Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1054

After Ye Mo killed Fu Rong, he immediately came to the hexagonal door. There were no marks of Yu Baisheng’s stealth formation at all. There was just a big word ‘Restriction’ at the top.
He didn’t see the bitter bamboo and felt disappointed. Ye Mo looked at this door but didn’t go in. He took out the map the female cultivator gave him.
However, the map started making a sizzling sound as though something was being dissolved. Ye Mo was shook and thought there was something wrong with the map. He just went to throw it away when he found that the map had completely changed.
The surface was gone, showing a new map instead. There was just a big black mountain and some markings towards it. On the black mountain was planted a green crisp bamboo.
“Bitter bamboo?” Ye Mo almost called out. He resisted his excitement and stared at the words on the map.
“Space formation door, Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds, bitter bamboo shows…”
What was going on? Ye Mo was dazed. Even though Yu Baisheng was a forgery grand master, he wouldn’t be able to make such a thing. Was it that he never had the bitter bamboo but only knew where it was? Or was it that his ancestors found the bitter bamboo but weren’t able to keep it alive, so they moved it to the World Mountain in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds?
Regardless, Ye Mo was very excited. Yu Baisheng’s formation just blocked the entrance to the forbidden grounds. This Yu Baisheng really had some capabilities. He found the next entrance to the forbidden grounds and set up a formation there, causing the forbidden grounds to never open again.
At this moment, more cultivation essence waves came. Clearly, more people knew about the forbidden grounds and came quickly.
Ye Mo didn’t want other people to see him, so he dashed into the door.
A sense of emptiness came. It was as though he was walking on ground and then suddenly, he walked into air. This was indeed a space formation door, but a space formation door wasn’t something that an ordinary formation great master like Yu Baisheng could set up. This place was the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds indeed. When he completely recovered, he found that he was amidst a gray dimension.
There were just black rocks everywhere, as well as caves and holes. There wasn’t even a drop of water, much less spirit herbs. The spirit chi here was also very impure.
Was this really the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds? The place where treasure was strewn all over the ground?
Suddenly, tens of killing chi arrived without any premonition. Even Ye Mo didn’t feel it at all with his powerful sixth sense.
Ye Mo only found out when they arrived. He immediately released Zi Xu and burst out his cultivation essence. Even so, two chi sliced across his back, leaving two deep gashes.
Ye Mo was shook – if it wasn’t that he had the half cultivation artifact armor protecting him, that attack was enough to heavily injure him.
This definitely wasn’t someone or something ambushing him. This killing chi seemed to belong here.
“Space wind blades?” Ye Mo blurted out. Only such things would be able to injure him silently.
Space wind blades weren’t as strong as space disposition, but even hollow spirit state cultivators would die facing off against dense space wind blades, much less him.
Immediately, two more black lightning bolts fell and he quickly dodged to the side. Luckily, they were different than divine damnation and didn’t lock on to him.
*Rumble rumble*

Two more huge blasts and two holes appeared at where Ye Mo stood, with rubble flying everywhere.
Ye Mo took a deep breath in – such a harsh environment, no wonder less than 5% of cultivators could survive upon entering.
At this moment, a howl of pain sounded. Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned a nascent soul state level one cultivator who just came in getting torn apart by a space wind blade.
Ye Mo grew cautious and took out the map, finding the approximate location of the World Mountain and started heading there.
Ye Mo encountered space wind blades and black lightning bolts from time to time, but with experience, he didn’t get injured again. He just hoped he wouldn’t meet large grounds of space wind blades or he would have no other choice but to go in the Golden Page World.
Two days later, Ye Mo still hadn’t found anything. A light wind came and Ye Mo didn’t mind. He scanned his spirit sense out, and his face changed immediately. He dashed into his Golden Page World without thought.
After a long while, he came out and found that he wasn’t at the place where he went into the Golden Page World.
Now he was really worried, there was really space chaos flow. If he wasn’t quick to react, he would’ve been swept away.
Space wind blades, space chaos flow, black lightning…. just how many more lethal means were here?
Ye Mo didn’t move, he didn’t know how long it would take to reach the World Mountain with his current speed. Would the Truth Fall Palace be closed by then?
Less than 7 minutes later, a few more figures flew past rapidly towards Ye Mo. Ye Mo was shaken seeing how fast they went, did they not want to live? Why weren’t they scared?
“It’s you?” the head nun was a nascent soul state level eight from Clear Dream Mosque, Ling Xiaoshuang was behind her.
Ling Xiaoshuang was also surprised, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to really come in.
“Martial sister, let’s go quickly.” Ling Xiaoshuang had no intention of talking to Ye Mo.
Ye Mo just wanted to remind them about space chaos flow.
Before the nun could reply, a few more people flew over.
There were men and women, their speed was very fast too. Ye Mo was more shocked, did these people not fear death?
The people who just came seemed to be from the Heaven Star Sect.
They didn’t stop at all and flew past.
Seeing this, the nun chased up immediately as though there was something ahead.
But he didn’t go very far when an enticing figure suddenly flew back. It was a woman, Ye Mo knew her. It was Yi Pandie.
She came in front of Ye Mo and stopped. Ye Mo stopped too. If she was going to fight, Ye Mo wasn’t scared of her.
But she clearly didn’t intend to fight. She looked plainly at Ye Mo and took out a jade slip, throwing it to Ye Mo. “It was my fault before, this is for you.”
Then, she left with an even faster speed.
Ye Mo looked at the jade slip and scanned his spirit sense in.
When he saw the content, he was shocked and had some gratitude towards this Yi Pandie.
The big sects really had a lot of knowledge, no wonder they could go so fast. The jade slip she gave him described how to avoid the space wind blades and space chaos flows.
At the same time, he realized why Wen Caiyi asked to group up with him. The main method of avoiding the space wind blades required two or more people. He thought of the jade slip Qinghan gave him and immediately looked at it. The contents were similar to what Yi Pandie gave him.

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