Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062: Reason for Sect Annihilation

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

“It’s the Mist Zhi Lan, there’s quite a lot, more than ten plants.” Liu Manxiang and Jing Yuzhen had clearly already seen the spirit herbs. Liu Manxiang saying this was a subtle question asking Jing Yuzhen if they should take them. Jing Yuzhen looked at Ye Mo and nodded to Liu Manxiang. Clearly Ye Mo was only nascent soul state level four, and that was nothing to him. He was nascent soul state level five and Liu Manxiang was nascent soul state level one. They didn’t need to worry about Ye Mo at all. But clearly, he didn’t intend to forcefully take them. He looked at Ye Mo and asked, “Friend, how about we kill the bull together and split the Mist Zhi Lan evenly?”

A mere level five bull didn’t need nascent soul state cultivators to fight it together. Even Liu Manxiang could kill it easily. Ye Mo’s clenched fists were pale, lines of blood appeared in the corners of his eyes. Ye Mo, who was about to explode, heard these words and calmed down instead.

Since he had caught sight of Jing Yuzhen, there was no way he was going to let him go. He had to calm down and stop this guy from escaping. Otherwise, who knows how long it would take him to go to East Black State. Seeing Ye Mo not talk and just stare at him, Jing Yuzhen frowned.

“I want the woman next to you, give her to daddy now! As for a trash like you” Ye Mo scanned Liu Manxiang and sneered. As expected, before he even finished, Jing Yuzhen exploded. This guy was merely nascent soul state level four and he dared to try to take his woman!

Jing Yuzhen, who was filled with anger, instantly charged up and attacked. He raised his hand and 6 frosty flying swords were released. Ye Mo looked and saw it was a set of flying swords, each one was an extreme grade spirit artifact. The combined power of the swords was on par with a low grade cultivation artifact.

The 6 flying swords sped through the air, forming a semi-circle sword veil that completely enveloped Ye Mo. Liu Manxiang saw this and a sliver of envy flashed across her eyes before she looked coldly at Ye Mo. Jing Yuzhen’s power was all based on this set of flying swords. They could also bind enemies, as once they formed a sword veil, the cultivator inside would be trapped.

When Jing Yuzhen had completely enveloped Ye Mo with the sword veil, his fury calmed down a little. He even suspected the opponent knew him; otherwise, how would he know that he would take out his killing move at all cost in anger? If it was some other cultivator, Ye Mo wouldn’t lower himself to use such means, but the feud between him and Jing Yuzhen was too great. Before, Jing Yuzhen was only nascent soul state level one and was propped up using pills, but it had only been a few decades and he was already nascent soul state level five. This made Ye Mo a little worried.

Anything could happen in the cultivation realm. He, for example, was only an ordinary person before, but now he could instantly kill people of the same cultivation level. He didn’t dare to underestimate Jing Yuzhen at all because he must not let this person escape no matter what. But when Ye Mo saw Jing Yuzhen attack, he shook his head. Jing Yuzhen was indeed propped up with pills. Ye Mo knew that this guy completely relied on this set of flying swords. His own cultivation essence and spirit sense were nothing. Even if Fu Rong was here, Ye Mo believed he would be able to escape.

Before the flying sword veil could swoop over, he released Zi Xu. If it was against someone like Wu Yu he might use Illusion Cloud essence binding strike, but the difference here was too great. Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud whirlpool strike and the sword veil seemed like a rag that was cut through by thousands of sharp swords and disappeared.

With a clank, the 6 flying swords were swept away by the purple sword rays. Even the owner of the flying swords couldn’t control them. Jing Yuzhen looked sluggishly at this, and before he could react, a purple ray hacked towards his dan tian. A blood arrow shot out as a gash appeared on his body, and a terrified nascent sould was hacked out. As soon as the nascent soul state escaped, it was pulverized by Ye Mo’s purple sword rays.

