Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1073

“It’s God Wind Valley’s Duan Jiuyang,” Jing Yingli saw this and said.
“I know it’s Duan Jiuyang, but don’t you feel that his death is quite eerie?” Ye Mo asked.
Jing Yingli nodded. “Yes, there are battle marks around him and his face seems like he saw something good, but his eyes show shock and.”
Jing Yingli glanced at Ye Mo with some terror in her eyes.
“And his storage ring is gone right?” Ye Mo asked, “What sort of person do you think could kill this hollow spirit state cultivator so suddenly that he couldn’t even react?”
Jing Yingli and Ye Mo looked at each other, both feeling uneasy. In order to kill a hollow spirit state cultivator before he could react, this person needed to be at least disaster transformation state or even truth realisation state. It wasn’t hard for a truth realisation state cultivator to instantly kill a hollow spirit state cultivator, but it was very hard to do that before the hollow spirit state cultivator’s expression could even change.
Ye Mo looked around at the dull sky and felt more and more uneasy. He had a sense of danger that he had never felt before. He felt that level seven wasn’t a place he could come to with his current power.
“Have people come to level seven before? Why is it dull gray here and the spirit chi is so impure? Spirit sense is also affected, I can’t see a single spirit herb.”
Jing Yingli calmed down and nodded. “Yes, Truth Fall Palace level seven doesn’t have a lot of spirit herbs. Even if it does, they would be very precious and rare ones. The cultivators who come here are here for the True God Chamber, to find heaven grade cultivation method and magic artifacts.”
Jing Yingli continued, “It’s said that level seven was a battlefield for ancient cultivators. Many body condensation state, cauldron filling state and even truth realisation state cultivators died here and their magic artifacts were buried under the ground or lost in some corner. Later, True God Chamber appeared in level seven, and all the magic artifacts and cultivation methods with some intelligence appear here.”
Ye Mo sneered and looked at Jing Yingli. “Do you believe that cultivation methods and magic artifacts would appear here on their own? Although you didn’t directly answer my question, from what you said, I can tell that people have been at level seven before.”
Jing Yingli frowned, she had only heard that once magic artifacts reach a certain level, there would be a artifact spirit, but she didn’t know what level that was. Plus, would cultivation artifacts have an artifact spirit? Even if magic artifacts had an artifact spirit, would cultivation methods have a spirit too?
But she still replied, “I heard my master say that before, the Golden Sword Sect had a hollow spirit state cultivator go into level seven, but after that cultivator came out, he brought out a lot of cultivation methods and cultivation artifacts. There were even level eight spirit herbs. After he came out, he kept talking about the True God Chamber, saying there are magic artifacts and cultivation methods stacked up like mountains.”
Ye Mo asked in confusion, “What does that mean?”
Jing Yingli sighed, “That cultivator only kept speaking about the True God Chamber and stopped cultivating. He had mental problems, and not long after, he died. People all thought that the problem was because the pressure on the stairs broke him. The 7-star sect Golden Sword Sect rose to become an 8-star sect due to the things he brought out, and their reserves aren’t any less than ordinary 9-star sects. So ever since then, all big sect cultivators want to go into Truth Fall Palace level seven, but hearing your words, I suddenly remembered that after all these years, there hasn’t been someone who has reached level seven and come out successfully.”
“Then why do you have to go to level seven?” Ye Mo asked her.
Jing Yingli hesitated for a moment before saying, “Because my grandmother died at level seven. My main purpose is to bring her storage ring back out. There’s something very important in that storage ring.”
“You think that storage ring is in the True God Chamber right?” Ye Mo asked again.
Jing Yingli nodded, “Yes, people saw my grandmother go into Truth Fall Palace level seven and not come out. If she died, it would be in the True God Chamber.”
“I have a premonition that if we go into the True God Chamber with our current power, we won’t come back out alive, no matter what. It’s a premonition, but my premonitions are usually very accurate,” Ye Mo said.
Ye Mo suddenly had a very bad feeling that he didn’t feel even in the forbidden grounds.
Jing Yingli fell silent, she had finally come to Truth Fall Palace level seven and wasn’t able to do what she wanted. It was hard for her to accept, and she knew that if she wasn’t able to do it now, she wouldn’t be able to do it 30 years later.
30 years later, she would at most be hollow spirit state level four – how much better could she be than Duan Jiuyang? Even if she was hollow spirit state level four, she might not even be able to come up here without Ye Mo’s spirit sense attack.
Seeing Jing Yingli’s hesitation, Ye Mo said again, “If you trust me 30 years later, I will help you find your grandma’s storage ring if I have the chance. But now, even if I go with you, it’s useless. It’s the first time I’ve disliked a place this much. If I could choose, I would’ve already left here.”
Seeing that Ye Mo even said this, Jing Yingli clenched her teeth and said, “Okay, we’ll wait here to teleport out. There’s about one or two days left.”
Just as Jing Yingli said those words, Ye Mo felt that space itself seemed to be collapsing. Without hesitation, he released the octagonal cauldron.
Immediately, a cauldron shadow formed around Ye Mo and Jing Yingli.
Jing Yingli noticed some bleakness attack pass by and also felt that space was collapsing. She immediately screamed, “This is space collapse!”
The next moment, her face went pale. Even truth realisation state cultivators wouldn’t be able to escape from space collapse, much less nascent soul state cultivators.
Ye Mo’s face sunk and he used his full power to power the octagonal cauldron. The collapse just then seemed like space collapse, but Ye Mo’s powerful spirit sense immediately recognized that it was something else.
“Ye Mo, it’s useless – that’s space collapse. Don’t use the octagonal cauldron to block it..” Jing Yingli said with despair.
Ye Mo didn’t say anything and just kept using the octagonal cauldron.
*Thud thud thud*
After a few thuds, Ye Mo’s cauldron seemed to be taking some powerful attack. They were both sent flying and landed a few hundred meters away.
“This isn’t space collapse?” Jing Yingli immediately realized that it just looked like space collapse.
Ye Mo spat blood and wiped his mouth, saying coldly, “We were tricked.”
“You’re injured?” Jing Yingli didn’t understand what Ye Mo meant by being tricked.
Ye Mo said with a heavy voice, “See if Duan Jiuyang is still there.”
Jing Yingli just found that Duan Jiuyang had disappeared and immediately asked, “Was he devoured by the space collapse?”
She immediately realized her words were bullshit. If it was space collapse, how could Ye Mo’s octagonal cauldron protect them?
“Devoured my ass.” Ye Mo’s face was bad. He saw clearly that Duan JIuyang was blown to pieces by that bleak wind. That bleak wind blew after that seeming space collapse.
“Don’t move.” Ye Mo then released Mist Lotus Heart Fire and swept it over Jing Yingli’s body.
“Heaven flame?” Jing Yingli was dazed and recognized it to be heaven flame. Although it was sweeping towards her, she didn’t move.
She was certain that Ye Mo wasn’t trying to kill her or he wouldn’t envelop her with the octagonal cauldron.
Jing Yingli was right. After a sizzling burn, she felt much lighter. Something on her clothes seemed to have been burned off.

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