Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1063

“We’re from the same sect, if you like me then take me, I’m willing. In fact, when we were at the Magical Herb Sect, I had feelings for you” Liu Manxiang’s voice got quieter and quieter and the clothes on her chest seemed to get looser and looser. More and more snow white skin showed.
Ye Mo looked coldly at her. Comparatively, Jing Yuzhen’s words were more trustworthy. Ye Mo didn’t know what sort of person Liu Manxiang was, but they were from the same sect.
However, she definitely wasn’t some woman who would bear insult to get revenge. It was more believable that Jing Yuzhen said she did things for a Soul Condensation pill.
Seeing Ye Mo glare at her coldly, Liu Manxiang’s tone became even more pitiful as though she hadn’t killed Jing Yuzhen just now.
Then, she turned around and bent over saying, “Martial brother, I know you hate me, you can beat me.”
Then, she raised her butt and even brought up her dress, showing pink underwear.
Even Ye Mo’s mouth was beginning to dry up. He had to admit that this woman really knew how to use her body without any shame.
Suddenly, Ye Mo looked up at where Liu Manxiang and Jing Yuzhen had come from.
There was the sound of clapping. “You live up to your reputation indeed, you like to do such things in the middle of the day on the side of the road. I admire you greatly”
Ye Mo’s eyes focused and saw the cultivator who walked over and looked confused. He knew this guy was Yuan Guannan, but what did his words mean?
Yuan Guannan was with Wen Caiyi, why did he appear here alone?
Soon, Ye Mo realized what Yuan Guannan meant, he probably recognized that he was Ning Xiaoma. Realizing this, Ye Mo felt a little cold. He used stealth and and 9 Transformations just so people couldn’t recognize him, but now this Yuan Guannan could recognize him. Didn’t that mean that he knew all the faces he had? How did he do it?
Yuan Guannan gazed at Liu Manxiang and stared at her butt with interest, as though enjoying the view. Liu Manxiang finally felt embarrassment and stood up but didn’t tidy up her clothes.
“Martial sister, is this guy forcing you? If he is, just tell me and come be a witness with me,” Yuan Guannan said with a serious face.
“I, I, I” Liu Manxiang’s face was red as though she was too embarrassed to say anything.
Ye Mo sneered. If this woman was on Earth she would’ve won quite a few Oscars.
Yuan Guannan nodded amicably to Liu Manxiang and said to Ye Mo, “Ning Xiaoma, not bad. You went from nascent soul state level three to level four in such a short time. I think everyone underestimated you, you’re not an ordinary cultivator.”
Then, Yuan Guannan laughed, “But Ling Xiaoshuang was right about you. I can understand being lustful and shameless, but to this extent – it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Perhaps I need to help annihilate a menace from the cultivation realm.
Ye Mo just held Zi Xu and didn’t care about Yuan Guannan’s words at all. He didn’t believe this Yuan Guannan was noble enough to do something like that.
He cared about the most how Yuan Guannan recognized him and how he found him.
The reason he took out Zi Xu was because he wasn’t planning on letting Yuan Guannan leave alive. He couldn’t expose his identity and Yuan Guannan knew him. But Ye Mo knew that Yuan Guannan wasn’t so easy to kill.
It wasn’t that Ye Mo didn’t think he could kill this man, but Yuan Guannan had a higher status than Tian Aofeng. If he killed Yuan Guannan, this would cause more upheaval than killing Tian Aofeng.
Ye Mo wiped Zi Xu and said, “Yuan, there are no other people here, no need to talk big. There are lots of people wanting to be a bitch and you’re not the only one. You don’t need to show your innocence to me. I know you have your purpose for keeping your eyes on me. If there’s anything you want to know I can tell you, but before this I also have a question that I hope you can answer.”
Yuan Guannan laughed and said, “Regardless, you won’t live to see it answered. But since you’re bringing it up, I do have a few questions for you. You want to ask how I found you right?”
Ye Mo said, “Yes, how did you find me?”
“Because as long as it’s someone I’ve seen once, he will never get away from me no matter what magic artifact he uses,” Yuan Guannan said pridefully.
Ye Mo frowned, he didn’t believe this. Even if Yuan Guannan had a special talent, could he see through Stealth Sand that even body condensation state cultivators couldn’t see through?
Seeing Ye Mo frown, Yuan Guannan knew that Ye Mo didn’t believe him, but he didn’t have to make Ye Mo believe him. He just asked, “When everyone else was fighting over the 9 Color Lotus, you were taking the pond water. I believe you must have some massive dimensional magic artifact right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to collect so much water so rapidly.
Ye Mo was shaken. He didn’t think he would be exposed so casually. The scene was very messy and yet Yuan Guannan had been watching him. Clearly, Yuan Guannan had been keeping an eye on him for a long time. This also meant that Yuan Guannan didn’t lie.
Ye Mo didn’t reply, he knew that Yuan Guannan didn’t tell him the complete truth either. He just released Zi Xu and said, “Don’t waste time, if you want to fight hurry up.”
“Haha, you think you can fight with me after reaching nascent soul state level four! The insolent are brave indeed. I’ll fulfill your wish then and annihilate a harm for the cultivation realm.”
Yuan Guannan lifted his hand and a huge octagonal cauldron appeared above his head.
This was the first time Ye Mo saw a cultivator use a cauldron. The cauldron started spinning, bringing up a wind wall.
But then, another ancient spear appeared in Yuan Guannan’s hand. The spear was full of killing intent, Ye Mo knew that countless souls had died to this spear. It had a strong bloody and murderous sense. Ye Mo was sure that this spear didn’t belong to Yuan Guannan to begin with.
Yuan Guannan’s spear tore through the air and smashed towards Ye Mo.
The blood killing chi seemed to have frozen the surrounding air.
Liu Manxiang subconsciously shivered, she wanted to find an opportunity to escape when Ye Mo fought with this new cultivator because she had seen Ye Mo’s power before, killing a nascent soul state level five like a chicken.
And this new cultivator was also nascent soul state level five, he must be no match for Ye Mo. But now that they fought, she felt she was wrong.
The power of this nascent soul state level five was astounding. Even from this distance, she felt like she was getting ripped apart. It seemed Ye Mo might not be a match for this person. In that case, she didn’t need to run away now. With their power, the fight would be heavenly shocking. She would find a better opportunity to run.
As soon as Yuan Guannan’s spear pierced the air, Ye Mo felt the blood in his chest rumble as though he was about to vomit.
Before he could gasp at Yuan Guannan’s cultivation essence, he felt the space around him slow down.
When the spear formed countless spear shadows and locked the space around Ye Mo, Ye Mo realized that this move was like his Illusion Cloud essence binding strike.
Although this was far from space lockdown, Ye Mo knew it was beginning to show it.
Clearly, Yuan Guannan didn’t want to kill him too quickly. Ye Mo sneered, this Yuan Guannan thought of him as an ordinary nascent soul state level four.
Ye Mo hacked out with Zi Xu and the purple sword rays broke the cultivation essence wall like paper mesh.

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