Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1058

Ye Mo was speechless when he saw who had arrived. Truth Fall Palace was so big and there were so many people here, but he happened to know both of the people who came. One was Yi Pandie and the other was Wu Yu from Eternity Sea Sect.
Ye Mo had conflict with Wu Yu before over Cheng Nana, but while in the Truth Fall Palace, he couldn’t really attack Ye Mo. But clearly, Wu Yu was hunting down Yi Pandie now. Wu Yu was only from a 7-star sect, but for some reason he dared to hunt someone from an 8-star sect.
At this moment, Yi Pandie had messy hair as well as wounds all over her body. There was blood on her chest.
Seeing these two, Ye Mo immediately showed his power to be nascent soul state level three. If people knew he had gone from nascent soul state level three to level four in such a short time, he would be noticed.
Yi Pandie and Wu Yu were dazed upon seeing Ye Mo. Clearly, they didn’t expect to see him here.
“It’s you?” Yi Pandie subconsciously said, but immediately realized she had brought trouble to Ye Mo. Wu Yu was nascent soul state level seven and ranked 267 on the trial tablet.
Wu Yu saw Ye Mo and laughed. He didn’t think his luck was this good. He had been wanting to kill Ning Xiaoma and now he had run into him.
“What are you doing here? This is the the black lightning area.” Yi Pandie suddenly paused. She wanted to use the black lightning to escape from Wu Yu, but she didn’t see any black lightning here.
“You have so many people from your sect, why are you still alone and being hunted?” Ye Mo asked. He had seen a nascent soul state level eight and level four with her before.
Yi Pandie glanced coldly at Ye Mo and said, “This has nothing to do with you, go! This is between me and Wu Yu.”
Ye Mo smiled. If it was someone else, he would really want to leave, but he had promised Cheng Nana that he would kill this Wu Yu.
“You want to go? Ning, I can only say you’re unlucky to meet me. If I let you go, I wouldn’t need to cultivate anymore,” Wu Yu sneered.
Yi Pandie looked at Ye Mo in confusion. “You have a feud with him?”
Ye Mo nodded and glanced at Yi Pandie who was in a mess. “That’s right, I have a feud with him, this has nothing to do with you. Go first, I need to get revenge from him.”
Yi Pandie frowned and said, “Even though you’re nascent soul state level three, do you think you’re a match for this Wu? He’s already nascent soul state level seven and ranked 267 on the trial tablet.”
Ye Mo sneered, he killed a nascent soul state trial tablet ranked 219 when he was only nascent soul state level three, but now that he was nascent soul state level four, he would be able to kill Wu Yu effortlessly.
“Haha, since you’re both here, none of you need to leave. Yi Pandie, if you give me the Soft Water Spirit Bead, you can go. We’re both sect members from big sects. However, I must kill this person.” Wu Yu glared coldly at Ye Mo.
“Soft Water Spirit Bead?” That was something good, it could help cultivators go quickly into stasis and clear their mind. It had a minor bit of the bitter bamboo’s effect, but it could greatly improve one’s spirit sense after consistent use.
As a level 10 material, it could also be used in forgery. Even a forgery master who wasn’t good could make cultivation artifacts with this.
Ye Mo didn’t think there would be such good thing in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds, and Yi Pandie got it. If Yi Pandie hadn’t helped him before, he might even rob it from her.
Yi Pandie looked at Wu Yu and knew that she and Ye Mo combined were no match for Wu Yu.
Understanding this, Yi Pandie grit her teeth and said, “I can give it to you but you must let me go.”
Wu Yu laughed and raised his fan.
Before he could say anything, Ye Mo said, “Miss Yi, I will hold him here and you quickly go report to your sect. This way, you might be able to save me. Otherwise we will both die.”
She didnd’t like Ye Mo calling her miss Yi, but she still shook her head without hesitation. “You’re no match for him, if we’re going to fight let’s fight together.”
Ye Mo didn’t expect Yi Pandie to have such a sense of righteousness. He just wanted to get her away and then kill Wu Yu. Ye Mo could only say, “Miss Yi, do you think Wu Yu would let you go after you give him the Soft Water Spirit Bead?”
Yi Pandie subconsciously shook her head, she was from the Heaven Star Sect. If he let go of her, her sect would go to Eternity Sea Sect for reparations.
Ye Mo asked again, “Then do you think we would be a match for him if we attacked together?”
Yi Pandie again shook her head without hesitation.
Ye Mo clapped his hands. “That’s right, I’ll distract him and you go call for help. That way, you might really be able to save me, otherwise we will both die.”
Wu Yu sneered and raised up a few bleak cultivation essence walls, wanting to capture Yi Pandie and Ye Mo inside.
Ye Mo saw that Yi Pandie didn’t move and could only let Wu Yu swoop him in. Helplessly, he could only release a long sword.
“I will distract him, you go call for help.” Yi Pandie thought that she brought Wu Yu here, it wasn’t right for her to run off.
Ye Mo cursed. “Are you an idiot? Can I get help? If you want me to die just say it, don’t use such a bullshit excuse!”
Yi Pandie thought about it and realized Ye Mo was right. No one liked Ye Mo outside, it’d be strange if he could get help. If she left, perhaps she could get help from her sect’s people.
Suddenly, Yi Pandie felt the frosty chi of Wu Yu instantly bind her cultivation essence and another bleak wind struck her dan tian. Yi Pandie spat out another mouthful of blood.
Ye Mo sneered, he let this woman suffer on purpose. Otherwise, Wu Yu would never be able to injure her in front of him.
Ye Mo knew it was time to let her go. His long sword brought countless sword rays as he used Illusion Cloud division strike.
The difference in power was huge when using Zi Xu, but the sword rays existed and grew in number rapidly. Wu Yu, who had been taking it easy, felt mounting pressure.
Wu Yu was shocked, this was completely outside of his expectation. Even Yi Pandie was dazed after being freed. She felt Ye Mo had the upper hand and stood on the side.
Ye Mo saw this and yelled, “Are you dumb? That’s my strongest move – I can’t last for long! If you still won’t go, then let’s die together.”
Yi Pandie realized Ye Mo’s predicament. He was only nascent soul state primary stage, he had no other choice but to use his strongest move to hold Wu Yu there. Thinking about this, she released her flying sword and dashed away. “Hold on a bit longer, I’ll get help immediately.”
Wu Yu was beginning to worry, but hearing that Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to last long, he immediately felt secure. But now that Yi Pandie was leaving, he was still nervous. He quickly took back his fan and weaved more hand signs.
Bleak chi grew out of his body that seemed like living ropes, wanting to bind Ye Mo.
Ye Mo sneered, he took back the flying sword that was emitting sword rays and brought out a faint purple sword. He then looked at Wu Yu in contempt, “That was just my warm-up, this is my first strike.”

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