Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1066

Ye Mo calmed down and found that ever since he met this female cultivator, she had been the one dominating the conversation.
“Yuan Guannan was a mere nascent soul state level five, he’s only ranked about 200 on the nascent soul state trial tablet. It’s no wonder you can kill him since you can come to level six,” the female cultivator said calmly.
“How do you know I killed Yuan Guannan?” Ye Mo asked. There was no point hiding it anymore.
He had been recognized by Yuan Guannan before even though he chased a few faces, Ye Mo no longer had his original confidence in his stealth.
The female cultivator said slowly, “Most core disciples of 8-star and 9-star sects have a soul mark. Anyone who kills these core disciples have the soul mark transferred to them. It won’t disappear for a few years and cultivators above body condensation state are able to see it. You have one on you that’s very clear. Clearly, you killed a 9-star sect core disciple not long ago.”
“There aren’t a lot of those 9-star sect disciples who can come to level five, Yuan Guannan is one of those people who look gentlemanly on the outside but is acutally a vengeful spirit. If he wants to kill someone, he wouldn’t get help. He would try to kill that person secretly. I think you must’ve offended him and he came to kill you, but you ended up killing him instead.”
Hearing this, Ye Mo was very shocked. He couldn’t help but to admire this woman’s mind. She was too smart. It was as though she had seen what happened with her own eyes.
But Ye Mo didn’t show this on his face, he didn’t deny nor accept. “Since you say that those at body condensation state or above can see the mark, how can you see it?”
The female cultivator seemed to know Ye Mo would ask this and smiled before taking out a mirror and throwing it to Ye Mo. “Because I have this. It’s called Extreme Mirror, it can see souls that neither the eye nor the spirit sense can see. It can also see through all mask magic artifacts.”
Ye Mo took the mirror and shined at it himself casually. He was immediately shocked – he not only saw a faint shadow on his back but also saw his real face.
Ye Mo didn’t know if the mirrow could see through Stealth Sand, but he lost more confidence in stealth mask magic artifacts.
Especially that ghostlike mark, he didn’t notice it with spirit sense at all. A 9-star sect was indeed powerful.
“You can help me remove it?” Ye Mo asked without giving the mirror back. He calmed down instead of worrying.
The female cultivator looked at Ye Mo with approval and said, “I don’t have a way to remove it, but I can help you cover it. Only truth realisation states would be able to see through it.Those below truth realisation state won’t be able to tell for sure.”
Ye Mo shook his head. If truth realisation states could see through it, there was no point asking her to hide it. Who knew if there would be truth realisation states when the Truth Fall Palace’s time ended. When he killed Tian Aofeng there were truth realisation state cultivators going to South Peace city, who knew what they would do for Yuan Guannan?
Ye Mo wanted to try to burn the soul mark away with his heaven flame, but he couldn’t try in front of her.
He thought for a while before asking, “Can this mark only be marked on nascent soul state cultivators but not golden core state cultivators?”
“You’re right, this soul mark can only mark cultivators with a essence spirit. Golden core state cultivators don’t have a nascent soul, so they have no essence spirit.” Then, the female cultivator paused before looking at Ye Mo and smiling. “it seems you’re quite bold, you probably killed Tian Aofeng as well right? The Lightning Cloud sect is still not over their wrath and now you challenge the Infinity sect, it’s a miracle you could live until now.”
Ye Mo was speechless, this woman was too smart. He just asked a casual question and she guessed that he killed Tian Aofeng, but Ye Mo didn’t bother arguing. Killing two didn’t make his situation that much worse.
Seeing Ye Mo fall silent, the female cultivator didn’t keep stabbing Ye Mo with words. She said, “You were able to come up to level six, meaning that you have a way to sever the mental pressure. My request is simple. I have this method as well, but I know that I won’t be able to get to level seven myself. I need your help. The payment is that I can help you hide the soul mark.”
Ye Mo fell silent for a while and said, “Okay, but I can’t stay with you. 5 days later, let’s meet at the stairway to level seven. But I need to borrow your mirror for a few days. I might not need you to help me hide the soul mark, I just need to you to help me get an identity after I get out.”
The female cultivator looked at Ye Mo in shock and said after a while, “You want to remove it yourself? That’s impossible, but if you want an identity, that’s very easy, I can do it for you at anytime.”
“Okay, we’ll do that.” Ye Mo agreed without hesitation.
The female cultivator said, “I’m Jing Yingli, remember it.”
“I’m Ye Mo.” Ye Mo didn’t need to hide his real name.
Then, Ye Mo seemed to have remembered something. “I know 9-star sect Abstruse Sound Sect has a Jing Yingmeng, what’s the relationship between you and her?”
Jing Yingmeng was ranked 4th in the South Peace State ten beauties.
Jing Yingli sneered. “You’re quite the player, but I think you shouldn’t think about Jing Yingmeng looking at you.”
Ye Mo finally felt her emotions now. She had been very calm ever since meeting him, but Ye Mo could clearly feel her sliver of anger and hatred upon hearing the name ‘Jing Yingmeng’.
“See you five days later.” Ye Mo no longer any intention of talking with her and disappeared on Zi Xu.
Seeing this, Jing Yingli left in another direction. Although her main target was Truth Fall Palace level seven, level six had a lot of good stuff too. She would collect what she needed in these five days.

After Ye Mo left Jing Yingli, he found a place to enter the Golden Page World.
The first thing he did was to wear Stealth Sand and try it with the Extreme Mirror. It was indeed much higher level than the 9 Transformations, but there were still signs. If he didn’t look carefully, it would be hard to see through.
This mirror was obviously no ordinary thing, but Jing Yingli was willing to lend it to someone she didn’t even know. From this, it was obvious that Truth Fall Palace level seven was really important to her.
Ye Mo put away the Extreme Mirror and used his spirit sense to his fullest capability. He checked around his body very carefully again and again.
He had to give the mirror back eventually, but if he couldn’t find the soul mark and it remained planted on him, what would he do?
After tens of times, he finally found a faint shadow behind his back. That was probably the soul mark. Ye Mo released the mist lotus heart fire and under the scorching heat of the heaven,it seemed to be dimming, but not very fast.
Ye Mo cursed. What was this? Even the heaven flame couldn’t burn it!
So he took out the Purple Flower Fire and the Snow Essence Fire. Under the attack of three rare flames, that shadow finally screamed and disappeared.
Ye Mo took the Extreme Mirror and looked at himself again, there was no longer the shadow of the soul mark. Finally he breathed easy. This Jing Yingli really helped him. If it wasn’t for her, as soon as he went out, he would be killed by body condensation state cultivators without even knowing why.
Ye Mo felt much more comfortable without the soul mark and the discomfort after killing Yuan Guannan disappeared.
Ye Mo opened up the storage rings in his joy. There were large amounts of spirit herbs and ores, clearly all picked up in the Truth Fall Palace, but now they were his.
When Ye Mo opened Yuan Guannan’s other storage ring, he was shocked to find it was a spirit beast ring. He broke through the restriction easily and found that there was a cute fox inside.
“Snow Fur Fox?” Ye Mo blurted out. Was this the snow fox he saw in the Mei Nei mountain ranges? How did it come here and become a level five spirit beast?

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