Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1057

Ye Mo got up and walked around the bitter bamboo a few times before suddenly rejoicing. Other people might not be able to take it, but he might have a way.
He raised his hand and a red flame appeared in it. This was the red colored heaven flame, Mist Lotus Heart Fire. If even this heaven flame wasn’t able to cut it open, then he would have no other methods. The only thing he could do was get a tablet and write ‘This is Ye Mo’s bitter bamboo, anyone who touches it will be done for’.
If he really did that, even he would laugh at himself. Suddenly, Ye Mo felt that the Yu Wanli must be a funny guy.
Ye Mo began cutting the rock with the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.
Sizzling sounds were emitted and the air nearby was burnt to nothing by the power of the heaven flame.
After 15 minutes, Ye Mo checked where he was cutting – there was a faint mark.
The mist lotus heart fire could indeed cut the black rock, but according to this speed, he might only be able to finish it a few hundred years later.
Ye Mo got up and looked at the range he chose to cut. He shook his head, this range was too big.
Luckily, his Mist Lotus Heart Fire could still cut the rock. In order to reduce time, Ye Mo minimized the region he was cutting. He had chosen a 10 meter radius before, but now, he chose a 3 meter radius. He had decided to spend a few decades up to a century to cut it. He wondered if he would be teleported out when the time was up.
When Ye Mo started cutting at around a 3 meter radius, he found that the rock here was much softer. It had only been 15 minutes, but the depth of his incision was much deeper than before.
Ye Mo thought, ‘Was the rock softer the closer it was to the bitter bamboo?’
He moved to about 30 centimeters from the bitter bamboo and started cutting.
Ye Mo was joyful to find that his idea was right. Although the cultivation artifact couldn’t cut anymore, the heaven flame was more effective the closer he got.
With this speed, he would be able to dig the bitter bamboo out in less than half a month.
Luckily this bitter bamboo wasn’t very thick, and so a diameter of 60 centimeters was enough to dig the bitter bamboo out.
As for whether this range was too close and would hurt the bitter bamboo, Ye Mo couldn’t care about it too much. No matter what, he was going to get the bitter bamboo. If he extended the diameter to 1.2 meters, he would need about half a year’s time to cut it out.
12 days later, Ye Mo had completely cut the bitter bamboo out. He was full of joy and about to move it into his Golden Page World but when he used his cultivation essence and spirit sense, he realized he was far from understanding the black rock.
With his nascent soul state level four power and using his full power, Ye Mo wasn’t even able to move this piece of it into his Golden Page World.
Ye Mo started burning his essence blood. After that, he just barely managed to move the bitter bamboo into his Golden Page World.
Sitting down inside the Golden Page World, Ye Mo breathed heavily. He had finally brought it in. The bitter bamboo was his now.
Ye Mo wanted to move the bitter bamboo next to the spirit range, but remembering that this rock was extremely heavy, he could only plant it here.
But when Ye Mo was prepared to move it, the rock around the bitter bamboo fell off by itself. The black rock automatically sunk into the earth inside the Golden Page World and made a huge crater. Meanwhile, the bitter bamboo’s roots were exposed to the outside.
Ye Mo was surprised – why did the black rock fall off itself?
When he looked at the bitter bamboo, he found that the lively bamboo was a bit withered and its condition was worsening.
Not good!
Ye Mo would’ve never thought that the bitter bamboo, one of the ten great spirit items, would wither up.
Ye Mo was shaken – could the bitter bamboo really not be moved away? Did he have to lose the bitter bamboo after all that hard work?
Ye Mo didn’t want to do that, he quickly brought the bitter bamboo next to the spirit range and planted it there.
Ye Mo breathed easy, the bitter bamboo stopped withering. However, it wasn’t as lively as before.
Ye Mo looked at the bitter bamboo with frustration and then at the huge spirit range. He gritted his teeth and moved the spirit range completely under the bitter bamboo. This way, he didn’t have a spirit range cultivation home to cultivate in. He could only cultivate next to the bitter bamboo.
After Ye Mo did this, he found that the bitter bamboo recovered some life force. It wasn’t as lively as when it was on the World Mountain, but it much better than before.
What shook him even more was that he felt his Golden Page World change. It wasn’t a dead dull gray like before and now had a strong powerful life force.
Even the spirit herbs in here emitted strong life force.
“One of the ten great spirit items, it lives up to its name indeed,” Ye Mo murmured. He knew he had to get large amounts of spirit ranges for the bitter bamboo. A mere low grade peak spirit range was far from enough for it.
Despite all the hard work, Ye Mo was very happy that he got the bitter bamboo.
As for the black rock, Ye Mo didn’t touch it. He felt it wasn’t simple, but it was just like the World Mountain – he didn’t have the capability to study it. Once he was a hollow spirit state, he would be able to take it out and see.
Ye Mo left the Golden Page World. He wanted to dig some more black rocks and sent them inside his Golden Page World. He felt the black rock on the World Mountain was definitely something good, so precious that he didn’t dare to imagine.
When Ye Mo came to the hole where the bitter bamboo used to be and cut with his mist lotus heart fire, he found that no matter what he did, it didn’t leave any marks at all.
Ye Mo realized that the reason he was able to burn the rock was not because his heaven flame was powerful, but because the bitter bamboo was here.
Without a doubt, he wouldn’t be able to burn the black rock in his Golden Page World.
Ye Mo shook his head and wasn’t too disappointed. He thought, ‘What if a powerful being could spirit control the World Mountain? Who would be a match for him?’
‘Could he?’ Ye Mo asked himself, and then immediately shook his head. He was sure that even truth realisation state peak cultivators weren’t able to spirit control the World Mountain. Only a true immortal could, but how could a real immortal come to the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds?
Ye Mo cast those thoughts aside, what he should be worrying about was how to get off the mountain.
Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense down the World Mountain and was shocked to find that the black lightning had all disappeared. What was in front of him was just a very ordinary black mountain.
It must have something to do with the bitter bamboo being moved away. He needed to use this opportunity to get down the mountain. Who knew if that black lightning would come back?
Suddenly, he felt the mountain shake as though something was being brought up, and he couldn’t resist at all.
Ye Mo felt himself fall from the high sky. He quickly released Zi Xu before being able to regain his balance.
He scanned his spirit sense out to see what happened, but the scene he saw was devastating.
The World Mountain had left the ground and started flipping around in the air.
Suddenly, it was covered by endless black clouds and devoured.
Ye Mo looked down, only to see a boundless deep trench below him.
Before, he could look at this, two figures started rapidly coming towards him.

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