Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1065

Although there were a lot of spirit herbs on level five, Ye Mo didn’t stay here because he killed Yuan Guannan. He quickly went to the level six stairway. Even though this level of carefulness was extra, he still chose to do this as he had an extreme sense of discomfort ever since he killed Yuan Guannan, but he couldn’t tell what it was.
Ye Mo was very careful. He arrived at the stairway and carefully scanned it with his spirit sense and saw there were no cultivators before he went up the stairway.
Ye Mo thought that it would just be a little bit harder than level five but wouldn’t be very hard for him, but he was only half way up when he felt it was hard to breathe. It was as though he would be pushed back at any time.
Ye Mo was shocked because he knew he couldn’t turn back at this moment no matter what. If he turned back, there would never be Ye Mo in this world again. He would be crushed to nothingness. The reason Truth Fall Palace lost so many cultivators was because once you got on the stairs, you couldn’t turn back. If you turned back, you would die for sure. Of course, if you couldn’t handle the pressure, you would end up dead as well.
From level one to level three, Ye Mo got up without using cultivation essence. As for level four, he was passed up by the forbidden grounds. For level five, he used some cultivation essence but it wasn’t too hard.
He didn’t expect level six would be this difficult to ascend to.
With every step, Ye Mo could feel an extremely powerful pressure. Not only was his body tortured, but so was his mental state.
No wonder there were so few cultivators at level six, Ye Mo had to use his spirit sense to defend against the mental pressure. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to defend against such powerful spirit pressure even if they had powerful cultivation essence.
Even though Ye Mo’s spirit sense was around nascent soul state level nine, he was beginning to be unable to bear it. At this moment, he could still defend with his cultivation essence against the physical pressure, but the mental pressure was almost making him spit blood. However, that pressure was stuck at his chest as though waiting to explode once he couldn’t take it anymore.
Ye Mo was shocked at this level of danger. He didn’t have any other way but to defend against it with all his power.
Ye Mo saw that about 13 steps ahead, there was another cultivator struggling.
Ye Mo finally found some comfort. After all, he wasn’t the only one struggling here. But Ye Mo counted about 200 more stairs, he didn’t know how to reach level six. He estimated that he wouldn’t be able to last more than 50 stairs before being crushed to death.
He had overestimated himself. Ye Mo thought it was no wonder rarely anyone got to level seven, just level six was already this unbearable.
Suddenly, the cultivator ahead howled, and afterwards, the figure became faster and immediately disappeared in front of him. Ye Mo was more shocked, did the steps get easier afterwards?
Thinking about this, Ye Mo forced his way up 13 stairs and all he saw was some blood stains.
Seeing this, Ye Mo realized that the cultivator spat out the blood that was stuck in his chest and was able to go faster. Ye Mo had blood stuck at his chest, but he couldn’t spit it out. He wanted to ask the guy ahead how he spat it out, but perhaps he was already at level six.
The mental pressure increased and Ye Mo’s chest was flushed with blood. Even his head felt a little dizzy, but he just couldn’t spit the blood out.
When he felt he couldn’t take it anymore, he used Purple Eye Soul Sever, wanting to sever off the mental pressure around him. If that didn’t work, Ye Mo was planning to go into the Golden Page World. Otherwise, he would be crushed to death.
When Ye Mo used Purple Eye Soul Sever, he felt his chest lighten as he spat the blood out. Before he could rejoice, he felt climbing the stairs became much easier.
Ye Mo checked his body, it was fine and his spirit sense seemed to have progressed a little.
Ye Mo understood this was the trick and sped off. He kept using Purple Eye Soul Sever at the same time. It was taxing on his spirit sense, but when he realized that using Purple Eye Soul Sever on the stairway was beneficial to his spirit sense growth, he didn’t care anymore. Spirit sense was the hardest to improve.
Ye Mo knew that even if he didn’t use Purple Eye Soul Sever now, he would be able to reach level six after spitting the blood out, but this was a rare opportunity to refine his spirit sense.
Ye Mo walked up the remaining 200 steps without feeling any difficulty.
He found spirit chi denser than level five here. Ye Mo even just wanted to sit down and cultivate, but he immediately took a few steps back. The cultivator who came before him hadn’t left and was just staring at him from a distance not far away.
This was a nascent soul state level nine, and a female cultivator too. She was rather ugly.
One eye was big and one eye small. Even her lips didn’t match, the top lip was thinner and the bottom lip thicker. The only good thing about her was her skin, it was very white. Her body was decent too.
Ye Mo used his spirit sense and checked her carefully – she didn’t wear a mask, but her power was nascent soul state level nine.
The female cultivator didn’t get angry seeing Ye Mo study her. She just watched Ye Mo quietly, not feeling uncomfortable at people studying her ugly features.
“You’re waiting for me?” Ye Mo didn’t feel any ill intent from this female cultivator.
The female cultivator nodded. “You’re very good, you have a spirit sense cultivation method and used that to get to level six.”
“You know what method I used?” Ye Mo stared at this woman with uncertainty. He had never told anyone about his Purple Eye Soul Sever, how did this woman know about it?
The female cultivator said, “It’s because I realized on the 481st stair that if you want to enter the Truth Fall Palace level six, other than using your spirit sense to defend against the pressure and spit out the extra blood, you can also use your cultivation essence to sever the pressure and spit out the blood. With your nascent soul state level four power, clearly you can’t do that with cultivation essence, so you could’ve only used spirit sense.”
Ye Mo heard her analysis and was dazed. He made it up but he never bothered to think about how he did it.
This female cultivator not only made it up but also concluded the method used. She was this smart? This was the first time he had met a female cultivator so smart.
Wait, did she stay here just to tell him she was smart?
“I’m not staying here to tell you I’m very smart, I have some other business with you,” the female cultivator seemed to know what he was thinking and said.
Ye Mo saw that the female cultivator even knew what he was thinking, so he just didn’t talk at all.
The female cultivator wasn’t unhappy because of this and said, “This isn’t a good place to talk, come with me.”
Then, she just got on her flying sword and left.
Even though she was nascent soul state level nine, Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of her and chased after her.
15 minutes later, they came to a deserted place. Then she told Ye Mo, “I came here to save your life and make a deal with you.”
Ye Mo frowned. How did he need her to save him?
The female cultivator wasn’t surprised at Ye Mo’s frown and said straight up, “Because you killed the core disciple of a 9-star sect. Other than me, no one here can save you. If I’m not wrong, the person you killed was Yuan Guannan.”
Ye Mo was greatly shocked. He was sure that no one other him knew about Yuan Guannan’s death. How did she know? Was she hiding on the side and watching? If that was the case, he couldn’t let her live.
The female cultivator saw Ye Mo’s expression and shook her head. “It’s useless even if you kill me. As soon as you leave, people would still find out you killed the 9-star sect’s core disciple. Plus, would you be able to kill me?”

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