Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1079

Pill City was the only ten star city and was the symbol of the South Peace State, being even more famous than South Peace City.

You could disobey rules at other cities, but you had to obey the rules in Pill City. It was said that no one dared to be domineering in Pill City. The truth realization state cultivator of the Lightning Cloud Sect had dared to lock down South Peace City and spread his pressure over the entire city, but he would never dare to do this at Pill City.

But in the cultivation realm, no matter how strict the rules, it was still all based on power. The same was true with Pill City. If there was anyone who dared to abuse people here, it would be the pill masters in town. They had the biggest status here.

Pill City wasn’t close to Mo Yue City, so Ye Mo didn’t use Zi Xu. With his flying ship, it took nearly a month to reach.

Before even going in, Ye Mo smelt a faint pill aroma. He felt the spirit chi there was many times better than ordinary places. Ye Mo’s mind even became clearer.

This was indeed a sacred ground for pill concoction!

Ye Mo got off the flying ship 100 km away. There were sky restrictions further ahead, and outside them there was a huge level nine defense formation.

There was not only an attack formation but also another level nine spirit gathering formation inside.

No wonder the spirit chi here was so dense. Ye Mo was also sure that there had to be more than one spirit range beneath the city.

There were many cultivators going in and out. What shocked Ye Mo was that there wasn’t even a city guard. Nor did you need to pay spirit stones to go in and out multiple times.

But Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned a few subtle figures. He immediately realized that those figures were probably the cultivators surveilling in the dark.

After coming in, the pill aroma was even stronger. Ye Mo was thinking, ‘No wonder so many cultivators love this place.’ In this environment, cultivation would be much better than in other places.

A few hollow spirit state and one body condensation state cultivator walked past Ye Mo. Ye Mo shook his head. Pill City really had hollow spirit state cultivators walking everywhere. Perhaps just this city was enough to annihilate North Far State. He was more certain about Jing Yingli saying that if he stood his ground here, no nine star sect would dare to look for trouble with him.

Ye Mo knew that Jing Yingli probably wasn’t there yet. He didn’t know the Pill City at all, so he needed Jing Yingli’s help. Whether it was in joining Pill City or participating in the pill concoction tournament.

When Ye Mo was still considering if he should find a place to sit and cultivate, a familiar figure appeared before him.

When he saw that person, Ye Mo was shocked. His first reaction was to kill him, but he soon woke up, hoping that person wouldn’t scan him with spirit sense.

That familiar figure was Mo Youshen.

He was already golden core state level nine. If he just started cultivating after joining the South Peace State, then his speed was too shocking! Ye Mo was sure that his cultivation speed was no slower than Su Jingwen’s. But Su Jingwen had a hidden spirit root.

Ye Mo turned around and stood by a small road side stall, looking at a rusty magic artefact part.

If Mo Youshen recognized he was Ye Mo, he would be dead for sure. Mo Youshen had two hollow spirit state cultivators next to him right now. One was even hollow spirit state level nine. Clearly, due to Mo Youshen’s absurd talent he had found a good sect to join.

Ye Mo felt very bitter. Why did this bastard get such good treatment while he had to struggle to climb up the levels and have so many enemies?

“They have left.” As Ye Mo was still thinking, the stall owner spoke out.

Ye Mo just noticed this stall owner now. It was a young girl younger than 20. Her face was moderately pretty, and her eyes were very big. Her skin was just a little dark, and she was only at foundation establishment state level seven. There were just some level two and level three herbs on her stall and a few magic artefacts.

Without a doubt, her business should be very average and probably only made a sale once every few days.

But she could tell that Ye Mo had conflict with Mo Youshen and co.? Ye Mo was surprised.

He then smiled and took the magic artefact shard, “Little sister, I’ll take this. How many spirit stones?”

The big-eyed girl shook her head and said, “I know that magic artefact shard has no use for you, you don’t need to buy it. If you offended someone, you should leave Pill City quickly.”

Ye Mo knew that the girl had seen through what he was thinking and so he asked casually, “Do you know the person who just went by?”

The big-eyed girl nodded. “Yeah, I do. He’s the disciple of the second elder of Pill City, Pill King Chang Shun’s disciple, Mo Youshen.”

Mo Youshen! Ye Mo clenched his fists. This guy’s luck was absurdly good. He had pretty much become the young master of Pill City. It didn’t seem plausible for Ye Mo to rise up there anymore.

Ye Mo got up and shook his head. It wasn’t that Jing Yingli’s idea wasn’t good, but he was just too unlucky.

Ye Mo thought that even if he was to leave, he would at least still wait until Jing Yingli came. Thinking about this, he asked the girl, “I want to find a secluded hotel, would you know where I can find one?”

The big-eyed girl shook her head, “Qianbei, it’s your first time here right? You won’t be able to find residence here unless you know someone at Pill City. Usually, you have to order a few months in advance to get a room here.”

Ye Mo was stunned. So he wouldn’t even be able to find a place to stay. But he can’t just live on the streets for a few months waiting for Jing Yingli, right?

The girl hesitated before saying, “If Qianbei doesn’t mind, you can stay at my place for a few days, I will charge a low fee.”

“You have a place to stay at in Pill City?” Ye Mo looked at this girl in surprise. She clearly had the worst items in her stall and her power was only at the foundation establishment state. How could she have a place to live in the city? Without a doubt, the house prices there had to be absurd.

The girl heard this and seemed hurt. “It’s not mine, but my grandpa left it for me.”

“My grandpa moved to this city a long time ago as a high level spirit pill master. 15 years ago, he brought me here too, and I’ve been living here ever since.”

Ye Mo looked at her and asked, “Your grandpa is a spirit pill master in Pill City, yet you’re out here with a stall and these items?”

“My grandpa died six years ago” The girl sounded even more dejected.

So that was it. Ye Mo realized that it must’ve been really hard for a teenage girl to sustain a living in Pill City with a stall. Most cultivators who visited here probably gave spirit stones out of sympathy. Otherwise, this girl wouldn’t have lasted at all.

She seemed only 17 now, so six years ago, she was only 11. It must have been very hard for her. Luckily this was Pill City. If this had happened somewhere else, she might’ve already died.

Ye Mo thought of Yimo and the softest spot in his heart was touched. He looked at the girl and said, “Pack up your stall and show me your place then.”

He had decided to help this girl.

“Okay.” The girl happily packed her things seeing that Ye Mo was willing to stay at her place.

Ye Mo asked in confusion, “If your grandpa was a spirit pill master, how do you not even have a storage ring?”

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