, unable to leave the surrounding space.
Fu Rong was shaken. He didn’t expect that Ye Mo’s move could bind his cultivation essence as well. This meant that he couldn’t use blood mobility.
Fu Rong was regretful. If he didn’t just think about running and used Grey Sparrow to fight with Ye Mo, even if he was no match, he could find an opportunity to escape. But now, he had used 90% of his cultivation essence for blood escape, making his Grey Sparrow powerless.
However, Ye Mo’s second strike already arrived with intense purple sword rays. He now realized that Ye Mo wasn’t even nascent soul state level one, he was much stronger than even nascent soul state level three.
Although he wanted to beg for mercy, Ye Mo’s whirlpool strike had already hacked his body to pieces. A small nascent soul ran out and wanted to escape, but it was swept by Ye Mo’s sword rays and dispersed in the air in balls of energy.
Ye Mo was planning to give it to Li Qianping, but thinking about the bitter bamboo, he decided not to. He only kept just the head in the end.

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