Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1077

Before Ye Mo entered Mo Yue City, he could already see Xu Changji with a face full of joy. He was a hollow spirit state level one cultivator now, and the city lord estate was already built, but there was just no formation yet, so Ye Mo easily scanned Xu Changji with his spirit sense.

What made Ye Mo even more happy was that under Ye Wucai’s command more than half of Mo Yue City had been completed.

“Congrats Martial Brother for reaching the hollow spirit state,” Ye Mo said before he arrived.

Xu Changji then also saw Ye Mo and immediately came up to greet him. If it hadn’t been for Ye Mo, he would still be at the nascent soul state state. Being the nascent soul state first king meant nothing to him, only constant progress was the most important.

“Martial Brother, you’re back! From your expression I can guess you must’ve acquired quite a lot this time.” Xu Changji was very happy that Ye Mo came back. He didn’t need to worry about cultivation methods anymore with this martial brother by his side.

“Let’s go in first.” Ye Mo collected his smile and casually set up a spirit sense shielding restriction and a soul barrier restriction before pulling Xu Changji inside.

“What’s going on?” Xu Changji also felt the seriousness of Ye Mo’s attitude.

Ye Mo set everything up before saying to Xu Changji, “Martial Brother, I will need to go away for a while. In the meantime, I will need you to tell the outside world that I never made it out of the Truth Fall Palace.”

“You offended someone?” Xu Changji wasn’t dumb and asked.

Ye Mo nodded. “That’s right. I killed that Wu Yu inside.”

“He’s a seven star core disciple, that’s a bit troublesome,” Xu Changji said casually.

Ye Mo smiled bitterly. “Other than this, I also killed Yuan Guannan.”

“What? You killed even the number one genius of the Infinity Sect? How did you even come back?” Xu Changji was truly amazed. This new martial brother of his was a bit too bold.

“A friend helped and so I managed. But I suspect those people will investigate Mo Yue City, so I’m prepared to leave. I’ll leave Mo Yue City with you, Martial Brother. This is the place from where I’ll be building my power, so you must take care of it seriously,” Ye Mo said.

Xu Changji immediately said, “Martial Brother, this is not only your place but also my place now. Don’t worry, you can rest assured while you’re out. I don’t have a place to go anyways, and I really like Mo Yue City, but it’s just that the spirit chi is a bit low. However, you’re a formation great master, so you can set up a spirit gathering formation, right?”

Ye Mo smiled. “Even if you hadn’t mentioned it, I was already planning on doing so. I will also upgrade the city’s defensive formation. If someone wants to ask about me just say that I never came back.”

“Also, I’ll need to rely on you for the construction of Mo Yue City and for Ye Wucai.”

Xu Changji agreed.

Half a month later, Ye Mo upgraded the formation of Mo Yue City and set up another defense formation and spirit gathering formation where Xu Changji usually cultivated before giving him a spirit increasing pill and leaving.

He had made the pill from the leftover herbs Jing Yingli gave him last time.

Although Ye Mo had desperately left the Truth Fall Palace Square, the other cultivators didn’t. The sects wanted to compare the spirit herbs their disciples got to compare the power of their core disciples.

These spirit herbs would be converted into sect contribution points which could be used to exchange for pills. Even a core disciple of a nine star sect couldn’t find a level four pill king to concoct pills for them much less other disciples.

Hence usually the disciples gave up all their herbs in exchange for points. Even the solo cultivators would trade their herbs for points at the solo cultivator alliance.

You Shanping and Ge Lian surrounded Gu Wei at the moment, standing at the Green Pill Sect. Their faces were full of joy. Gu Wei not only came out from the Truth Fall Palace and reached level four, he actually got quite some spirit herbs. They also knew that Gu Wei didn’t want to join the Green Pill Sect before so that it would be fine for them to go in.

Gu Wei had to wait for the Green Pill Sect disciples to exchange their items first before they could.

But at this moment, You Shanping and Ge Lian became worried because all the cultivators on the road were looking at the two of them. This was because a stunning beauty was walking towards them.

The two knew themselves and knew that with their looks and talent, there was no way the number one beauty of South Peace State, Wen Caiyi, would be interested in them, but she happened to be the woman walking over.

She stopped in front of the trio.

The two were old, but they were very nervous facing Wen Caiyi. They didn’t dare to enjoy her beauty at all. They were scared Wen Caiyi would teach them a lesson. But the two thought carefully and remembered that they hadn’t really looked at her or anything.

“What’s your name?” Unexpectedly Wen Caiyi asked Gu Wei.

“Solo cultivator Gu Wei greets Martial Sister Wen,” Gu Wei saluted with his fists and answered nervously.

Wen Caiyi nodded. “There was also another person who went into the Truth Fall Palace with you, right? What’s he called? Why isn’t he here? You guys represent the Green Pill Sect right?”

Gu Wei answered carefully. “Yes, I went in together with Ye-Qianbei. We were representing Han Liang Empire. Ye-Qianbei’s name is Ye Mo, but he unfortunately died in the Truth Fall Palace. I am deeply saddened by the loss.”

Wen Caiyi frowned. “So you respect that Ye Mo a lot? Had you guys met before?”

Gu Wei replied more carefully. “Ye-Qianbei was generous to me, it’s natural that I’m respectful to him. I didn’t know Ye-Qianbei before, but he took care of me on the way towards the Truth Fall Palace.”

Gu Wei was indeed very grateful and respectful to Ye Mo for sending someone to bring the condense soul pill before his death. The reason he had decided not to go to the Green Pill Sect was so that he could go to Mo Yue City and help it stabilize before he went somewhere else. That was Ye Mo’s last wish.

“You’re lying,” Wen Caiyi sneered.

Gu Wei was shook. Just when he thought Wen Caiyi was going to look for trouble with him, another desperate crisp voice said, “You said the person with you was Ye Mo? He’s really Ye Mo?”

Wen Caiyi was very annoyed that she was interrupted, but when she saw it was Ling Xiaoshuang, she just sneered and didn’t say anything. Ling Xiaoshuang’s master ,Shan Bingfeng, was very protective and not scared of her Infinity Sect.

Ling Xiaoshuang’s words saved Gu Wei, and he carefully wiped his sweat before respectfully replying. “Gu Wei greets Martial Sister Ling. The person with me was really Ye Mo, but he truly has fallen in the Truth Fall Palace.”

“How can that be?” Ling Xiaoshuang was shocked. She didn’t believe the person who was ‘Soar Into Existence’ would die in the Truth Fall Palace. That was impossible!

“Martial Sister Xiaoshuang, you don’t even know Ye Mo, why are you so worried about him?” Wen Caiyi asked.

Ling Xiaoshuang regained her composure and glanced casually at Wen Caiyi before saying, “Martial Sister Wen, I’ve known Ye Mo for a long time, what do you mean I do not know him?”

Wen Caiyi looked at Ling Xiaoshuang in shock and acted as though she suddenly realized. “Oh, so Martial Sister Xiaoshuang has fallen in love! The deeper you love, the greater you hate”

Ling Xiaoshuang raised her brow and was about to retaliate when Wen Caiyi continued. “Now I understand that Martial Sister Xiaoshuang already knew Ning Xiaoma was Ye Mo, but you pretended you didn’t know him at the entrance to the forbidden grounds. It’s true, the depth of love, the height of hate”

“What?” Ling Xiaoshuang blurted out.

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