Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1055

If two people formed a team, each person could use their cultivation essence so that they could form a cultivation essence force field. If there were space wind blades, the cultivation essence force field would change and thus they could avoid it ahead of time. At the same time, one must control their spirit sense to extend to 30kilometers, no more no less.
In this range, spirit sense was very sensitive. If the spirit sense was devoured or disappeared, it meant that the current direction led to space chaos flow and that it was necessary to change directions.
Ye Mo saw this and realized why these people could go so fast. It was probably because they had so many people go in that they had gathered experience to deal with this. But this experience was only gathered by big sects. Clearly Guo Qifan didn’t know of them, it was certain death for him.
Yi Pandie also said on the jade slip that the place they went towards had something extremely valuable.
Ye Mo put away the jade slip and looked at their direction, but he didn’t follow. Even if Yi Pandie didn’t tell him, it was obvious that there was something good there, seeing as how everyone rushed over so desperately. But Ye Mo had his own business, he needed to go to the World Mountain. It wasn’t in the opposite direction from everyone’s movement, but it wasn’t in the same direction either.
Yi Pandie indeed felt bad for misunderstanding Ye Mo before. She saw Ye Mo moving like a snail and being careful and affirmed that Ye Mo was indeed a solo cultivator. He didn’t have a way to avoid the space wind blades and chaos flow. Yet, he had lived here for so long and hadn’t died. Even she approved of him a little.
But she couldn’t lose face to apologize to Ye Mo publicly, so she did what she did just then.
She thought that this was enough to repay him for the misunderstanding, because what she gave Ye Mo was enough to save his life.
But when her spirit sense scanned and discovered that Ye Mo didn’t come with them and chose another direction to head in, she sneered and felt that Ye Mo didn’t appreciate her good will. She had reminded him that there were good things here, but this guy doubted her and chose another direction.

With the experience from the jade slip, Ye Mo controlled his spirit sense to be about 30 kilometers. He carefully walked a few hundred kilometers and found that this method was almost foolproof in avoiding space chaos flow. Ye Mo increased his speed.
As for the space wind blades, Ye Mo could sense some. Even if he encountered them, he had ways to dodge them.
Eventually, Ye Mo became more than twice as fast as Ling Xiaoshuang and them.
A few days later, although the space wind blade and chaos flow didn’t trouble him anymore, the black lightning grew more and more intense. Even though he had a lightning spirit root and could devour lightning sources, as well as possessing a half cultivation artifact armor to protect him, he was still covered in wounds due to the barrage of lightning these past few days.
Eventually, he had to slow down. If it was someone else, they would’ve died many times already. Even hollow spirit state or body condensation state cultivators weren’t able to dodge this lightning. Even without the space chaos flow, the forbidden grounds was still a lethal place.
On the 11th day, Ye Mo saw the World Mountain ahead of him. It was a huge, black mountain, seemingly without any signs of life, but when he felt it carefully, it seemed that all the life in the forbidden grounds was on this mountain.
Black lightning kept appearing on the mountain. Undoubtedly, the black lightning came from this World Mountain.
Ye Mo was shocked, the forbidden grounds seemed boundlessly huge, but this huge black mountain radiated the black lightning across the entire forbidden grounds. Clearly, this World Mountain was no ordinary place.
But the closer he got to the World Mountain, the more lightning he encountered. Ye Mo suspected that before he would even get to the mountain, he would be blasted into dust. This shouldn’t be called World Mountain, it should be called Lightning Mountain.
His spirit sense couldn’t reach to the top of the mountain, so he wasn’t sure if the bitter bamboo was actually there, but since he had come, he didn’t plan to leave.
However, there was too much black lightning in front of him. The closer he got, the denser the bolts were. How could he go up? Even if he had the lightning spirit root, he wouldn’t be able to get on the World Mountain.
Ye Mo thought that perhaps he could use the lightning attraction formation.
Besides that, Ye Mo really couldn’t think of a way to get to the top of the mountain. With the density of the lightning, even body condensation state cultivators might not be able to make it up.
Even with the lightning attraction formation, Ye Mo wasn’t sure if he could make it. After all, the lightning was too dense.
Ye Mo poured out all the materials he had in his storage ring and kept making formation flags. He used almost all of his materials except the ones he had saved for making a flying magic artifact.
He worked for 5 days without rest in the Golden Page World, and when he walked out again, he started setting up the formation. According to his plan, he needed to draw the lightning strikes far away so he could charge up the mountain freely.
A few days later, Ye Mo set up a huge lightning attraction formation far away from the World Mountain. Ye Mo changed it a little so it didn’t let the explosion happen inside the formation. Otherwise, not even level seven or level eight formation would be able to survive.
It had been almost a month since he had come in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds, yet he still hadn’t even touched the World Mountain yet. His body was struck again and again while he was setting up the formation.
But luckily, his formation finally succeeded. Ye Mo sighed – if he could direct all this lightning into the formation, he might even be able to create the number one power station on Earth.
After all was ready, Ye Mo knew that everything depended on his success. If he failed, then all his days of work and his materials would have gone to waste.
Ye Mo threw the first formation flag out and a black bolt of lightning quickly flew into the lightning attraction formation far away, and an explosion sounded.
Ye Mo carefully watched his lightning attraction formation and saw it was fine. He immediately rejoiced. He kept throwing out his formation flags, drawing more lightning bolts away.
But there were too many lightning bolts on the World Mountain. He was still struck by many lightning strikes, but at least his life wasn’t in danger.
Ye Mo checked the lightning attraction formation and found it wasn’t as stable as before. Even the lightning attraction formation wasn’t able to take in so much lightning and not get damaged. He had to be quick, otherwise, if the lightning attraction formation was destroyed, he wouldn’t have any more opportunities.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo threw formation flags along the way while using the Three Birth Chant to the max and running.
Huge mushroom clouds appeared at the lightning attraction formation. Ye Mo’s power also increased as he devoured more lightning source.
However, the power of the lightning Ye Mo had to deal was increasing as well. The higher he went up the mountain, the more powerful the lightning was.
Eventually, Ye Mo threw more and more formation flags rapidly, as he was scared of being zapped to dust.
In a huge, rumbling explosion that Ye Mo heard clearly, even from the World Mountain, the lightning attraction formation finally exploded.
The lightning attraction formation couldn’t take it anymore and was obliterated. Before he could think much, more black lightning fell.

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