Jing Yuzhen looked dazedly at Ye Mo, if it didn’t happen right before his eyes, he wouldn’t believe that a nascent soul state level five couldn’t even last three moves in front of a nascent soul state level four. The loss of his nascent soul state meant that he lost all his power. “You, you” Jing Yuzhen didn’t know what to say.

There was no point begging for mercy or threatening. At this moment, he hated Liu Manxiang the most. If it wasn’t for this woman, he wouldn’t even care about these Mist Zhi Lan. But now, disaster struck just because of a few mere level five spirit herbs. Liu Manxiang didn’t know this, but even if she knew she couldn’t care. She looked at Ye Mo in terror. If he destroyed Jing Yuzhen’s nascent soul so easily, he would be able to finish her just as easily. She subconsciously wanted to retreat but saw Ye Mo glare at her coldly. “If you dare to move back half a step, I will cut you.”

Liu Manxiang shivered and didn’t dare to retreat at all. Her face was pale as she tried desperately to think a way out of this situation. Ye Mo ignored Liu Manxiang and jeered at Jing Yuzhen, “Your power is climbing quickly! When I first saw you, you were only nascent soul state level one, but now you’re nascent soul state level five. Pity, it’s artificially increased by your dad’s pills. I really don’t get how a trash like you could crawl to the fifth floor.”

“You, you know me?” Jing Yuzhen just realized that this man knew him. So that means he wasn’t killing him for the woman and the spirit herbs. “Big brother, I’m willing to stay with you, I’ve long been sick of this Jing. If big brother is willing, I’ll immediately.” Liu Manxiang resisted the fear in her heart and forced a seductive look. She waved her hand and her clothes just fell off a little, showing a large amount of snow white skin.

Jing Yuzhen was a trash person, but seeing his woman trying to seduce another man, he spat out another mouthful of blood. Ye Mo didn’t even look at Liu Manxiang and stared at Jing Yuzhen. “Jing, my master Luo Ying never went out, how do you know about her?” “You’re from Magical Herb sect” Jing Yuzhen stared at Ye Mo in shock. He finally understood why Ye Mo hated him so much and wanted to kill him.

Ye Mo still didn’t understand why the West Flow Sect would annihilate the Magic Herb Sect for his master Luo Ying – that was sect annihilation.

Finally realizing why Ye Mo was going to kill him, Jing Yuzhen pointed at Liu Manxiang hatefully and said, “It’s her, this bitch! She came to our sect and told my father that the Magical Herb Sect got a herb cauldron that can let spirit pill masters concoct heaven grade pills. She told me that Luo Ying of the sect is extremely beautiful and even brought a painting of her” “You, you’re lying! Your father wanted the cauldron of the Magical Herb Sect and you lusted after martial sister Luo Ying. What has this got to do with me? In order to survive, I let you abuse me in the West Flow Sect just so I could get revenge for the Magical Herb Sect. Today I finally have this chance!” Liu Manxiang screamed.

Although Ye Mo wore a mask, Liu Manxiang knew this person was Ye Mo. She really didn’t understand how Ye Mo was here and how he had become so strong.

“Haha, I lied?” Jing Yuzhen was laughing. He knew he was dead. He said, “Liu Manxiang, you said the Magical Herb Sect has a cauldron, but in fact we only got a lid. We built the cauldron ourselves later. For a soul condensation pill, you betrayed your martial sister and your sect, now you’re betraying me too. I’ve finally seen through who you are.”

Liu Manxiang didn’t let Jing Yuzhen continue speaking and released her flying sword, cutting Jing Yuzhen’s head off. Ye Mo looked coldly at this shameless pair and didn’t say anything. After Liu Manxiang killed Jing Yuzhen, she showed a sycophantic smile and said excitedly, “Martial brother Ye Mo, I didn’t think you would be alive. This is great, is martial sister Luo Ying fine? I, I.” It was as though she was too excited to speak properly.

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