Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1075

A day went by quickly. It was dangerous, but they still survived relying on the level six formation.

“I’ll set up an attack formation.” Ye Mo saw that even though his formation was powerful, if they just defended they might get in trouble.

Jing Yingli said softly, “You probably don’t need to. I think it’s less than two hours before we can leave.”

Ye Mo stopped. If there was only less than two hours then he didn’t need to set up formations anymore indeed.

Just as Ye Mo stopped, an extremely powerful space whirlpool rammed into the formation.

Crack. The level six formation was about to be torn apart!

Ye Mo and Jing Yingli were very shocked. They both thought that the defense formation could last at least six more hours, but its break was imminent!

Before the two could react, the next moment, the level six formation completely shattered.

The two felt waves of bleakness before the black figure finally charged up to them.

The octagonal cauldron shot out countless cauldron shadows, trying to stop the black shadow. Ye Mo knew that his octagonal cauldron wouldn’t be able to stop some guy that can break a level six defense formation, though. Hence Ye Mo immediately released the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.

He had no other way than this.

As the Mist Lotus Heart Fire swept out, there was a terrifying howl of pain. It was actually effective? And that quickly? Before Ye Mo could rejoice, a round colorless bead appeared before him. It was very comfortable to look at and Ye Mo couldn’t help but grab it with his hand.

A sense of comfort overcame him, and even his mind went clear. What was this? It was so good!

“Huh, it’s a spirit cleansing bead. Those attacking us are spirit cultivators!” Jing Yingli exclaimed upon seeing the bead.

Spirit cleansing bead? Ye Mo was shocked. He found that it was indeed the spirit cleansing bead. They were priceless in the cultivation realmeven level nine spirit herbs might not be as valuable as the spirit cleansing bead. It was used for cultivating spirit sense and purifying the soul. There were countless benefits to wearing it.

Only some spirit cultivators had them, but spirit cultivators weren’t usually seen. And once they died, the bead would disappear along with them.

Were those black shadows all spirit cultivators? Ye Mo suspected so for a moment, but he then immediately refuted the idea. There might be some spirit cultivators amongst them, but most of them probably weren’t.

“Not good” Countless black shadows charged over. Ye Mo’s heart sunk. There was no level six defense formation anymore. It would be impossible to stop all those black shadows. Even though his heaven flame was effective, he couldn’t take on this many at once. Moreover, he wasn’t sure if his heaven flame would work against all types of black shadows.

Jing Yingli also realized this. Ye Mo immediately took out formation flags, wanting to set up another formation but at this moment, two white beams of light flashed.

Jing Yingli rejoiced and said to Ye Mo, “The Truth Fall Palace is closing!”

Ye Mo also felt the white light and immediately wore the mask Jing Yingli had given him. When he opened his eyes again, he saw he was on top of that sacrificial stage at the top of the mountain.

He looked around and found Jing Yingli quickly. Jing Yingli nodded to him, but there was no longer a smile on her face. Ye Mo kept his head low as he walked behind her. What started with six thousand people ended with only about two thousand people.

Ye Mo soon saw Gu Yu and Guo Qifan. He saw they were fine and felt at ease. He also saw Qinghan and Qingyi and co. come out.

Guo Qifan was looking around probably for Ye Mo, but Ye Mo wasn’t going to meet up with him now.

Qinghan, Qingyi and the others also scanned around everywhere with their spirit sense. Ye Mo knew they were looking for him.

Qingyi soon found that she couldn’t find Ning Xiaoma with her spirit sense and immediately began to worry. She walked up to a nascent soul state level nine nun from her sect and asked, “Big Martial Sister, did Ning Xiaoma come out? Did you guys see him in the forbidden grounds?”

The nun nodded but didn’t know how to respond. Ling Xiaoshuang on the side said quickly, “Ning Xiaoma probably died in the forbidden grounds. Don’t put it to heart, Martial Sister Qingyi, after all he’s”

“Huh?” Qinghan and the rest immediately turned dejected at the thought that Ye Mo had died. Xia Youshan even started wiping her eyes.

Ye Mo on the side felt touched but also guilty. He knew that he could not show himself now no matter what. If he did, a lot of things would be exposed. Yi Pandie to begin with was not reliable.

Ye Mo just thought of her when Qingyue walked up to Yi Pandie with a cold face, “Martial Sister Yi, I want to ask if you looked for trouble with Martial Brother Xiaoma inside the forbidden grounds.”

Qinghan pulled Qingyue, signaling her not to say things like that because she knew that even if Yi Pandie had looked for trouble with Ye Mo, she would not be a match for Ye Mo. Instead, asking Yi Pandie like this might start trouble between the two sects.

What Qinghan didn’t expect was that Yi Pandie would bow to Qingyue and say genuinely, “Sorry, Martial Sister Qingyue,I misunderstood Martial Brother Xiaoma before. I wouldn’t look for trouble with him in the forbidden grounds. I am also very sad that he didn’t come out.”

She didn’t speak about Ye Mo helping her. After all, she would be interrogated about it as it involved the core disciple of the Eternity Sea being killed. She only needed to know herself.

Qingyue didn’t expect Yi Pandie’s views of Martial Brother Xiaoma to change this much, but it was clear that she was being genuine.

“Sister, you only have one guard left? Did you encounter some danger in the forbidden grounds?” a crisp voice sounded, and Ye Mo subconsciously looked up.

What a pretty woman! She wore a faint purple dress. Her skin was whiter than snow, and her face very exquisite to the extent that it was hard to look at. Perhaps due to her cultivation method, there was light mist around her, making her seem like a goddess.

There was simply worry in her eyes, and it was obvious her words were genuine. Without having to think long, Ye Mo knew this woman was Jing Yingmeng.

South Peace State ten beautiesranked fourth. She was at nascent soul state level seven.

Jing Yingli ‘hmmed’ but didn’t say anything else. Her face remained cold.

Jing Yingmeng didn’t get angry because of this at all and instead seemed more worried.

Ye Mo couldn’t help but feel bad for Jing Yingli. Standing in front of Jing Yingmeng for her must have felt like a pig standing in front of a goddess. Other than their bodies and power, Ye Mo really couldn’t tell how they were sisters.

Jing Yingmeng sighed and looked at Ye Mo saying coldly, “Although you were assigned to my sister by the sect leader, the person you need to listen to now isn’t the sect leader but my sister.”

Ye Mo was bewildered by this comment, but he didn’t say anything and neither did Jing Yingli.

At this moment, the cultivators outside came and before those cultivators could come around the stage, an extremely powerful pressure approached.

“A truth realisation state qianbei!” someone said in shock. No one other than a truth realisation state cultivator could exert such pressure.

Ye Mo’s heart sunk, and he kept his head low, not daring to scan his spirit sense around. The truth realisation state cultivator was clearly there for Yuan Guannan.

The truth realisation state cultivator came before the stage floating in the air as his pressure grew even stronger, and some golden core state cultivators couldn’t help but start shaking.

“That’s enough, daofriend, these wanbei can’t take your pressure.” Another cultivator came up and smiled.

That truth realisation state cultivator sneered but took back part of his pressure and said to the cultivators on the stage, “Which of you killed my Infinity Sect’s Yuan Guannan? Stand out now or if I find out later, your sect will be involved together with you.”

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