Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1067

The Snow Fur Fox was more specifically a Spirit Seeking Fox. It was a type of spirit seeking beast. This fox could easily find the source of spirit items and was very sensitive to spirit items and spirit chi.
However, this Snow Fur Fox just looked at Ye Mo with terror, making him unable to judge if this fox was the same one he saw in the Mei Nei snow mountains.
Ye Mo casually put it on the ground and said, “Go play yourself, but don’t touch the spirit herbs, otherwise I will kill you.”
He believed that a level five spirit beast would be able to understand his words. That Snow Fur Fox nodded indeed, but hesitated and didn’t leave.
Ye Mo picked it up again and searched the body with his spirit sense. It was a level five spirit beast but it didn’t have any offensive capabilities. Its only ability was to find spirit items.
Soon, Ye Mo found a restriction on the snow fur fox. Yuan Guannan probably put it there. Ye Mo was a level five formation master and it didn’t take him any trouble to remove the restriction.
The snow fox used its spirit sense to joyfully express gratitude to Ye Mo and immediately ran off. The Golden Page World was much more comfortable than staying inside a spirit beast ring. This new owner let it roam free and removed its restriction, how could it not thank Ye Mo?
That fox immediately ran to the bitter bamboo and stared at it. It’s eyes were even about to bulge out. Clearly, it also knew how extraordinary this bitter bamboo was. It carefully walked to the bitter bamboo and sat down closing its eyes as though feeling something.
Ye Mo ignored the snow fox. He realized why Yuan Guannan could find him now – he was sure it was because of this Snow Fur Fox. It was very sensitive to not only spirit chi but also people’s scent and cultivation essence waves. If the fox saw a person once, it would be able to discern that person no matter what sort of disguise that person had.
Plus, when he used the mask magic artifact, he didn’t use the Three Birth Chant to intentionally hide his chi.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo used his spirit sense to ask the fox. The fox was a level five spirit beast but its intelligence was still low. It could only express some simple emotions.
When Ye Mo asked if it came from Mei Nei snow mountains, it was completely lost and didn’t know what was going on.
Ye Mo waved his hand for the fox to leave. Since he figured out how Yuan Guannan recognized him, he didn’t need to worry anymore. He casually opened a storage ring and found there were large amounts of spirit herbs and ores. The spirit herbs Yuan Guannan collected were more than the combined amount of Ye Mo and the other people. One could see how much of a help the snow fox was.
What made Ye Mo happy was that he found a Season Wheat and Tiger Blood Zhi in the storage ring. With one being here, Ye Mo easily correlated the other one to be with Wen Ciayi, but he was fine with it.
Both spirit herbs were the main ingredients for the Hollow Meridian pill. if he could get another Hollow Seed fruit, then he would be able to concoct the Hollow Meridian pills immediately.
To Ye Mo, although he was only nascent soul state level four, he still needed to prepare for the Hollow Meridian pills. He couldn’t wait till he reached nascent soul state level nine and went to go find the materials for the pill. He needed to cultivate faster and faster.
He collected the spirit herbs and materials and planted them in the Golden Page World. Then, Ye Mo picked up that octagonal cauldron. As for the ancient spear, Ye Mo ignored it. He didn’t like this magic artifact and he couldn’t use it anyways. He would find an opportunity to sell it.
Yuan Guannan clearly didn’t spirit control that octagonal cauldron, he had only left a spirit sense mark. Ye Mo’s spirit sense invaded that cauldron and immediately felt the spirit sense mark Yuan Guannan had left behind. What shocked Ye Mo was that the spirit sense mark hadn’t been left for long, meaning that he had recently acquired this cauldron.
Ye Mo felt that this spirit sense mark was no longer than a month old, meaning that he got this cauldron in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds.
This guy was quite lucky. Ye Mo felt this cauldron was not ordinary, at least on par with the 9 Color Lotus in terms of value.
Ye Mo immediately removed Yuan Guannan’s spirit sense mark and started to spirit control this cauldron. He spent about two days and only managed to spirit control the first level of restrictions. He didn’t even know how many levels of restrictions this cauldron had. Was it like the Shen Nong cauldron as well?
Although he could freely use the Shen Nong cauldron, Ye Mo felt that he didn’t completely control it. But no matter how he spirit controlled it, he didn’t have any idea.
But two days later, Ye Mo felt that his control of this cauldron was greater than Yuan Guannan. After all, he spirit controlled the first level of restriction when Yuan Guannan only made a spirit sense mark.
On the third day, Ye Mo didn’t keep staying in the Golden Page World and walked around, finding spirit herbs everywhere.
In the following two days, Ye Mo found tens of level six spirit herbs and a few level seven spirit herbs. He collected more than ten beast cores, but most were level 6. As for level seven spirit beasts, Ye Mo would walk away immediately if he encountered them.
As long as he didn’t piss off level seven spirit beast, usually they wouldn’t keep chasing him. At the same time, there weren’t a lot of level seven spirit beasts at level six of Truth Fall Palace.
On the 5th day, Ye Mo collected spirit herbs while searching for Jing Yingli at the staircase. But before he even got there, he felt a spirit chi rustle and he saw Jing Yingli with messy hair charging over at him.
Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo and didn’t seem joyful, she said desperately to Ye Mo, “Hurry up and run to level seven, there’s a level seven lightning leopard chasing behind me.”
Lightning leopard? Ye Mo was shook. Even a peak level six lightning leopard was near hollow spirit state primary stage cultivator’s level, much less one at level seven. Usually, cultivators were scared of lightning leopards the most as they kept spewing lightning like a small, endless divine damnation.
But Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of it. He wasn’t scared of lightning style beasts or cultivators at all.
“Hurry up and run!” Jing Yingli saw that Ye Mo didn’t go and threw out a few formation disks on the ground instead and continued, “Do you think your level three defense formation disks can stop the lightning leopard? Stop dreaming we’re out of time.”
Suddenly, a purple lightning bolt came to Ye Mo and Jing Yingli.
Ye Mo ignored Jing Yingli and released Zi Xu. Countless purple sword rays flew out. Ye Mo said, “My armor was broken, this lightning leopard will give me a new armor.”
A good forgery master would be able to make the level six peak lightning leopard skin into a low grade cultivation artifact and it would be very strong, much less this level seven primary stage. Even a middle grade cultivation artifact wouldn’t be impossible to craft.
“Madman!” Jing Yingli cursed and could only release her magic artifact.
At this moment, she finally realized why this guy dared to kill Yuan Guannan after killing Tian Aofeng. This guy was an unreasonable madman. A level seven primary stage spirit beast, this was equivalent to hollow spirit state primary stage. Yet this nascent soul state level four guy was talking about some armor in excitement.
If it was some other level seven spirit beast, Ye Mo would’ve already ran, but the lightning beast he didn’t fear, since its main offensive ability was lightning strikes and lightning balls.
The lightning leopard came over and roared, spitting out a few lightning balls.
The space around here shook violently. Ye Mo even felt that his Zi Xu was about to be struck away from his hand.
His countless purple sword rays immediately dissipated.
Ye Mo was shook. He finally realized the power of the level seven spirit beast, he had the complete lower hand before the fight even begun. If he didn’t attack first, he might not even be able to retaliate.

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